Facing the world with confidence

I have never been one to wear a lot of makeup. Mama always said “the best makeup is makeup no one knows you are wearing.” Of course she said this when I was in middle school and probably trying to discourage me from putting much on… but the fact of the matter is my style has remained very natural over the years.

As an adult, I can better understand that she was trying to impart the lesson that to be taken seriously in my job, less can be more, most of us don’t need a smoky eye for the office and look better without foundation caked on… though I am pretty positive she wore some really rockin’ blue eye shadows in the 70’s… just sayin’.

What amuses me is that I actually feel better and more confident with makeup on, but I frequently have people ask if I wear any. This amuses me but lets me know that I am doing things the way I feel best… though I have to wonder as I continue to push past 30 if I will start to feel like I need more?

My favorite way to immediately feel more confident about my look is mascara. I love my blue eyes and figure if any 10 second trick will help draw attention there I am all for it! However, a lot of mascara can look really clumped on, run all over my face when I sweat, and then I’m right back to square one of feeling like I’m trying too hard… so thanks to BlogHer and COVERGIRL for allowing me to try COVERGIRL LashPerfection™ Mascara.
It feels lightweight, it coats lashes in a way that allows them to appear fuller but NO clumps, and I can wear it all day without any smudges or smears.

This afternoon (Oct 4) I have a BIG event in Miami to try and win new customers…so yes I need to feel and act like a confident e-Commerce consultant with 8 years of experience and loads of wonderful clients like Purina, Hallmark, New Balance and so on under my belt!
For me the right mascara is like having a good hair day, you just stand a little taller and feel more confident meeting a gaze in any meeting. In my job, I am often required to prove to customers within the first few minutes that I am the woman who can help improve their site by increasing sales… yeah me and my brain are going to make them money!

While at the end of the day confidence comes from the inside, it never hurts to feel like I look my best! It’s the same reason we pick out great race day outfits.

Want a chance to win a $50 gift card to drugstore.com? In the comments, tell me about a time when using makeup gave you the added confidence you needed for an important event in your life.

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Gratitude Journal
Oct 4
I am grateful for fitted button up shirts
I am grateful for all-natural pizza crustSignature
I am grateful for confidence
I am grateful for podcasts
I am grateful for football Sunday

October Unprocessed: Day 6
All natural sauce and rice

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