It’s not a tumor and experimental medicine

In the in famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger from Kindergarten Cop “It’s not a tumor”. I can’t really tell you why I loved that movie as a kid, other than I liked saying that phrase to my mom when she complained of a headache that I had likely caused.
tumahI know a lot of people thought that I seemed to be calmly accepting a tumor , but I figured if I went in thinking that was the case I wouldn’t wind up a big pool of crazy on the doctors floor when he told me.

Instead, I was able to walk out with that weight lifted! Now everyone wants to know “what’s next”? And I apologize to all those who I didn’t answer…but the truth is I’m still in a frustrating place of “we don’t know”.  The doctor didn’t have any magic pills up his sleeve and after my report that over the last 3 weeks I have cut my workouts back to a quarter of what they were and actually feel worse than ever he agreed (again) that we couldn’t blame running.

To my great luck, our in-laws were visiting when I returned from the doctor and thus my MIL who is a nurse was able to help me with my new experiment.  The doctor is having me take some shots for the next 5 weeks to see if it will kick start anything…of course this is not covered by insurance and came with about 0 instructions.

I found myself staring at a bag of syringes and two tiny bottles that said to mix.  Ummm…..I know how to mix hair dye, but not so much a bottle of air with a bottle of liquid using a needle. Nor do I have any clue as to how to give myself a shot.  Graciously Mary mixed everything up for me and thank goodness because otherwise I would have pumped myself full of air and I gather that is both painful and harmful. And yes I did ask the pharmacist how to do all this, but he didn’t really show me or explain.
Next up was giving the shot. No David will not be assisting as this would freak him out and largely it freaks me out to think about him pointing a needle at me. I love him, but not as a doctor. Anyhow, I took a couple of deep yoga breaths and it was done.

Let’s see..could make your birth control ineffective. I’m sorry what was that??? Initially when I said are there any side effects they said well it could cause you to have a period finally but that’s it… “oh and we aren’t sure if it will negate your birth control”. 

I don’t know about you but that’s a fairly large side effect for me! I can’t imagine that visit…”so we haven’t cured you, but you are going to have a baby.” Uhh no thanks right now.

Anyhow thus far I have already had cramps and stomach pain, so we’ll see after another couple weeks how I’m feeling and if that continues. Fingers crossed things just keep getting better!

Have you ever had to give yourself shots? It wasn’t as bad as I thought and yet I can’t say I won’t be nervous every single time.
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March 25
I am grateful for amazing friends who have been praying and sending me amazing well wishes.

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