Interested in a Race Challenge?

After the recent feedback that most of you are involved in training vs just working out to stay in shape…an idea came to mind to help push all of us harder in our current training.  I know that some days it’s easier to slack off on speed or distance because heck I’m not going to win the race (you might, but I’m not yet!).

What if I were racing against someone though?  Hence the PR CHALLENGE! I will pair you with someone in a similar distance and pace to see who can have the greater PR!!!

1. Pick a race between Oct 1 and Nov 31 in a distance you have previously completed.
2. Sign up with your name, distance and current PR in the form here
3. Only races with sanctioned time tracking will count so we can validate your final time
4. You can run the same distance multiple times during the two month window if you choose
5. After everyone signs up I will pair or group people, depending on numbers, in the same distance with similar PR’s
6. Those with the lower PR will send a reward to their victor to say both thanks for pushing me and congrats.. could be a jar of nut butter, could be a homemade medal (did you see Boring Runners last post, too funny), it’s completely up to you and maybe how well you and your partners pushed each other!
Arkansas Marathon medal – biggest marathon medal…you could send that too!

What do you think? Would it get you going and push you harder in the next few months? Sign Up Now!
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August 03
I am grateful for race bibs
I am grateful for the new timing tags sig
I am grateful for healthy feet
I am grateful for drymax socks
I am grateful for mulberries

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  1. says

    Oh I love the sounds of this challenge. My first marathon is in that window, and the only other race distance I've completed is a half! Oh well – still, it's a great idea! Good luck to all the participants!

  2. says

    fun idea…hopefully my knee issues will go away soon. but oct is a long way away and maybe it will be better by then. now the question is what race will i do?!

  3. says

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't believe you are doing INSANITY and training for a tri… Girl you are INSANE, of course in a good way 😉 To answer your question, by doing Insanity I have definitely seen great changes in my core. My core is soo much more firm and toned. Insanity has really helped in decreasing body fat and those results are specially seen on my core!

  4. says

    Great idea…I signed up…and know that yet again I will be the slowest time entered BUT I have high hopes of getting a huge PB in my Nov race.

  5. says

    Oh! I love this idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! :) I'll think about signing up, but I'm not sure since I think the only race I'm running in that time period is my marathon.

  6. says

    great idea…at first I didn't think I'd sign up because all I've been focusing on is training for my first marathon but I need to think about those dates…I might be able to do something!

  7. says

    If only I'd done a half marathon or a Tri before – those are my events I'm training for. I like 5Ks to push my speed but I'm loving the distance running since it takes me about 2-3 miles to warm up anyway.

  8. says

    I'm scared, but I just signed up. I'm doing the San Antonio RnR in November and want to beat 4:19.By the way, always a pleasure to do your challenges. I'm a frequent follower on my blog.

  9. says

    Love the idea. I would LOVE to PR in the 5k, my problem seems to be I'm always dual training. Currently, will be training for the Rocket City Marathon and now trying to PR in the 5k. Thanks for the motivation to reach a new 5k goal. Wish me Luck!

  10. says

    Question….I want to sign up but I am currently signed up for a 10mile and a 12k during the fall, those are the only 2 races I am planning on doing during this time. I would love to do the PR challenge for the 10miler, should I click the half marathon as my race?? ahhhh, please help!

  11. says

    What a neat idea! It kind of seems unfair to pick marathon, though, since this is the first time I'm attempting to run rather than run/walk, I'm expecting a big improvement!Though with long distance training, I'm going to have a hard time speeding up for the shorter races! Decisions, decisions …

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