Food Journal Challenge: Reflection 1

For the 90 folks who joined the Food Journal Challenge, I hope you have been able to stick to it this week! In week one, you are free to make changes but mostly the goal is to have enough information for reflection.  Remember that a Food Journal is not a log of just your calories, it includes more details (learn more about food journals).FoodJournalDo you notice any patterns to how you feel?
What causes you to eat certain foods?
Any changes if you have cut out foods?
Where are your calories coming from? Too much sugar? Enough protein?
Do certain meals keep you full longer?

After you have reviewed your journal, pick one or two changes that you will try in the next week. As you implement these changes keep journaling so you can truly see what works for you.

In week one, I wasn’t terribly surprised to find that I am creature of habit. BUT by recording my thoughts and feelings, I became very aware that I eat when I’m not hungry A LOT.

1. Habit: I have become a grazer and so now when my meals are more filling (huge salads), I still find myself wanting to eat because it has become such a habit.  Just knowing this and recording my thoughts is helping me to work on eating only when hungry. I’m trying to follow the advice of replacements…like a walk, deep breathing, hot tea, etc.

2. Sugar: I knew that after my indulgence of the last few weeks, my cravings would be extremely high. However, I didn’t realize that I often choose sugar when I’m anxious, looking for comfort or looking to graze but not hungry. I have a full post coming on how to help me change this habit next week.

3. Veggies: It’s a good feeling to write down meals that are filled with great foods. I know from looking at my journal that I really am eating as many fruits and veggies as I hoped.  It also keeps me focused on choosing more whole foods.

1. Immediate: Record things as they happen rather than at the end of the day. It’s easy to forget little bites of food or the reasons that you reached for food or even that you had a headache.

2. Consistency: Remember if it works for you to take a photo then do it, but the biggest thing is simply to find something you can be consistent with.

3. Planning: For a lot of people pre-planning their meals for the following day is a great way to ensure they stick with new eating patterns.

4. Lighten Up: For many of us any slip on the way to a goal becomes a chance to get angry at a lack of will power, etc.  Instead, use the journal as a chance to recognize it happened and try to figure out why and what you might do next time instead…it’s a journey, not perfection!

Since it has only been 1 week, you may not yet be seeing a huge change in skin, hair or nails…but stick to it and make changes. After 21 days you will likely notice a huge change.

I will be traveling over the next two weeks, which has made me take time to remind myself that I will do this. Not that I will try, which lets me off the hook, but that I WILL DO IT. We can find excuses for anything, so make a choice to stick to it and see what happens!

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I can’t wait to hear how everyone is doing! Please share your thoughts or any posts you’ve done!
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