Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge Kick Off

This weekend marks the start of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge and I for one am totally stoked!! Getting points for taking a walk or spending a few minutes stretching, often encourages me just to do that little bit more…and that little bit more will leave room for a second helping of stuffing or maybe it will be the push that makes me even faster.
So start tracking those points this weekend!! I will post additional ways to earn points throughout the challenge, but you can get started Saturday with the fruits/veggies and a little exercise!


Sign ups close at end of day on Nov 20. Currently we have over 310 participants and I hope you will all get to know some of the other participants. I kid you not…seeing what others are doing is HIGHLY motivating to get out there.

Participants are only eligible for the randomly drawn prizes if they participate for the duration of the Challenge. The full list will be posted this weekend, but let’s just say random prizes include a gift pack from Annie’s Homegrown Organics, Newman’s Own Organics, America’s Nutrition, Sahale Snacks, SaltStick…that’s right you will be rewarded for your hard work!

Some of you may recognize last years winner…Mrs Shelley and she can tell you it’s fun and the prizes rock.
13.1 Fort Lauderdale race report…5 minute PR!
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Overcoming Food Aversions…oye stomach bugs have created some bad memories
$150 Visa Gift card giveaway from BlogHer
Gratitude Journal
Nov 19
I am grateful for my daddy
I am grateful he is alive for another yearsig
I am grateful for his support
I am grateful for his never ending love
I am grateful for his warm hugs

Everyone Struggles
13.1 Fort Lauderdale Race Report


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    I'm excited! I have a very important exam on Monday (the GRE if you know what that is) so I'm planning on hiding at the gym all weekend with my study book! Hopefully I can rack up some points!

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    Oh, and I just thought of something else! I have been keeping a "before/after" graphic for over a year now (only a total of 33lbs lost, but that's still something!) and I've been thinking of taking an update picture to add, so I will do one tomorrow and one at the end of the challenge!

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    Too funny! To read your post and see me. I have you in my post today, heehee. I wish I would have thought to snag a photo. You've had some good ones lately!I am excited to HBBC! I love the extra incentive. Just in time to nip my over-eating in the bud.Have a great weekend!

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    So excited to see you are doing the challenge again this year! Since I'm not a runner, I will bow out this time around, but will be exercising along with you all. Good luck!

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