HBBC Week 3 + GirlzNGear

Another great week and it seems like almost everyone is staying involved!! Lot’s of questions about veggies this week, so I am really excited that everyone is finding ways to make them part of their daily meals.

Total Participants:
Participants up to date: 386 or 55% – BOOOOO. I’m trying to remind everyone…please participate!
Top 3 Advanced: Victoria, Shelly (last year’s winner!), Beth,
Top 3 Doer: Carolyn, Chelsea, Kelly
Top 3 Builder: Michelle, Sarah, Sabrina

NOTE: Tina Seech please contact me, I left you a note on the spreadsheet. Everyone please look for the orange arrow next to your name to see if I have left a note.

Don’t forget Jill has her weekly round up so you can share your posts and see how others are doing! I may also delete some folks who haven’t entered anything on the spreadsheet…it will make me feel better about participation. Smile with tongue out

Week 3 random winners of free Amy’s Kitchen Natural and Organic Frozen Meals (please email me your address): Sue, Audrey, Carolynthese doe expire end of year, sorry!! So use them quick!

The sign up is super exciting on the Resolution Run too! I hope you all will consider participating as a great way to start your New Year, after all the amazing things you’ve been doing to stay fit through the holidays. It’s also motivation to make sure that no matter what you do on NYE you do something on New Year’s Day.NewResolutionRun2012GIRLZ N GEAR
Christmas is upon us which means you either need a gift for a friend….or need a new running shirt, but have no money left for yourself…solution a $30 gift card to girlz n gear.

Buy It
You can buy it at many expos or online, which is where you’ll use your giftcard!

Win It

Gratitude Journal
Dec 11
I am grateful for an amazing race today (report tomorrow)Signature
I am grateful for meeting Kara Goucher
I am grateful for meeting Shalane Flanagan
I am grateful for meeting the rest of the Nike team!
I am grateful for VIP porta potties

Miami Rock N Roll Race Report
Love Grown Foods

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