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A lot of you have noted that you WISH you had a run group and so I should quit my complaining about having too many. Open-mouthed smile If starting a running group sounds too hard, I’d like to remind you that you are a runner…what you do every time you lace up is hard and yet you have found the strength.

Admittedly when I lived in Kansas City the number of running groups was much smaller and I really had to seek them out, which as you know I really just didn’t for many years.  Until I got lucky one day and saw an add for Sports Bras 2 Sports Bars where I met one of my dearest friends and found a group of girls that openly accepted all levels of runners.

However for those who just SWEAR there is no running group around them … here is my question…why don’t you start a running group?

That’s right be the change you want to see.  Be the spark that lights a fire. Be the little idea that transforms a group.  Enough clich├ęs for you?

The truth of the matter is if you want people to run with and I highly encourage it having lived both sides of running alone for years and now with groups for a year…you CAN make it happen if you choose.

Light bulbPost a flyer at a local running store
Light bulbPost it on meetup.com
Light bulbTell co-workers
Light bulbTell friends
Light bulbPost it on your blog, on Facebook, on Twitter
Light bulbFind a central location
Fingers crossedSee if that Running Store wants to partner up with you! That’s right a lot of groups do 10% off on group run nights and it will help to bring in more runners

Good luck and don’t forget to join the sugar free challenge! Just like a running group, support is what will make that a success.
Gratitude Journal
May 16
I am grateful for safe flightssig
I am grateful for neck pillows
I am grateful when I can’t hear other people’s music
I am grateful for comfy headphones
I am grateful for long battery life on my computer


  1. ive wanted to start a running group for so long. i only have a few friends that are runners and we dont all live close to each other. this is a great idea!

  2. now you're making me feel guilty :) I guess I'll have to see what I can do!

  3. You could start it on Yahoo Groups. I think it's free and you can message members easily.

  4. I never thought I would like running with a group, it was such a pleasant surprise when I joined one last year. I love chatting the time away!

  5. Excellent advise! Running stores are a great resources, and you can also check out craigslist for meet-ups and groups. If you don't know how to get in touch with other runners, you can volunteer for a local race and get in with people that way!

  6. I wanted to start my own run club for over a year and kept dragging my feet because I felt like I was too busy...until one day I woke up and decided today was the day to start one. Well that day was exactly 4 weeks ago and today I have a super fun and free run club called 'Form First' with over 145 fans on facebook and 40 active members! We don't have any major sponsors yet but we make up for that with a giving spirit and teamwork! It can be done if you do a little bit each day to make it grow and you have good attention to detail, hand out info, talk to people, email and use facebook a lot. And it has given my life more fulfillment than winning races ever has. Nice post Amanda!

  7. You are right. You couldn't be more right. I did join a running group, but felt it didn't meet my needs. They mainly focussed on shorter distances, when I just wanted to run more miles and longer distances. I should ask around and start my own group. Thanks. :)

  8. My reason for not PARTICIPATING in one is that I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up. In running groups, if I'm much slower than everyone else (and need to walk a lot) can I participate even if everyone else runs ahead?

  9. What a great idea. I would love to find other runners in my town. Thanks for posting this.

  10. These are great tips! My area doesn't have any running groups close by & I am new enough to running that I don't mind running alone, but I'm moving to Asheville, NC in June and I'm already searching out groups :)

  11. Such a great "how to" list to start a running group. Awesome post!

  12. I have been wanting to join the Run Club at my gym but have been to chicken. I think in a few more months I'll feel more confident about keeping up with them. Sounds totally fun!


  13. Great tips! Word of mouth tends to be one of the best ways that we have found to promote our running group. We also encourage each member to try and occasionally bring one guest runner to the group. One of the biggest obstacles tends to be that people are reluctant to try the group runs, as they assume that we're "too fast." Once they overcome their fears, they see that the group runs are run at a conversational pace. Running groups rock!

  14. You are from KC? I live in KC. I have tried to find a running group, but I am seriously a slow runner - around a 12ish minute mile. I always figure that no matter what they say there won't be anyone running as slow as me. The few times I have tried things with groups (like a group bike ride last summer) they just haven't turned out very well. But I would love to train with other people.

  15. Wonder if I could find enough people on this army post in Korea to start a group?? Haha, most people here think I am insane for running without being chased, but I'll give it a shot!

  16. I might very well have to do that now that my schedule is completely changing.


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