Gettin Salty

I am a sweets person. Sugar is the thing I reach for to snack and during any stressful situation, so when I suddenly start wanting salt I know something in my body is out of balance. As I started marathon training during the summer in Miami, this quickly became the case…I wanted salt, but at the same time knew I was actually getting plenty through my natural diet.

During my runs, I was started to feel a little light headed or just down right fatigued in ways that I had never noticed in any previous training cycle. A lot of folks kept pointing to dehydration, but the fact of the matter is I drink a minimum of 8oz of water per hour all day long…I could float a ship. I was actually flushing my body out between the long sweat sessions and all the pure water!!!

I started looking for a solution that was not Gatorade or another sports drink because I didn’t need the calories for energy. What I came across was SaltStick tablets. These are not salt pills, these are electrolyte tablets that provide Vitamin D3, Calcium, Magnesium, Chloride, Sodium and Potassium.


After taking them before each long run and any hard workouts I found:

A. It has stopped the lightheadedness I was getting from being so flushed of nutrients durin

g my workouts.
B. I’m not craving salt anymore because my body is better balancing my activities with what it needs
C. I stopped getting calf cramps.

You can take a Saltstick Electrolyte Capsules or another kind like Hammer Endurolyte every 30 minutes during workouts.

For some reason it feels like this works faster for me than drinking any kind of sports drink and maybe it’s because I really needed the salt.. I mean I am a white chalky mess from my sweat sessions. For those who don’t live in Miami :) the truth is these are still a valuable tool to have in your arsenal! During the Seattle Marathon, Marlene, from Canada was my savior with electrolyte tabs to help stop my post race calf cramps.

How do you get your electrolytes? Ever experimented with pills instead of drinks?
Gratitude Journal
August 02
I am grateful for vegetable chips
I am grateful for Newman’s cookiessig
I am grateful for warm ocean water
I am grateful for warm pool water
I am grateful for ocean breezes

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    I use salt capsules (e-caps) during adventure races, and they make sure a difference with energy and hydration. Glad to hear you're feeling better!

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    I had never heard of these.I sweat SO much. I remember after a 1/2 marathon – I didn't eat until a few hours after (BIG rookie mistake, never again!), but started feeling lightheaded & shaky. We weren't at a place I could grab something, so a friend made me suck on pretzels we had in the car – felt better instantly! I needed salt?! Who knew. I think I will try these!

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    I experimented with salt tablets years ago (S-Caps?) but it has never been an issue even though I sweat a lot. Probably because I take Gatorade along on all longish runs. Glad to hear the Saltstick capsules are working for you!

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    I try to eat salty foods after running and also drink Gatorade with water and that really helps me to feel back to normal. I wonder if taking salt during a run would help me at all. It would be interesting to try!

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    Good to know something like these are out there! I've been seriously considering stealing a salt lick from my neighbor's horse pasture…

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    I totally use the salt caplets! They are a savior. And I can tell, too, when I don't have enough salt. I'm usually good with taking one before I leave and when I get home. I should have taken one during my sucktastic run yesterday but forgot. Also, salty pretzels work wonders, too! I have taken those on a run with me and done well! Happy Monday!

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    I've GOT to get my husband on the Salt Sticks. He has a lot of trouble with salt loss, but he also has a problem with nausea, so they contradict each other (salt sticks make him more sick).

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    i've used them and really didn't like the effects…made me hold onto too much water. i try to add some salt the night before long runs/races and that works well for me. that and my margarita bloks, which have added salt.

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    I take eGels on my long runs which replace a bunch of electrolytes and give you some calories back too. You are supposed to start at 30 minutes in if you are running or working out for over an hour, then every 30-60 mins as your body needs. I love them! (And they are tasty)

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    I use Hammer Endurolyte pills on my long runs. Someone actually recommended the saltsticks, but I can't find them anywhere out here!!! Where did you get them??

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