HBBC Feedback and Final Reminder

Seriously wonderful feedback from the Post HBBC Survey, thank you all so much!! As a reminder the HBBC ends tomorrow and all points must be updated by Jan 8. I will contact the winners and try to as much shipping as possibly Jan 9…otherwise I will not be back to Miami until Jan 23 to send more great stuff!

The Resolution Run Virtual winner was announced on Facebook.HBBC2011 Here’s a quick recap from some of your great feedback:

Levels was something new this year because I wanted to ensure that with 500 people not only the top 10 in points were motivated…but I didn’t know exactly how to divide them up and the result was so-so.   For example, someone who is extremely fit from doing lots of strength work or daily yoga had to call themselves a “beginner” which is kind of odd.

I think next year the categories may require you to pick your primary activity and a level…something along those lines we shall see! I’ve got 10 months to figure it out.

A lot of you said you weren’t getting the email…since I know it was sending I’m guessing I ended up in your spam folders, so I will work on that next year.  There were mixed reviews on wanting more reminders, so it will probably stay at 1 per week.

Forums or buddies do seem of interest…I will keep thinking about how we can create more interaction so that everyone feels motivated and included.

It looks like over 90% of you are interested in at least one of the monthly challenges,so stay on the lookout for those!  The Food Journal Challenge is already going well for a number of folks and you can see all challenge tweets at #30DaysRTTF

Thanks again for the amazing support. These challenges aren’t about being a bigger blogger, they are truly about changing things to keep enjoying life more and having you with me on the journey makes it more fun!
Gratitude Journal
Jan 5
I am grateful for people smarter than meSignature
I am grateful for crunchy apples
I am grateful for flax milk
I am grateful for ball point pens
I am grateful for postcards

Food Journal Challenge: Reflection 1
Overcrowding is a Good thing

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