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Time to stock up on running gear from head to toe in one big ol’ giveaway.  I’ve been running a lot of giveaways lately and there is a reason for that…it’s the easiest way I know to say thank you. Sharing my passion for running here has been one of the greatest choices I’ve ever made because each of you has inspired me in return.
110% Play Harder Compression Knee Sleeves Sore knees? Me too. These great compression sleeves can be worn during your training and then have a pocket to slide in a ice pack that comes with them! If you missed my review of their compression shorts check it out to find out more about 110%. SingleKneePadIceWeb
AURIA Headphones Per my recent post about race day headphones, these light weight headphones sit outside your ear allowing in outside noise to keep you more aware of your surroundings.

BLISTERSHIELD For runners the gold standard has long been Body Glide and you won’t hear me complaining about it…but I can tell you that Blister Shield is great for triathletes and people with extremely sweaty feet like Mr. BMX. For triathletes post run from water through sand this powder in your sock will help prevent those from sticking to you like Body Glide would on your feet.

When applied to the foot, this remarkable powder repels moisture keeping skin dry and blister-free for lengthy periods of activity. BlisterShield significantly reduces discomfort and fatigue, resulting in increased performance and a more pleasurable exercise experience.”  Winner will get 1 bag.
Last week I also told you about FlashBrite reflective stickers which come in many fun shapes and can be used on your clothing or bike to help ensure cars can see you for that morning or evening run. Winner will get 2.

GU For all of you GU lovers, it’s time for a chance to win some GU tablets for making electrolyte water and some GU packets to fuel up during your next race. I am not a frequent user of gels but have begun to learn the benefits of the GU chomps which provide sodium and sugar to keep me from bonking in long summer training.
How about an Odwalla Headsweats visor and a whole variety pack of Odwalla bars?! I told you my sponsorship would benefit you sometime! Odwalla bars are made with no processed sugars and are a great post run or pre-run snack because of the natural ingredients. I’m a huge fan of the company for all the amazing environmental work they are doing as well, so I’m excited to share this with you.DSCN3592
MIX1 Last year I was introduced to Mix1 an all natural protein drink. It contains things like olive oil if you can believe that and yet tastes wonderful! The founder of the company is a big believer in proper nutrition enhancing your entire workout. I couldn’t agree more and will be sending 2 bottles to the winner.DSCN3593
CAMBELBAK Staying hydrated is our number 1 mission this summer…so here is another BPA free bottle from CamelBak to make sure you always have water available.

KUSHYFOOT REFLEXOLOGY SOCKS These are new to me, so I don’t have a full review yet but I am going to give you a chance to try them out! “Kushyfoot helps relieve tension and discomfort in achy feet—and stress and fatigue throughout the entire body!” You can learn more about these socks and how they work with reflexology here.
Seriously, right?! I mean seriously this will stock up every corner of your running gear needs to get you moving this summer.

HOW TO WIN Please leave a comment per entry, so when I go to randomize I can pick a winner.  Winner will be emailed so I can collect their address information.

MANDATORY – Do one of the following… or do all three for 1 point each +1 Tweet about this giveaway “ I want to win loads of running gear from @RunToTheFinish, so I entered here “ – Or something equally as goofy with a link :)
+1 Link back on your blog and provide me with link
+1 Facebook with a link to the giveaway

EXTRA ENTRIES +2 Add me to your blogroll (leave 2 comments)
+1 Like  RunToTheFinish on Facebook
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+1 Let me know you are a member of the Sugar Free Challenge (prior to this post)
+1 Leave me a question about something running or something about me you’d like to know

So there you have it up to 10 chances to enter. Winner selected by on June 10
Gratitude Journal
May 24
I am grateful for clear instructions
I am grateful for honest answerssig
I am grateful for chance meetings of a friend
I am grateful for the Beach Boys
I am grateful for a beautiful weekend

Low profile running shoes
Sugar Free Preparation


  1. says

    Couldn't get FlashBrite to come up on FB, but followed on Twitter.NOT sugar free – but artificial sugar sub / HFCS free for over a year…and that means no soda!Q: What is your favorite piece of gear for night/early morning running?

  2. says

    i shared this link in my personal facebook account (i'd rather keep my full name off these blogs but i can email ya it…)

  3. Anonymous says

    I just started reading your blog and I really love it, especially your gratitude journal. What inspired the start of it? It's motivated me to create my own.

  4. says

    Ok so I followed playharder and you on facebook. flashbrite on twitter check. you are now on my blog roll. finally, my question is which is your favorite gear of your giveaway?thanks for this giveaway how amazing!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    Great giveaway! Thanks for offering it! I like you on FB. (Having trouble logging in and posting comments through Blogger today). – Erica

  6. says

    Like 110%PlayHarder on Facebook and leave a message that RunToTheFinish sent you done (amy rouse)and done

  7. says

    Wow…I'm blown away by how awesome this giveaway is. I want every.single.thing. *especially* those knee sleeves! My knees need some compression love.. they're jealous when I wear my shorts and sleeves. Plus the good one just decided to join the dark side aka runner's knee.Here's my tweet which refers to your giveaway haul as a metric s-ton. <a href="!/kattehcat/status/73480173969866752!/kattehcat/status/734801739… />Awesome!

  8. says

    How did you start yoga? Is it something you had an interest in already or did running lead to it? I'm curious about the yoga-running connection. The director of my yoga studio appears to live and breathe yoga but I didn't find out until a year or two in that running is actually her first passion and she does yoga to stay strong for running.

  9. says

    I like you on FB – and by the way, I have some Kushyfoot socks, but they are trouser socks. They are very comfortable. My daughter wears the little peds in lace and loves them.

  10. says

    I just liked you on fb after coming across you info from FFH. If you check out my blog you will learn I am a brand new runner at the age of 45 with health complications. Have ran my third race and won my age group two weeks ago. Am pumped!

  11. says

    I am very interested in trying the Sugar free challenge. I love sweets and am very tempted by them all too often! The timing was just bad as I just got back from my honeymoon and I couln't pass up those sweets! =) I would also love to sponsor giveaways and do reviews on my blog. How did you begin doing them?

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