Life Is Too Short

Life is too short to bemoan Mondays… The number of tweets and posts I see weekly begrudging the fact that it is Monday makes me sad. People are officially dreading 1/7th of their lives. Are your Monday’s really that awful or have you bought in to the hype?  If they are that bad what can you change? Can’t change the job, then change you.  I do intervals and yoga on Mondays now because it gives me something to really look forward to tackling then centering for the week.

Life is too short to hate your body…I’m the queen of magazines. Love ‘em. Have too many of ‘em. They used to make me just wish I had a different body, smaller, lighter, tinier, fitter, any of the words on the cover really.  Finally I realized that yes I will continue to improve myself, but I am wasting my life by spending it hating my body and worrying about every morsel of food. Are you spending too much of your day worrying about weight or food?

Life is too short not to buy the flowers… My husband often tells me that the “thought about buying me flowers”, but he really never did…until the last few weeks. He has stopped with the sole intention of buying me flowers because he couldn’t think of a good reason why today wasn’t a good day for flowers.  What have you thought about doing for someone, but haven’t? A phone call? A letter? A hug?
Life is too short not to explore… I often drive David nuts because there is so much that I want to do. I try not to pack our weekends with things because I enjoy down time, but I want to experience everything that I possibly can! I have probably seen more in Miami than some who have lived here for years.  This adds a richness to our lives and has opened me up to so many different things.  Are you stuck in a weekend rut? Are you taking time for true vacations and not just stay at home work vacations?

What is your “life is too short” statement and how can you start acting on it today?
Gratitude Journal
Sept 28
I am grateful for fresh flowerssig
I am grateful for learning Windows 7
I am grateful for copy/paste
I am grateful for iTunes
I am grateful for clean floors

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    What a great, thought-provoking post! I agree whole-heartedly. I often find myself just craving time at home, but then remind myself to get out there and DO!I happen to love Mondays, actually. Both my kids head to school and I get a quiet household in which to work, organize, etc.

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    Thanks for the post. I too, am guilty of "bemoaning" Mondays, I guess mostly b/c I'm having to wake up to an alarm (even though on the weekends I still end up getting up about the same time, but it's of my own choosing! LOL), and I'm still tired.

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    I am SO with you sister!!!! I try to live in a way that has me constantly exploring, taking risks (within reason) and trying new things. I want my kids to see me doing that – I think it makes them more curious as individuals. What a great post and a great reminder to live fully.

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    i love taking the back roads! you see such interesting things. I can never understand how people can run the same routes all.the.time. how about running your normal route backwards…its' amazing what you will see.

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this post! Life is too short not to appreciate each moment. So often people spend so much time prepping for big events that when they happen they forget to enjoy them; or they focus so much on what they don't have they miss the joy that's happening around them. Don't miss the moment …Winks & Smiles,Wifey

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    Great post…we're all guilty of losing sight of the big picture from time to time but you are right, we need to step back sometimes and forget about the little, petty stuff!

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    I love this! You are so right. Life is too short to not go for the things you want in life. When I realized how much time and energy I used to waste on hating or critiquing my body, I couldn't believe it. When I was able to let that go it was such a great feeling. Have a great week!

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    Great post! I have been guilty of the Monday thing for so long. BUT I'm finally doing something about it and changing careers. Yes, it's risky, but since I'm unemployed, it's the perfect time to make the switch. I would even take it a step further…life isn't just too short to hate your Mondays, life is too short to hate what you do for a living.

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    Great post!I would add…Life is to short to not make time for you. Somedays I just need some me time – shopping, watching trashy tv or a girl movie, baking. Whatever it is, I make time for me.

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    I love this post!!I totally agree about Mondays. I decided a while ago not to hate them, because to be honest, my work day is not all that bad.

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    Thanks for the wake up call. I am guilty, although I don't post it all over the internet for people to see, it is still just as bad complaining about it all day. That is one of my new "to-do's!"Thanks so much!

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    I don't mind Mondays. It's like a fresh new start to the week… kind of like a do-over from the week before.I try to find more positive things to focus on and I get tired of people complaining over the same things over and over again… Life's to short to do that.

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    great post!Life is to short not to appreciate everything in it. Big or small, "good" or "bad." All the experinces we can learn and grow from.Yesterday there was a horrific traffic accident (Jeep vs Tractor trailer) just up the road from where I work. The aftermath was on the news. One person killed. Unrecongizable Jeep. It reminded me to use that time driving home to NOT fuss with the kids, or the radio or the PHONE (quilty) but to see what we are driving by. To talk and sing with the kids. The driver who died didn't know that morning was his last sunrise. I wonder if he saw it?

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    I love your comment about Mondays and magazines – so very true! It's not that I don't like Mondays but man, it seems like eternity until the weekend. Still, it's a great workout day :)

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    Life is too short to worry. I am the world's worst worrier, and need to constantly remind myself of this. Worrying doesn't accomplish anything and doesn't change anything (except maybe by creating more worries). If there's something to be done, do it. If there's something to be changed, change it. If you can't do anything about it, or change anything about it, there's no point worrying about it!

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    life is absolutely too short to worry about every bit of food consumed. We shouldn't live our life in judgement of our "imperfect" bodies. Our bodies are strong and resilient and they do so much for us! We should celebrate them.Great post!

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    Great post Amanda! Thanks for reminding us, inspiring us to think positively and live fully. I say life is too short to be fearful. I'm working on that one! Have a great week.

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    Just enjoyed getting caught up on your recent posts and finding out I have two "competitors" in my 10K PR group! :) This week I actually had a worse Tuesday than Monday, and interestingly, I've been having tummy problems, too, though it sounds like your tummy was way worse than mine over the weekend. As for me, I'm wondering if it's because my doctor switched my brand of oral contraceptive…?? I also think stress affects my digestive system. Hope you can figure out how to keep YOUR tummy happier! :)

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    We haven't taken a true vacation in over a year. You know, kids, work, etc. But I try to do fun stuff on the weekends. GO to festivals, parties, the park, the library, bike rides. Anything to get the girlies out in the world.

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