3 Changes Challenge - Prizes

After watching a recent episode of Ruby where she was advised to shake things up in her life by making 5 changes and trying to break patters and ruts…I thought yes this is a great next segment Birthday Challenge number 9.

However, I think it would be even better to get support and involvement from all of you! Swim suit and race season and LIFE are upon us friends, so what changes can you commit to that can be done quickly or for the next 30 days that will help you break through a plateau?

EXAMPLE IDEAS to get you going
Quit diet soda
Take stairs instead of elevator
Walk to the grocery store
Don’t eat out for dinner
Don’t eat after 8PM
Track all calories in a journal
Commit to weight lifting, ab work, yoga
No processed foods
Daily sunscreen
More mental relaxation

5 Changes is A LOT, so for the challenge we’ll drop it to 3. You are definitely being asked to really evaluate your life and figure out 3 changes that you are willing to commit to and support others on for the next 30 days. While Holiday Bootie Buster is a TON of fun, I think everyone is so involved in training…we need to shake things up.

Tossing old ratty running clothes and investing in clothes that make me feel better. I used to think it didn’t matter what I wore to get all sweaty, but you know what I feel better when I look better. Plus…I like new running stuff!
No more cereal straight from the box: Yes, hand fulls of cereal are my main treat through most days. My bigger goal for this session is just to stop with the cereal for 30 days.
Daily sunscreen: I’m ready to protect my skin. I’m finally getting how important this is, so sunscreen on my face daily and body for all those sessions at the beach and pool. That’s right I never used sunscreen in the past.
Cut the surfing: The phone cannot sit next to my bed anymore for checking tweets before bed and in the morning.
Call someone: When I get sad or angry, I don’t call anyone. I mostly feel like I don’t know who to call because it seems strange to call someone just to say I need to talk…because I STINK on the phone. So I either hold it in or I’m pretty sure I eat.

1. Access this Google Document to fill out your name and blog and start entering the 3 changes you are going to make. You have all 30 days to make the changes. +1 per change
ongoing check in points to see how everyone is doing.
-- You are not required to do 3 changes to enter, you may just do the other options...but it's way more fun!!

2. Challenge will start on April 13 and go to May 13. You may enter at any time during that period through entry options such as linking back, comments on specific posts or tweets.

3. Additional entries will be given throughout the process…watch for "Challenge Posts"

4. Link back to this post for your first added entry +1

5. Add me to your blogroll +1

At least 1 random winner will be drawn…but honestly probably more! You can see the full list of prizes worth over $200 on RunToTheFinishgiveaways. (sorry BlogHer rules)



  1. I love it and I am in! My changes:

    -be more selective with races. This time last year I had 9 races in 10 weeks. I am once again being tempted, but I want to focus on QUALITY instead of just quantity. I want to focuse on my goal races that are important to me and work on my training the rest of the time. Having another race every weekend interferes. (Will still be running a couple of 'fun runs' just not every single one that catches my eye.)

    -take my multivitamin & Vitamin C daily (so bad at this!)

    -carry water on every run. As it gets warmer, I feel like I should be hydrating even on a 45-minute run. I also want to get as comfortable as possible with my handhelds for race situations.

  2. Great Challenge! I posted my goals (hopefully I did this right) and linked to my blog.

  3. I love this! Even better than the hbbc!
    my goals:
    1. cut back on tv. Granted I don't watch a lot of tv as we are training so much but the stuff I end up watching is usually stuff like repeats when I could be doing something way more productive.
    2. eat 80% clean. I am almost there but have some serious tweaks that I want to do and will be posting about..not vegan...but not a meat-a-tarian either.
    3. Yoga/meditation - this is a biggie as I always say I'm going to do it and don't...now I will!

  4. Love this idea as well!! Have added myself to the spreadsheet :) How do we keep track of the changes and when we do something?

  5. Oooo I love it. Must think about this and get back to you...

  6. Hey girl - hit me up at ashley.robbins@assurant.com and we can discuss OKC. I can't really access my yahoo mail or get online much at work anymore, but if you wanna email me at my work email, we can probably work something out. :) Don't want ya to miss it!!

  7. I love this challenge! Thank you! Thank you!
    I already know what I need to do, and I borrowed one from you ;)
    1. stretch before AND after my runs. I have not been good about stretching after and it is really starting to make me tight and probably more prone to injury. I just need to committ to the time!
    2. wear sunscream on my runs! (thanks for this one) I already have the sports bra farmers tan and it's only the middle of April! I'm a red head and am prone to sunburn, I need to spray it on for every run :)
    3. continue my ab workout. I kept up with it for my own blog core challenge, but I know that without motivation, i.e. a gun to my head, I won't continue it. But I have already see a difference and need to stick with it!

    Thanks so much for this great challenge! I love that I get to customize for myself and my needs. I am SO GOING TO WIN! Hugs to you girly!

  8. Great contest! I have filled out the form with my 3 changes...please let me know if it didn't go through right.

  9. I'm already a faithful reader and you're on my blogroll :) Happy Tuesday!

  10. I will also be posting this on my next blog

  11. You are on my blogroll!

  12. Just linked the challenge into my post today! Can't wait to get this started!

  13. I love this idea! I'll come up with my list today. PS In DC again? I'm around, let's run if you have time!

  14. i added my changes to the doc :)

    oh and im a follower too (of course!)

  15. You know what, I've enjoyed beer for a long time. However, I've recently discovered life is just fine without it. And it's even better 15 pounds later!

  16. Great challenge, thank you! I filled out the sheet and linked you too.

  17. Oh, and I'm a follower and you're on my blogroll.

  18. Not eating out is a BIG one for me! I eat 10x better when I'm at home.

  19. Love this....I am in.

    1. No Candy
    2. Drink more water
    3. Cut back on night-time computer use.

  20. I hear ya about tossing out old running clothes and the sunscreen thing. I love your 5 small changes.

    I've been slowly cutting stuff out of my life over the years and feel like I will go insane if I take away the few things I still enjoy. :) But I really love this challenge idea. You are so good at making these challenges fun.

  21. Great giveaway. I'll have to think about this one. Check out my blog for your picture!! :)

  22. This is such a great challenge! My 3: Food journal, 3 c. veggies per day, 1 non-pilates strength training work-out per week.

  23. I am soooo in, Amanda! Great challenge!

    I am will post back to this tomorrow with my ideas. I am still tweaking them a bit, but I am PUMPED!

    Plus, I already have you on my blogroll! of course! ;)

  24. YOu are all ready on my blog roll and I just posted about your 30 day challenge and sent the link here. Hope I can stick with it and it will be great!

  25. I saw that Ruby episode! Awesome idea and thanks to you and your challenge, I will push myself to make some necessary changes!!!!!!!

  26. What a great idea I know it starts today so I hope I am not to late to sign up, doing it right now. :)

  27. Just stumbled upon your blog....great blog! Thanks for writing!

    3 things that I've already sort of challenged myself on is:
    1- No processed foods
    2-Don't eat after 8pm
    3- Beginning bootcamp- wake time 5:30am!!

  28. I am in, I added my list this morning into the Google document!

  29. Love the challenge! Just posted my three things and will link back to your blog in my next post. And you're blog's already on my blog roll!

  30. Thank you so much for contacting me and letting me know about your blog! Honestly, it was exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate it and feel more excited than ever to keep blogging and working on bettering myself one day and one goal at a time. I added you to my blog roll and will link to your post tonight!

  31. Thank you! I needed this, a little shake up on life! I hope I added myself to your spreadsheet correctly :-)

  32. I'm in - was thinking about things I wanted to challenge myself for all night!

  33. what a great idea! now i just need to come up with three things. that should keep me nice and busy at my boring job today :)

  34. Thanks Amanda for the heads up! I started my entry yesterday but the Google doc locked up and then I couldn't get time to finish. I am up and running now!

    1. More water - 64oz+
    2. Daily prayer to reduce stress and focus on others.
    3. Xtrain 2 days a week - even if I run those days.

  35. I am a grossly behind but faithful follower!

  36. I linked you all over the place in my post today! ;-)

  37. i am in! will link back when i post later on today. great challenge.
    and of course, i am a follower! :)

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  39. Hey Amanda..I am in for this one! I added you to my blogroll as well.

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  41. Just linked back to this post! Sorry for the deletion above...typo on name!

  42. Great challenge! I just entered and will link back tomorrow in my post!

  43. i just added my 3 changes to the google document and linked back in a post on my blog! i'm excited even if i am a day behind!

  44. I'd like to enter!

    1.) Fewer sodas, more water. This can be hard since soda is free at my job.
    2.) Be more encouraging. If I'm taking a class at the gym and I finish a run before others, I hope I can stand and cheer for everyone behind me.
    3.) Not worry so much about workouts and finish times and stuff. If I'm moving and feel good about myself, I'm already a winner.

    Going to enter on the google doc now~

  45. Love this challenge! I have already committed to eating less sweets and stretching more, but I can't think of a third?!?! I wonder if I can count the salad challenge I will begin on my blog this week?

  46. I am in and I added my stuff to the doc earlier!

  47. I added you to my blogroll!

  48. I linked back in my giveaway side bar and in my most recent post on 4/15.

  49. I like this idea a lot;-) and I LOVE your "Call someone" when you feel sad/upset. I definitely am going to steal that idea;-) thx

  50. I'm in! I felt personally called out when you listed diet soda as number one on the list. I have been thinking of kicking it fir months now. No time like the present!

  51. I'm in!
    My three changes are
    1) honest food journaling for 30 days
    2) walk/jog 3x's/wk (just getting back into it after a couple of years off)
    3) strength training 3x's/wk, with at least 1 day off in between sessions.
    Great challenge!
    So looking forward to seeing the results in 30 days time!!!

  52. Also- I linked back to your post in my blog :).

    Amy Lauren

  53. This is awesome!

    1. Run a minimum of 3 times per week.
    2. Yoga at least 3 times per week.
    3. Only 2 diet sodas a day (this is harder than it sounds. I am an addict!)

  54. I'm in! I've just updated my blog to include my 3 changes! This is just the support I need.

  55. Even though you already know I linked back

    and you are on my blogroll, of course :)

  56. Hey there, great giveaway! I filled out the form and have you in my blog roll. I am writing a post now to link back!
    1. no internet after 8pm
    2. ab work 2x/week
    3. stop the random nail biting

  57. I posted this on my blog here:


  58. LOVE IT! Added my 3 changes!


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