Is more required of Women at work?

The glass ceiling is something I heard on tv shows as a kid, but really never considered that it would pertain to me. I was a strong, smart, common sense using woman…so what ceiling are we talking about?

The truth is that the ceiling does still exist in some places and has been shattered in others. Because I am an information hound, it was no surprise to my husband that I had already been to the pool with his recent issue of Men’s Health before he even knew it had arrived.
WomensHealthIn opening my copy of Women’s Health today an article caught my attention and made me do a double take. I had read just the same question with opposing advice in Men’s Health!
articleIn essence the question asked by a male and female reader is “if my boss sends email over the weekend to my personal account do I have to respond?
MH: Says wait til Sunday afternoon that you will be on it Monday morning because hey the weekend is your time.
WH: Says respond ASAP.

I will occaionally respond to emails over the weekend or if our team has a deadline and we are all working then it’s understood. Otherwise I don’t believe my not responding shows a lack of commitment or reflects on my work ethic.  Everyone needs time to unwind so they can be fresh and focused at work.

Do you think a double standard still exists? How do you handle requests that come in on the weekend?
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March 19
I am grateful for an occasionally photographic memory making it much easier to memorize things.

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