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RunToTheFinish is a place to provide motivation to myself and others in this crazy journey of living healthy. I fully believe that running has allowed me to learn more about myself and enjoy life in amazing new ways. During my journey on this blog I have learned that being healthy is also about how you fuel your body, how you feel about your body and how you choose to live every day.

In the beginning of my healthy living journey, I knew only that running made me joyful…but now I have found yoga, kick boxing, swimming, biking, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, meditation, cooking and all things healthy living are a blast! I am always ready to try new things and share them here…sweaty, goofy details and all.

A short run down….
I grew up in Kansas City and now live in Miami, Florida.
I have loving adoring parents who I cannot imagine my life without…they allowed me to try every sport under the sun during my childhood and this kept me very active.
However, I was NOT A RUNNER.

I graduated from Mizzou in 2003 with a degree in Journalism and hence my loving of writing!
I got a job in website project management which I still have only now I focus on e-Commerce websites. That’s right I try to find ways to make you buy more online!

Shortly after graduation I met the man who would change so many things in my world. Mr. BMX taught me how to laugh at myself and that traveling with someone can be easy and joyful. We were married in the world’s weirdest weather horrifying ceremony on March 29, 2009.
We have two kitties that are showered with love and may be our only children…who knows.

Oakley Women’s Ambassador
Love Grown Foods Ambassador
FitFluential Ambassador
Bliss.com contributing writer
BiteSizedWellness.com contributing writer
Empower Her contributing writer

As you will see with my reviews, I don’t hold back on my opinions, so I am affiliated with these companies because I truly believe they are wonderful.

During my junior year of college a few friends wanted to run the Nashville Rock N Roll half marathon and I figured it was a great way to spend time together…so I went from faking knee pain to running…and I never looked back. After that very first race, I found within myself a new deep sense of pride.

I’ve never been terribly interested in racing because that creates a pressure around running. I simply run 50 mile weeks because I can and I want to…that’s not to say that I haven’t raced and enjoyed many of these experiences!! You can read all of my race reports and find out which one’s I really loved on my Race Reports page.

I did life backwards in some ways…I was at my heaviest weight my senior year of high school, but I was goofy and happy…except with my weight. I slowly made changes in college to start losing weight, but once I graduated really started learning more about good nutrition. Since then I have transitioned to a largely organic diet and I do my best to focus on eating lots of fruits and veggies, rather than NOT eating things. Anyone around me can tell you I still fully enjoy ice cream, cookies and chocolate…but I try to balance those with lots of really yummy healthy foods.

I have maintained a 35 pound weight loss for 8 years now and more importantly to me…I’ve continued to watch my body change even when the weight hasn’t! Very exciting to feel stronger and happier because of the choices that I make every day.

I have so many goals and so many hopes for life that you will see weekly goal posts. My primary life goal is to continue growing every day in to a better person and as Oprah would say “live my best life”. During different points you may see goals to hit a certain time or complete a certain race, but those are secondary to enjoying each moment, traveling the world, loving my husband, being a great daughter, being good at my job and laughing…lots of laughing.

Race Reports
Weird Wedding Story
Weight loss Process
Our move to Miami
Why I blog

One other thing you will see here at RunToTheFinish is a daily gratitude journal. This is my way of remembering that life is wonderful and it’s been exciting to see many of you adopt the daily gratitude journal in your own blogs!

I love hearing from you so please reach out at any time: contact Amanda Brooks

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    I had never seen your Married without Children post. Amanda, girl, you and I think SO MUCH ALIKE on SO MANY THINGS. I have no doubt we could be good friends.

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    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I can already tell that I loooove this blog! Kansas City … I've only been there once and that was in college, but it's one of those places that is a surprising amount of fun.Oh, and your cats are adorable.

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