Toe Socks or Wool Socks?

Yesterday’s post on my FOMO diagnosis made me realize once again that bloggies really get me…you are all completely crazy too.  In that vein, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on having the best gear for your summer training!

After my last running sock review post, I was notified that I was missing a few things. Not the random sock that never has a mate kind of missing, but the “HEY I love brand X and you totally skipped them”.  Far be it from me to deprive you of fully knowing all of your running sock options to create the most blissful environment for your feet.

If you missed my previous reviews you can find them for: Feetures!, DryMax, SofSole, and Balega.

My great friend Kim has sworn by toe socks for years, yes even long before Vibrams became the newest and greatest. Kim was on a quest to run a marathon in all 50 states at the time and swore they prevented blisters.

It turns out they create a HUGE variety of socks from performance to yoga, crew to compression. I decided with your feedback to give them a go and I did like them. It felt a little weird at first, but I can really see how with marathons it would help with blisters!!
I live in Miami, so when someone said “You have to try Smartwool” I balked at the idea. Turns out they are cushy and not extra warm as expected…I had to do some investigating on the SmartWool website to figure out just how this could be. It turns out wool is far more versatile than I realized and it does an amazing job of wicking the sweat away from your body which helps to regulate temperature.


If you are in the mood to revamp your sock drawer, I have found some of the best prices at Where I have rarely seen many of these socks in stores for less than $25 or on sale ever…well they have them on sale!.  For example my perennial favorite DryMax socks are $5 less than normal!


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I am grateful for wicking socks

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    I am a follower of google friend connect! Thanks for doing the giveaway! We often forget how important wearing the right kind of socks can be!

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    I haven't bought many running socks yet. The only ones I own are some pretty basic ones from Nike, so winning this would be pretty sweet! 😀

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    Hi there! Saw your entry on socks. I used to run on cotton socks but eventually found out (through experience and additional research in online forums) that they cause blisters because they trap moisture in the feet. Nike Dri-Fit Elite Training socks keep the moisture out and since it is not cotton, mostly polyester, the fibers do not get clumped up and unnecessarily cause additional friction on the skin.Nice also. been using that for my 15k/21k runs and no blisters, I swear :) It's a little on the pricey side though but it's well worth it.

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    So far most of my socks have come from sport stores or run expos :) Oh and a random bunch of Nike socks from a factory in town…weird location actually. Ive been dying to try Smartwool! Beings I knit socks and all.

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    I often shop for scoks at REI. I like the smart wool socks. They make great running, hiking and bike socks. I try to stock up when they are on sale!larkspurpurple (at)

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    I usually buy my socks at our local running room. We just picked up a bunch at the Pittsburgh marathon expo as our old ones were just …. old….

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