The Happy Movie

Saturday night I headed to Lululemon for a screening of Happy Movie
in honor of World Happy Day. I love the wonderful group that runs the Lululemon’s in Miami because they are always looking for ways to really be involved with the community and encourage people to enjoy life.

They brought in a TV, set up snacks and we all piled in to watch an uplifting movie…unfortunately we didn’t have a remote to turn on subtitles so we had to create our own commentary for many portions of the movie. I will say that made us happy!
I am a huge fan of these kinds of things and wanted to share some fun facts with you!
happinessMuch like we talk about having a weight set point, most of us have a happy set point which is determined largely bye what happened while we were in the womb.

There is also a stabilizing effect with money…at a certain point more does not make you any happier, so the continued pursuit is not going to improve your life. While the person with $5 will be happier with $50,000 because it ensures they have the basics for life…after that happiness really doesn’t greatly change. So nope more money won’t make you happier

Countries like Japan that are focused solely on development are some of the unhappiest (hello America) and they even have a word now for people who work themselves to death “karoshi”. How sad it happens so often they named it!

The Happy Movie points to community, connections, caring and doing for others as key mainstays to a happy life. When I was going through a tough time this summer and eventually was able to open up about being depressed, I believe my sense of isolation contributed greatly to that feeling. I think being an only child it is easy for me to draw in to myself, but I am truly happiest when I’m connected to others so this was my key takeaway from the movie! I am going to consistently work on this.

I’ve seen a lot of studies on mediation, but it’s always amazing to see how it truly effects the brain! You really can be calmer, happier and live longer by taking up meditation. The movie showed one segment specifically on a budhist meditation for lovingkindness (yes one word). “Buddhist theory teaches, and practice demonstrates, that happiness comes from empathizing with others and from seeing their wellbeing and their suffering as being important as our own.” – From

Here is a PDF of ways to improve your own happiness from The World Happy Day site.

Obviously I’m a fan of this movie. Wasn’t paid to watch it or review it, I just wanted to share it!
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