HBBC Week 5 + Bra*Kette Review

The last two weeks of HBBC is are underway, time to kick it up a notch!! I hope everyone is having a great time with family, enjoying a few cookies and then racking up some points to burn them off!!

All points will need to be entered by end of day Jan 8, so I can try to take care of HBBC winners before I leave for 14 days.  Good luck to everyone this week and go get it!

Total Participants:
Participants up to date: 380 or 77%
Top 3 Advanced: Victoria, Beth, Shelly (last year’s winner!), Tina Seech
Top 3 Doer: Carolyn, Jennifer, Chelsea
Top 3 Builder: Sarah, Natalie, Courtney

NOTE: One of the requirements at the beginning was some kind of public ongoing post of your workouts. Please do not be angry with me when asking for that information…we have had people cheat and I’m doing my best to make sure it remains a fun and inspiring challenge.

Week 3 random winners of free Sahale and Green Planet goodie bags: Haley, Amber, Erin R  

I met the designer of Bra*Kette, Nicole, at the Philly Marathon expo and was really intrigued by this idea. Having the opportunity to test it out, I am now happy to give you a chance to win one as well!!! 

I know a lot of women put keys, money, etc. in their sports bra while they run. Well this is making that whole process a million times better.  With a crossed overlay the Bra*Kette actually holds things in place while you run and that layer between your skin and the item helps prevent any rubbing or chaffing.
The Bra*Kette also has a small side pocket for things you want to keep more secure.  I decided to put my iPhone in and take it for a run to test out if things truly stay in place…I was very skeptical. But as David will atest I came home rather proud of the fact that for once I ran with a phone and forgot about it within minutes.  It truly didn’t bounce around. Pardon the extreme awkward picture, but I wanted to try to show you how it looks under a shirt…I am not the model in her pictures that runs sans shirt.

As you might guess, Nicole is on the road every weekend to an expo to help promote her product and get the word out. Being a fitness fiend myself, I respect anyone who takes a leap to create their own business and has a great product!

You can buy one any time online or look for her at expo’s!!

Gratitude Journal
Dec 25Signature
I am grateful for docile dogs
I am grateful for people who pick up after their dogs
I am grateful for lots of nut butter in the house
I am grateful for friends who host parties
I am grateful all the leftovers aren’t here

Workouts and Goals: Dec 26
International Potluck


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