Workouts and Goals: 16 May

Prepare to be amazed… you will see staggeringly low numbers for me across all areas this week. My body had been giving me signals that I needed a rest day, but I was having so much fun I just didn’t listen…the result was it needed lots of rest days!

: 5 minutes complete calm and silence (really important when I’m traveling)
Body: Return to spending some time stretching every day
Spirit: Read something positive each day
Family: Enjoy every moment of my time in KC
– Nada, nothing, zilch, not even a walk to the store

AM: 60 min body pump class taught by my friend Samara!
PM: 60 min walk, 20 min ki-hara

AM: 45 min walk, 10 min run
Lunch: 15 min run, 15 min walk
PM: 10 min run, 5 min stretch

AM: 7.3 mile run, 15 min walk
PM: 20 min weights, 40 min walk, 10 min bike, 10 min stretch

Nada – on a plane all day

AM: 10.15 mile run – 9:30 pace in KC with hills that I haven’t seen in ages!! Loved it! I miss my long runs! Does that make me sound completely nutz?

AM: 6.15 mile run, 40 min walk, 20 min weights, 20 min ki-hara

Run: 27 miles
The rest…are just lower and that’s ok
Gratitude Journal
May 16
I am grateful for Panera chicken salad
I am grateful for recycling binssig
I am grateful for hilarious movies
I am grateful for mom time
I am grateful for mom hugs

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10 day Sugar Free Challenge


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    Good job listening to your body and taking some extra rest. I love a long run on a route I haven't run in a while. It's familiar, but you notice lots of new things and changes.

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