Health by numbers: Calories, steps, sleep

I am a numbers girl. There is a reason when I started running I marked every mile on a calendar and when I started my weight loss journey I started understanding calories in everything and writing it down. I could see all day..numbers…adding them up…seeing patterns.

For the last couple of weeks I have been wearing the BodyMedia armband which has provided me with a TON of numbers. Yes the very same armband you see The Biggest Loser contestants wearing!  DSCN3080DSCN3079
The armband is able to detect motion and change in body temperature to accurately track calories burned, sleep, steps taken etc.  It fits snuggly on the arm and really for the most part I forget that it’s there.  The only downside is being 80+degrees in Florida I am wearing short sleeves which means it is always visible.

Recently I asked if it was truly simple math of calories in vs calories out? The responses were varied, but most agreed that generally yes that should be the case…well folks I’m here to serve as a reminder that it’s not always that easy…this is a  21 day summary and according to the burn more theory I should be down a couple pounds, but in fact I am up 2 pounds. 

So my trainers, coaches and fitness fiends: What do you think about the consistent calorie deficit with increased weight?
Notes: Nope not pregnant. Nope no inches lost. Body fat is currently around 16-17% from what I know so there is fat to lose.
I diligently logged every last morsel of food (yes including that 800 calorie sundae from the other weekend) and have managed to average a daily calorie deficit of 400.  But not a pound lost or a inch lost. My fats are largely avocado, nut butter and a little coconut oil. 

This was the one that really blew me away…seeing how long I was lying down viruses how much time I was actually asleep!  As most of know quality sleep is an important factor in managing appetite and especially sugar cravings.  I would say I am fairly impressed with my efficiency.
These numbers are so fun to see on days where I’m not working out heavily because it proves that I’m simply active in my daily life running errands, etc.  Living in the city certainly means lots of walking or just being outdoors with David to enjoy the weather.

Interesting because as much as I love watching my mileage numbers increase, I never held the same fascination with my calories…that’s probably a very good thing.

Are you a numbers person? Do they motivate you to push harder?
Gratitude Journal
March 5
I am grateful for all the personal trainers out there who have such great ideas and advice.

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