Vegan Week Two: Successes and Whoops

I wasn’t nearly as prepared the last 7 days for the Vegan Challenge, but I still go through with only a couple of very minor slips and again since this isn’t about perfection I’m ok with that!! Already I’m seeing how this challenge is making me take time to have meals, to think about my food and to know I feel good about what I’m eating.

What I am wondering is my fatigue has become even worse over the last two weeks and is it related to the vegan diet? I have been eating plenty of protein and obviously a wide variety of nutrients so that doesn’t seem exactly right to me, but who knows. In order to test this theory on Saturday I had some meat and cheese…I woke up on Sunday nauseous to my stomach and couldn’t shake it for the entire day.

This has probably been the hardest thing to give up, so this weekend I made a greens quiche using tofu from Happy Herbivore. This was a decent food, but it was missing some flavor and I just couldn’t get excited about eating it. DSCN3231
After my second tweet of whoops had ice cream, I realized I needed to suck it up and pay for some coconut ice cream. I tried to make protein ice cream based upon a few sites…but I gotta say it was just not my thing and I didn’t eat it….whoops.

My thought was that I should just avoid David’s ice cream, but truly that wasn’t working so time to get smarter! I am not a sherbert fan and decided that I want to keep my overall soy to a couple things a week so that is why I went with SoDelcious.

This one actually snuck up on me! I wasn’t craving chocolate, but we were at a surprise party and there was a bowl of trail mix. I was excited and dug in…only to realize a couple seconds later whoops there was chocolate in the mix. This is one reason I think going Vegan long term would be tough and yet so great, imagine if you really thought about your food before you ate!

Share your vegan week one or other great Vegan Posts/Recipes:

Another yummy fix is avocado chocolate pudding.

I love hummus and it makes such a fun wrap! Sandwiches were always my go to in college, but on the go now a wrap is easier because it will contain the veggies where they fall out of a sandwich. DSCN3225
Since we were originally planning to travel this weekend, I wasn’t planning to purchase a lot so I picked up some beet/carrot slaw and some California quinoa salad at Whole Foods. These more sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli and another round of lentil tacos have gotten me through another 7 days!

I know there are 65 people currently signed up and many of you who are already Vegan. Please share links below to any posts you have done with recipes or your thoughts on how you are feeling!

Vegan Perspective: Eating Out
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