30th Birthday Virtual Race

That’s right this August 13th I will be turning 30. I am excited about it too!! No bashful turning 29 again or not telling folks my age. The whole point of living is to stay alive and celebrate another year!!

While things are not perfect, that too is part of living and enjoying each day. Birthdays are a time to step back and remember all the amazing things you have accomplished and at least for me to see how much my life has changed over the years.


So on that note it’s time for a Virtual Race of course!

Prizes to include…
Wright Socks
Relentless Forward Progress by Bryon Powell -reviewed here
Other goodies that I have stock piled just to surprise you…like possibly some ALO pants…tank…hmm what else?!

ANTE UP: Leave a comment below that you are in for a 3.0 mile run between Aug 10 and Aug 15…feel free to leave your guesstimated time too

BET 1: Guess how many miles I will have run from Jan 1 to Aug 13
BET 2: What is my goal for the Philadelphia marathon?
(No need for multiple comments)

Winner selected from those who complete the virtual race and are closest on the bets…if multiple get it right I will use Random.org or see if I can send both prizes.

Here is a link to a printable bib:http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr64/acb8d2/30BdayVirtual.jpg
Don’t forget to send me a link if you post about your Virtual Run.
Gratitude Journal
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  1. I'm in for a 3 mile run in August...I'm gonna predict i'll do it in 23:38.

  2. i'm still a pretty new follower here at Run to the Finish so i'm searching for running logs or smthng to help me with this prediction...but i'm just gonna make it up and say your mileage from 1//1/11 - 8/13/11 is gonna be 576 miles.

  3. Okay, your marathon goal...I'm gonna say you wanna break 4 hours but better than that you're secretly hoping (and gonna get!) a 3:50.

  4. I'm in for 3 miles in 29 minutes. For your marathon goal time I'm going to say 3:40...I know that's 5 minutes off a BQ but 3:35 is just ridiculous. (I'm only making this prediction because I think you're a pretty fast runner. Obviously 3:50 or 4:00 or 4:30 is perfectly great too.) I have no idea what to guess for your mileage, though.

  5. I'm in for the 3 mile run and I'm predicting my time will be 24:32. I'm going to say your goal time is 3:45. I'm at a loss for mileage but I'll guess 621!

  6. I am in as well--I'm predicting my time will be 35:30. As for your mileage by August, I'll say 643, and marathon time, I will guess maybe 4:12 (though I'll bet you would like a sub-4 hour time). This will be fun--what a great way to celebrate your birthday!

  7. I'm in! I think My time will be around 30 minutes since I'll be on the treadmill. I might make it into a short tempo or speed session! I think by August 13th you'll have run 648 miles, and that your goal for Philly is 4:25

  8. I'm in and also turning 30 this year. I guess my time will be around 33 minutes.

  9. I'm in! I am predicting, hoping, for my 3 miles to break 25 minutes.

    For you miles, I wish I knew but let's say 700 miles (I really believe you are doing more than me...but that has no justification).

    For your marathon time, you would love 3:45!

  10. Sounds fun! I celebrated 30 last month, so count me in :)

    Guesstimated time? I'll be running in Hawaii right near Kona, so maybe that'll give me the inspiration to run a sub 24:00? Really, I've never run a 5k so I have no idea what my time should be.

    I'm going to guess 730 miles YTD, and for the marathon - goal is to have a blast exploring the city with friends!

  11. Hmmm, I'm in and I'm predicting under 24 min (maybe only by a second, but...) I think you will do 742 miles and I think your goal is under 3:40

  12. I'm in! My time will be 28 minutes.

    bet 1: I'm going to guess 715 miles
    bet 2: your goal is sub 4:00

  13. I'll do it! 30 was fun :)

    I'm guessing I'll be around 24 minutes. I'm guessing that you will have run 750 miles and are shooting for 3:37.

  14. I'll do it! I am guessing 27.5 minutes? ha ha

    Bet 1: 813
    Bet 2: 3:45?!

  15. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I'm scheduled to run a 10K race on Aug 13th as part of my half marathon training? How about a get an entry for each 5K I run that day? I hope to do the entire 10K in 1:06 mins and I think I can do that first 5K in 30 mins.

    Bet 1: I'm going to say 400 miles since I remember you having to take some time off running this year and focus more on cross training.

    Bet: I'm thinking you are going for a PR and your goal is 1:45

    Dee dfarratgwudotedu

  16. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Oops That's half marathon goal, I mean your marathon goal is 3:45


  17. I bet your marathon goal is 3:40

  18. I will definitely participate!

  19. Ante: I'm in... and I'll be turning 30 in Jan! I have no idea what my time will be, but let's say 26 minutes? I don't usually time my runs but I will for the race!

  20. Oh yeah, I guess you'll run 750 miles by that time, and your Marathon goal is to finish a strong 4:00!

  21. Fun stuff! I am in!

    Put me down for 25 mins.

    Bet 1: 750 miles

    Bet 2: sub-4:00

  22. I'm in for an ambitious 23:15 - 3 mile run
    Bet 1: 1350
    Bet 2: 3:59

  23. I am totally up for a 3 miler! My time will be: 36 minutes.

    BET 1: 725 miles
    BET 2: 3:42

  24. I'm in for a 3-miler! I'm a race walker but prepping to RUN a 1/2 marathon in September so let's say 36 minutes...a stretch but not unattainable. :)

  25. I am in! My time will be 37 minutes.. New PR for me for 3 miles.

    BET 1: 850 miles
    BET 2: 3:43

  26. I'll do it! I have a 3-miler scheduled on August 10th, anyway. :)

    I will be running on the treadmill (heat index TODAY was 122...August is going to be gross!) so I'm thinking my time will be around 34 minutes?

    BET 1: 600 (I have nothing to base this on since I just got here, wild guess! ;P)

    BET 2: 4:45 (Also a completely wild guess!)

  27. Hey Amanda--I'm in for your 3-miler. The thirties are the BEST DECADE!!!! It's going to be part of my long marathon training run that day (provided that's OK), so I will be slow--let's say 30 minutes since I will be running 22 miles total! Do you want your 3 miles to be at the beginning, in the middle or the end? :^)

    Bet 1--I'll go with 750 miles
    Bet 2--3:39; you want to BQ!

  28. I meant 3:45, not 4:45...mommy brain strikes again!

  29. I'm TOTALLy down for a 3 mile run in August! I hope to complete it in 29:59. =o) PS-My other half will be turning 30 on the 14th!!! He is excited too. Me? I'm shocked we're that old haha.

  30. I'm in for a 3 miler! I actually have a 5k on the 13th, so I'll get my 3 mile split, which I'm hoping is around 26:00.

    Your marathon goal is sub 4 hours and your mileage up to August 13 is 760.


  31. I'm in!
    I am predicting 27:00.

    Bet 1: 758
    Bet 2: 3:42:15

  32. I'm in... I turn 33 on August 11.
    I'll predict I run it in about 29:00, since I have a stress fracture right now and can't run. Don't know how I'll feel when I'm returning then!

    Bet 1: 900
    Bet 2: Sub-4

  33. I am in! My birthday is today :) Almost exactly one month before yours. My guesstimated time is 30:32 seconds, but I'm hoping to be faster than that by then! (I will be posting on my blog about the run!)

    BET 1: I'm going to guess you will have run about 1024 miles from Jan 1 to Aug 13. I don't know if you're been training for something the whole year or not...
    BET 2: Your goal for the Philadelphia marathon is 4 hours or right around there.

  34. I'm in! I'm going to go for 25 minutes for my time.
    Bet 1: 555 miles
    Bet 2: 3:55

    - Carrie @ mainemomontherun.blogspot.com

  35. I'm in! I think my time will be around 30 minutes.

  36. I'm in! I'll still be in recovery mode so I'll say around 30 min.
    Bet 1: 737 miles
    Bet 2: I think you have a tier of goals with the first being sub-4, the next being 3:50, and of course the BHAG, a BQ!

  37. I'll play. I'm guessing I'll be around 32 minutes. I'll have just moved so it will be a good way to see my new city!

    Bet 1: 746 miles
    Bet 2: 3:58

  38. I am in to run 3 miles - in 29:45

    Bet 1: 859
    Bet 2: 3:59

  39. August 13th is my stepdaughter's 11th birthday too! I am game for a 3 miler August 10-15!

    Bet #1 - 775 miles

    Bet #2 - 3:47:50 - sounds good!

  40. Anonymous4:05 PM

    I'm in for the 3 mile run in 33 minutes. I guess you have run 1200 miles between Jan and Aug and I predict a 3:30 marathon time.

  41. I'm in for a 3mile run..hmmm..let's say 34ins..and shoot for less! :)
    Bet 1 - 635mi
    Bet 2 - 3:54

    And happy almost 30!! Trust me 30s ROCK!!!

  42. I'm in... I'm going for 27 minutes.

    Bet 1 - 1090
    Bet 2 - 4:15

  43. I'm in - about 34 minutes
    Bet 1 - 800 mimles
    Bet 2 - 3:40

  44. I'm in for the 3-mile run ... my time 29 minutes flat

    Bet 1 - 750 miles
    Bet 2 - 3:45 for the marathon

  45. I'm doing 13 miles that day! I'll try to get the 3-mi split!

    Is your goal time 3:55?

  46. I will gladly participate in your virtual race! Sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday with everyone in blogland.

    Since I have a severely aggravated knee, I will probably have to add some walking with my run...therefore, my estimated time is 34:13.

  47. Bet 1: I think you have run 862 miles.

    Bet 2: I think your goal time for the Marathon is 4:12.

  48. Is this where I post my results? I ran my 5k today in 25:25. Not near my own prediction at all! Oh, well. Thanks for the virtual race! runner_girl5k(at)yahoo(dot)com

  49. I'm in for 3 miles! Predicting I will do it in 33 min. Woohoo! Happy Birthday!

  50. OK I'm in for a virtual run. I'll go with 31 mins, trying to scale back on my pace as I have the Chicago 1/2 on Sun.

    Bet#1 - I'll say 637 miles
    Bet #2 - I'm going to go with 4:15

  51. Coming late to the game, but I'm in. I'll shoot for an even 24:00ish.

    Bet #1 - 913 miles
    Bet #2 - Your goal time is sub 4 obviously, but I'll go with a more specific time of 3:39

  52. My race results are up!! I did my 3 miles in 33:13 And recorded a video for ya. http://www.therawjournalist.com/2011/08/run-to-finish-birthday-virtual-race-and.html

  53. ANTE UP: 3.0 mile run- it's giong to have to be Monday- and I will probably be somewhere around 25:00-27:00

    BET 1: Miles? Um.... 600

    BET 2: Goal? 3:45

    And Happy 30th Birthday!

  54. I’m up for the run-it will be with the TNT team and they are just starting out so I am guessing I will do it around 30 mins. Bet 1-you will have run 605 miles and Bet 2-I’m guessing goal is to finish healthy and strong but hoping for a sub 4. BTW, 30 has been my best year yet-hoping that yours is too!

  55. I'm in. I'm going to aim for sub 30.

    Bet 1:813 miles
    Bet 2: 3:59

    Happy early birthday!

  56. I'm in for running on Sunday and am going to guess 30 minutes.

    Bet 1: 900 miles
    Bet 2: 3:45

    Happy 30th!

  57. I'm in the 3 miles- hopefully (will be done as a brick) so no real guesses on time since it will be HOT.

    Bet 1: 639 before tomorrow's run which you hope to do 13 so it would be a total of 652
    Bet 2: you want a sub 4, but i'm thinking you're really hoping for a 3:45

    Happy birthday! Welcome to Club 3-0!

  58. I'm in and guessing 32 minutes for myself.

    Bet 1: 693
    Bet 2: you want a 3:75 but would be thrilled with anything below 3:60.

    Happy birthday!

  59. I'm down for the 3 miler.. Should take me and my beginner self about 40 min. Bet 1: 1127 Bet 2: 3:50
    Happy Birthday!!

  60. BET 1: 837
    BET 2: 3:50

    i'm down for the 3 miler. I estimate 24 minutes if I do it in the morning before dawn

  61. im in! I've got my own virtual birthday race this week. Come check it out. I'll shoot for 3 miles in 31:50. bet 1: 975; bet 2: 3:55

  62. Amanda, I did a 3.1 mile run today in honor/in celebration of your birthday. I completed it in 23:15. I was suppose to meet a friend/new training partner later in the day for a double digit mile run but the weather didn't allow us. Instead we'll run on Monday. An entry to my virtual run for you can be found at www.sexyisra.blogspot.com Happy birthday!!

  63. I'm not entering the contest, but I am entering the race. it motivated me to run on the weekend, when I usually just work out during the week. Here is my post: http://runningbetty.com/better-run

  64. This was fun! My race recap can be found here - http://mainemomontherun.blogspot.com/2011/08/chips-are-down-virtual-race-recap.html

    I'm sorry your birthday didn't turn out as planned, but know that even though I don't know you personally you can can count on this blogging buddy to have your back.


  65. I did a small race/run recap here: http://runbecauseyouloveit.blogspot.com/2011/08/5k-runrace.html

    This was not the 5k I expected, but turned out even better because I was able to share it with an enthusiastic non-running sister.

    Happy 30th!


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