Oakley and Fitfluential

In the last year, I have been very lucky to join two amazing networks for spreading my passion of running and fitness! Each one has provided me with motivation to start actively pursing my dreams and about a thousand fantastic new ways to workout!

Between these groups I am so inspired to continue challenging my fitness levels. They have convinced me to pick up the weights, resume my yoga/meditation and try new ways of eating that don’t focus so much on calories. You don’t have to be an ambassador to enjoy these perks…find a group that matches your beliefs and follow them on Twitter or start a conversation on Facebook…you will be inspired!
Right now Fitfluential is taking more applications so if you have seen the hundreds of Twitter # items or wondered what the group was about…check it out and apply if it is a good fit. Right now the company is a start up, but we are collectively building a great network and hopefully it will allow all of us to grow and do great things.

This weekend I was excited to learn that they are really solidifying the ambassador program and we are going to really be far more involved in helping to promote the brand. I have learned such a tremendous amount about the value of great eyewear from them that it really is mind blowing..but on top of that what is the difference between wicking and quick dry and UPF.

Part of this weekend was about putting all of the new gear to the test so you can bet I’ll have photos for you soon…and more details about gear that I think are helpful for us all!  I don’t have details yet on applying to become an ambassador, but I believe they are running a contest again later this year so I will be sure to give it a big shout out for all of you to check it out!!

Gratitude Journal
Feb 25
I am grateful for opportunities to connect with others to learn, grow and strive to be better.

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