30 Days of Fun: April Challenge

Studies have shown that laughter is indeed great medicine; so nothing could be better this April than a little healing joy not just for me but for all of you!  At some point we switch from days filled with what we enjoy to a life of “should’s”. I should wash the dishes, mow the lawn, work extra hours to get ahead and so on. While our responsibilities will not fade or may not lessen, we can reprioritize (is it the end of the world if the bed isn’t made today?) and find small moments to celebrate.

People who live the longest, people with the fullest richest lives know that daily laughter is important.  Why we need more laughter:

  • It provides a way to connect with others
  • Pumps oxygen to your heart and brain – did you know oxygen kills cancer and some bacteria?
  • Reduces stress (cortisol)
  • Increase serotonin which helps improve your immune system
    Pain threshold is increased  — oh maybe I can do that speed session

    It is unlikely that 30 days will help you completely clear the mental fog we all live in with our daily to do lists, it should help you find ways to slow down, live in the moment and realize small joys are all around us.   DSCN3216CHALLENGE
    Don’t look back over the day and try to pick out something was fun, but instead inject fun in to the ordinary. Walking by a park, then stop to swing…cooking dinner then turn on your favorite song and dance or make a game with the kids…fun doesn’t have to large experiences it can simply be taking time to enjoy the present.

    Feel free to post on my Facebook wall or to leave links to any posts you do or fun you are having throughout the month! I will be featuring great posts and doing a random giveaway at the end to one participant (possibly some capri’s!).

    If you are feeling a little uncreative here is a calendar filled with ideas! Print it out, create your own…just enjoy it.
    View larger printable version

    Over 50 of y ou have already signed up for this challenge, so I know everyone is ready to put a little fun back in to their days!! Sign up here to join in the fun and post the logo on your site if you’d like!30daysoffun
    A full list of participants will be posted on April 1 and I can’t wait to see what you all have in mind for this challenge!! I hope the ideas generated will help all of us continue a new pattern of increased daily joy all year

    Side note: I understand some folks were upset that the running streak was removed. However…running is my sincere passion and hosting a challenge all about running when my body can’t participate just seemed a little cruel.
    Gratitude Journal
    March 28
    I am grateful for fellow associates who go above and beyond what is asked making each project go smoother.

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