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Last year I was able to listen to a talk by Brendan Brazier in Miami just weeks after reading his book Thrive. It was terribly exciting for me as a health, fitness, runner, crazy person to get a chance to simply listen to his tips in person. There is something about the way a person presents information from the heart that never quite comes through in a book. He is passionate about this, he lives and he makes some points that I have kept over the last year!

Then a week after the Houston Marathon this year he was back in Miami at one of my weekly run clubs. We chatted for awhile before the group run which was good because my foot was still wonky and I had to skip the actual run.
brendan braizer 
Brendan and his team were promoting the new Vega Sport line which I reviewed recently and continue to swear by having just bought a LARGE tub of the recovery protein powder. The idea is their products are all plant based, but still contain 25 grams of protein and are really formulated to speed recovery.

I have also bee lucky to meet more of his great team while running the Miami to Key West Ragnar, at theses events and again at the Miami Expo! This meeting was hilarious because we both looked at each other and then it clicked as to why we remembered the face! Leslie is really dying to set up a Ragnar team so I’ll be working to get her involved with my July Colorado team if her schedule allows or look out another Ragnar may make it on my schedule!
leslie brendantalks
For those who don’t know much about him, I hope you have a chance to meet him at an expo or book tour. He is constantly on the road promoting his love for healthy natural fuel for the body.  He started eating plant based as a teenager when he was looking for ways to improve his performance.

Last night I was able to join a Live call on Live Learn where Brendan went in to more detail on how a plant based diet can truly benefit performance. I think it’s a great thing for all athletes to learn a little more about since we tend to have a standard belief that we must have meat for protein.  I’m not saying this is the ONLY way or the RIGHT way, but I think it’s great to give us all more information.

“80% of recovery is nutrition.” – Brendan found this when reviewing the lifestyles of the top performing Ironman competitors in the world.

thriveIn my initial review of Thrive I pointed out that it contains a wealth of amazing information like the use of maca powder, how certain foods help you recover, different types of stress and the effect on your body, what you can change to perform better. “40% of the average American’s stress comes from poor nutrition.” But many of the food recipes and choices are probably too strict for a lot of folks. I generally stand by this statement because very few of my readers or friends can sustain an 80% raw lifestyle.

Brendan is very clear that when he first tried vegan he was tired and slow and not recovering…why? As you might guess he needed more information to really do it right! So he was eating tons of starches and not so much a diet rich in vegetables.

With the Vegan Challenge quickly approaching in March I’m working to continue compiling resources and information for everyone who is interested in participating!  For athletes this kind of diet can help to ensure you are getting more nutrients that require less energy from your body to process which opens up your energy for training.

Have you read this book? Tried Vega? Thoughts on a plant based diet for sports performance?
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