Miami to Key West Ragnar Relay 2011

I absolutely love relay races. I wouldn’t want to do one every week mind you, but they are just a crazy amazing experience. Talk about an incredible way to get to know some other runners…shove 6 of you in a van for 28 hours, don’t shower, barely sleep, run and eat copious amounts of trail mix. 

Relays break you out of any rut you may be in, introduce you to new people, allow you to really enjoy new places to run and force you to embrace a little discomfort if you want to have a lot of fun.

Relays require crazy outfits
We were team En Fuego and everyone had names on their shirts like Firehose, Backdraft and I was Hot Tamale.
Yes that guy was running in a jockstrap

Relays require van decoration
Relays mean running in amazing places
DSCN2908DSCN2971 DSCN2957DSCN2951
Through Miami, through fields, through the Homestead speedway, through the Canal trail, through the Keys.

Relays mean running at night
I love the night runs because they just make me think how lucky I am to be doing something that no one else is doing. My night run was 8.2 miles through the canal trail which was awesome, except that my headlamp died and there was no moon light…so I was terrified because I couldn’t see the rocky ground. Hence I just kept running as fast as I could (about an 8:30) to get done!

I am now trying to convince people to do the Napa Valley Ragnar…any takers??
Gratitude Journal
Jan 11
I am grateful for a warm embrace
I am grateful for air kissessig
I am grateful for my strong legs
I am grateful for Advil
I am grateful for miracles

Relay Hangover
Bootie Busting Winners


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    I have yet to do a really long relay, but everyone talks like it's the best. Speaking of..did you know the Hood to Coast movie is showing tonight at 8:00 all across the country?

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    Ragnar is by far my favorite race of all time. I've done it two years in a row and loved every minute of it. SO fun! Glad you had a good time! I like your name and sub names. Thank you so much for not showing a frontal view of jock strap boy!

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    I am envious right now!! That looks and sounds incredible. I don't even know enough runners to put together a team, or else I would.Awesome pictures.

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    Ewe! jock sraps give me the heeby jeebies!!! HA! Such fun!!! I have never done such a long relay, longest was 56 miles. but still fun nonetheless!!! Looks like you all had a smoken' time! ha ha!!!

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    I would be interested in napa Ragnar as long as nothing else gets in my wa! Let me know if/when you get enough interest and I can confirm with you!!!! Congrats!!!

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    You survived! Yay! Love theme colors! Beautiful sunrise/sunset photo. I think my Ragnar team and I are running Napa so hopefully will see you there!

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    Body glide galore on that due..or maybe not since there is not much fabric to chafe!! Looks like an absolute blast!! Maybe if I'm lucky I'll end up in Miami soon and can do this next year!!

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    Looks like lots of fun! Me and my buddies are doing our first 200mile relay in October 2011 and I can't wait:) We are still in need of a couple of female runners, would you be interested??

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    I didn't even notice the jockstrap guy until you pointed him out. The running club I just joined is doing Ragnar Madison to Chicago. I would love to join!Are you seeing Hood to Coast tonight?

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