Fashion Disaster HELP!!

Long time readers have heard our tragic odd wedding story and probably would have guessed that based on the hurricane winds we had a limited number of good photos. I decided for our 4 year anniversary in March (wow we’ve been together almost 9 years!!) we would get pictures! We never did engagement photos and certainly have no kids to create an impetus for family photos, so anniversary photos was the best reason I could find!

Here is the problem…maybe you have noticed in all my posts I seem to be wearing workout clothing. In all fairness:
– A lot of my posts are about working out
– I work from home
– I live in Florida where wicking fabric seems like the perfect daytime attire

When it’s time for me to pick out clothes for a night out with David or heck just to see a movie with friends, I can spend an hour in my closet and still leave the house feeling self conscious. My favorite jeans are 4 years old, my favorite dress is 2 years old, my favorite top…is a t-shirt. I can dress for work, but for casual fun I am a mess.
How a super model might dress on a casual day…umm how I do dress.

HELP?? Have you done family photos? How did you decide what to wear?

Updated: Based on some of your great comments I found a number of sites with tips that I thought I would share!
– If it is a large group photo go with the same colors, but not exact matches. I.e. don’t put everyone in a white shirt denim pants it actually looks much better with some in white pants denim shirt or other blue colors.

– No shirts with logos or writing, you’ll definitely regret that in a few years.

– This great photographer shows a tone of pictures and everyday attire ideas!! I will be checking her how more often now.
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