Workouts and Goals: ING Miami

Who knew you could have so much fun not running a race?  I won’t say that every fiber of my being didn’t wish I was out there with tons of my Miami friends having that sweet moment of crossing the finish line…but I got all kinds of satisfaction out of this weekend without further injuring myself.

Ok the full interview to come, but let’s be honest how can I not mention right off the bat that I got to spend a ton of time meeting an amazing, kind and wonderful person. Not to mention that I was also able to meet the really great people working with him.
Ryan signing his book Sunday post race (prior to his fun run with the kids!).

It also gave me an opportunity to ride in a Nissan Leaf. Years ago I swore my  next car would be a hybrid and man have they come a long way in that time!! This car tells you how many trees you are saving…and as Katie pointed out it becomes kind of a game to see if you can go farther on each charge by driving better. Umm what runner wouldn’t end up totally doing that.

With VIP access I had a great spot to watch the finish line and cheer for soooo many of my friends who were out there! With each race I have to say I am falling more in love with this VIP area where you have clean porta potties, a place to sit, etc…this one had massage tables ready and waiting for the finishers too.
Seriously it was a race to the finish for the men’s marathon winner…amazing to see!

And since I was not running the race, I had no worries about staying out to see Jimmy Buffet in concert. While we might have been some of the youngest folks there, I can say this was one heck of a party atmosphere…talk about people letting loose!  This was David’s long awaited birthday gift.

Jan 23
AM: 25 min weights, 47 min biking @15mph (huge improvement for me)

Jan 24
AM: 15 min walk, 30 min elliptical, 10 min biking @11mph
PM: Slow walk, 30 min yoga

Jan 25
AM: 10 min Insanity workout – realized I just wasn’t recovered enough and stopped. 20 min walk, 15 min weights, 20 min bike @12mph
PM: 30 min yoga

Jan 26
AM: Jackie Warner treadmill workout (combo hills, running, walking) 30 min, 10 min biking @12mph, 10 min stretch
PM: 30 min walk

Jan 27
AM: 40 min biking with intervals avg pace @16mph, 35 min yoga
60 min walking (errands like ohh meeting up with Ryan Hall)

Jan 28
AM: 68 min walking for workout and errands, 30 min weights, 10 min biking @11mph
PM: Slow walk to and from concert (3 miles total)

Jan 29
AM: 35 min walking to and from ING race, 51 min biking @15.8mph
PM: 2 mile run, 10 min walk, 15 min stretch

Overall: Can’t wait to have some seriously sweaty hard workouts. But I am generally enjoying the bike.
Best Workout: Trainer bike ride, cool to see myself picking up the pace.
Nutrition: Smoothies, salads and cookies…balance.
iPod: Still no music, more watching tv while on the bike. Important stuff like The Real Housewives
New gear: Oakley glasses!!! Yeahhh I can finally see things way off in the distance, shoot I didn’t even realize what I wasn’t seeing. It’s like the world is now in HD

Gratitude JournalSignature
Jan 30
I am grateful for Justified
I am grateful for being able to see
I am grateful for Jimmy Buffet songs
I am grateful for people having fun
I am grateful for mexican salads

Food Journal Wrap Up

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