3 Changes Challenge Check-In #1

Many of you have been rocking out the 3 changes challenge and it's been very fun to see everyone's posts!! I am working diligently to keep my hand from reaching in the cereal box for random handfuls and I have been picking up the phone to talk to more friends.

A lot of you selected some of the same challenges and I think that goes to show how often it's the little things we KNOW we should be doing that get neglected. Here are a few of the biggies:

A. Drink enough water
B. Wear sunscreen
C. Call friends - Isn't that connection so much better than an email? Why is it so hard?
D. Stop the random snacking

I'm going to be looking up information to help us all with these challenges so we can make these sustained ongoing changes for our entire lives!!!

Now to earn some extra points and of course more importantly to provide each other with some support, go to the Challenge document and find someone who is doing a similar challenge and go give them some support or an idea to help achieve the goal.

+1 for visiting another bloggie and leaving a supportive comment
+1 for leaving a comment here on how your challenges are going
+1 for leaving a comment to help me keep my hand from wandering in to the Kashi box. I think working from home is giving me too much availablity to my tasty treat. --------------------------
Gratitude Journal
April 21
I am grateful for supportive comments
I am grateful for plastic measure cups
I am grateful for maintenance people that call back
I am grateful for an upcoming vacation
I am grateful for ongoing work


  1. Good job on your keeping up with your challenges. Keep your hands outta that darn Kashi box!!!! LOL

    My challenges are going really well. I chugging water, I have had no candy, and my night-time surfing has been cut way down (and my google reader is outta control)

    Keep up the great work and thanks for organizing the challenge.

  2. Great job! Although, the pic of Lucky Charms made me hungry (and, it's been years since I have had a bowl of Lucky Charms).

    Good progress here - strength training this morning. So far, every day this week I have written down a task a day that I need to complete and it has worked (rather than one big list for the week).

  3. Challenges are going good! I did my first Core Fusion ab video last week.

    Put some tape on that box!

  4. My challenges are going well. I have successfully stayed away from eating candy and I have connected with two friends. I have not had time to go through my clothes and see what is too big but hopefully this weekend! I have been able to discard some workout clothes that have gotten too big.

    I commented on Melissa S. Blog http://rainforestgurl.blogspot.com/ because we both are trying to connect with friends. It really is hard sometimes to make the effort but it is worth it.

  5. Oh man - those 4 challenges are HUGE! I'm horrible about all of those. Good luck on getting those changes in :)

  6. Mmmm Lucky Charms. One of my favorite sugary cereals! Challenges are going pretty well here too!

  7. I had my cholesterol checked yesterday. Don't know the results yet, but know I need to change things. So when I woke up at 01:30 craving something to munch on, I got a drink of water instead. Thanks for making me accountable for my actions. Great idea!

  8. My challenges are going really well. I am eating really clean though my grocery bill is going nutso with more fruit/veggies. TV has been severly limited...except for GLEE last night.
    I have the same issue when I work at home. If things get dire..I brush my teeth and get our for a quick walk to see if that helps.

  9. Aww, i've missed a challenge. I love when you have those. I think I will work on more water logging.

  10. Challenges are going well! I've been carrying water on almost every single run. Yesterday I neglected to grab my handheld as I set out for a short 3-miler and instantly regretted it.. dry mouth! Definitely a good reminder to GRAB THE H2O!

    I crossed a couple of races off my list for spring in order to focus on the ones that matter. Success!

    And finally, I have been taking my Vitamins!


    Keep those hands out of the cereal box, girl!!

  11. my challenges are going well. i put post it notes in my bathroom to remind me to take my vitamin and floss and drinking 64oz of water a day has been a challenge but ive done well so far. cross training is going good, i'm enjoying the workouts and variety.

    my "tip" for you to help you from mindless snacking on the cereal ... GUM. when i find myself going back to the pantry multiple times for a snack i often pop in a piece of gum and it helps!

  12. I actually wrote about how I'm doing in the challenge in my last post....I'm doing well not eating off my kids plates, but the journal keeping fell to the wayside while we were away.

    Maybe you should duct tape the Kashi box closed!!!

  13. i visited Carly @ chubby chics run too {one of her challenges is to drink more water too ~ i love finding new bloggers through these challenges!}

  14. Thanks for the shoutout!

    my challenges are going great...icing, NO EATING OUT OF THE BAG and strength training (pumped iron 2 days in a row :))

  15. heres my tip on the Kashi Box...

    ask your husband to hide it! always works for me, or I have my hubby put it somewhere i cant reach (which really isnt too many places since im tall, but still it works)

  16. I could have picked a dozen things I need to work on but for now maybe 3 is enough. Next month I'll tackle the others (and still need to work on these 3). I struggle with cross training. I am have some blood sugar problems but I made an appt to see my Encro. next Thursday to see what is going on. I don't want to fall over in the middle of a run! Otherwise the challenge is going well. I have gotten back into the habit of drinking water (and I am cutting down on coffee!), I have made time to focus on my prayer life (which reduces my stress level since I am not obsessing about my own issues) but that cross training is still a work in progress..but I will get my 2 days a week in and soon it won't be such an effort! Thanks!

  17. Ideas of things to do with your hands besides eating Kashi:
    1. Twiddle a pen/pencil - this would have the added benefit of burning a few calories.
    2. Take up knitting.
    3. Play one of those childhood string games.
    4. I am sure hubbs would love more attention (when he is home ;-)
    5. Paint your fingernails...can't eat while they are wet!
    6. Squeeze a stress ball/toy.
    7. Surf the web for things to do with your hands to keep from eating.
    8. Call a friend for support when you feel the urge to open the box!
    9. Go for a walk/run without snacks! and don't run by any stores.
    10. Compose a new post on how great I am to have come up with all these ideas to save you from your Kashi habit. (ok that last one is a joke! ;-)

  18. I am doing great on the Sunscreen...
    Veggies, I am trying pretty hard with this one, but not always succeeding
    Arms and Abs, I got in 2 days last week instead of three and really need to get started this week! IT has been crazy!

  19. My challenge is going really well. I have gotten 2x weight training in the last two weeks, I haven't eaten past 7:30 (although it was tough over the weekend), and I am getting 5 days a week in for running (helps to have a training plan)- going strong :)!

  20. When I have the urge to snack I have to find something to do with my hands - don't know if you knit or not but that got me through some rough cravings in the past :)

  21. This is terrible but the first thing I focused on was the picture of MARSHMALLOWS from Lucky Charms!! I LOVE those!!!!!


  22. I love the changes that you are seeking to make. Sunscreen is SO important! Especially in Miami :) btw that is super cool that you are going to NZ... it's on my life list of places to visit!

  23. oh, i missed all this while i was away! but um...the picture is killing me. i love me some freeze dried marshmallows in cereal! don't know the last time i had them...

  24. Okay the drinking water more has been hard. I hate having to go to the bathroom all the time and I hate carrying a water bottle with me all the time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love the list and making sure I accomplish one thing during the day. It's working and I feel great at the end of the day knowing I got something done. Hmm, the core stuff is coming but could use some more attention I will see what I can do to improve on it this next week.

  25. I visited a bloggie and left her a comment on this post of hers

  26. I've been able to maintain my food diary challenge every day and my 3 c. of veg per day challenge every day but 1, but I haven't yet managed to work in a non-pilates strength routine. But, I think this is the week! I really struggled with snacking when I worked at home. I found that puring out serving sizes instead of eating from the box REALLY helped!

  27. My changes are going well. I read every night before bed, I have kept things tidy for the most part, have done core work more than usual and have been getting school work done before schedule.

  28. That would be pouring . . .

  29. Maybe put the kashi cereal high on a shelf so if you do walk by you won't want to reach so high up to get it or won't see it. I usually try to avoid the kitchen at all costs if possible to avoid snacking :)

  30. I'm doing great on my challenges. I wasn't intentionally trying to lose weight (just up water and decrease snacking) and today i was able to put on a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear since before the Christmas holiday. Woot!

    Drinking water and staying out of the kitchen are how I'm keeping my hand out of the kashi box (or plantain chip bag as the case may be.)

  31. I really need to work on "c". I'm a texter. :(

  32. You are the total queen of challenges - LOVE it!

    I think I could be better about calling versus emailing and texting too :D

  33. Mine is going good so far. I was hit hard with a lung infection (I love this time of the year in Korea when we have pollution from China start coming over with the winds) last week, so the sleep challenge is by far going the best :oP

    I have not touched a box of cereal in over a week now too, which is really saying something for me. Plus I've actually remembered to take the vitamins. Needing more vitamin C right now has helped me to remember.

  34. Challenges are going well for me. The daily meditation/yoga has been helping me to cope with the stress I deal with. More water/less coffee has been tough, but I'm finally getting it! Daily exercise - always a must and I'm doing more/different things!

    As for that Kashi box (though that "cereal" looks more like just the marshmellows for Lucky Charms), if you have kids or a husband...have them hide it somewhere around the house (as well as have them get it in the morning)....if you do need the snack fix, you'll have to resort to hide-and-seek thus burning off some calories too!

  35. This is harsh, sorry, but throw the Kashi box out! Another, less harsh suggestion, is to take a drink of water (or water mixed with a little bit of gatorade) every time you get the urge to snack. That works for me sometimes.

  36. I love seeing everyone's progress towards their goals, and I love meeting different bloggers.

    I'm a total snacker. Once I start, I have a hard time stopping. So, my only foolproof solution is to get rid of the food. If I'm feeling risky, I'll keep stuff around, but only allow myself to eat it from a bowl in the other room.

  37. hey!
    i really like this post. very, very supportive.
    I've seen a lot of bloggy peeps post their challenges which has been cool do read- nice job!!!

  38. I am doing pretty good on the Challenge. I am being successful @ lunch from home 2 days per week. I am working harder on the strength training & walking my dogs outside. I just bought Jillian's 30 Day Shred and am anxious to try it out!

    Shay from the Biggest Loser once said "Do I want to put something in my mouth that is going to bring me closer to my goal, or take me further away?" Maybe you can tell yourself that if you are tempted by the cereal box:)

  39. I am not perfect with the challenge but better! I do find myself thinking more before I auto-pilot for diet dr. Pepper :)

    maybe when you are home working and get the urge for snacks, head outside for a minute instead.

  40. Good job on your challenge and good luck keeping your hand out of the Kashi box :).

  41. So far, my challenges have been going well. I've managed to stay off the soda. I haven't worried much about finish times and the amounts of weight I'm lifting and stuff, and I have been encouraging in classes at the gym (and helping some new people there as well).

  42. It's tough. Not cursing is sooo hard for me. I work with all men who speak like sailors. I'm getting better. At least now after I do it. I think "yikes. stop doing that"
    More ab work has been a complete failure. Gotta step it up.
    I don't know when I'm going to get to my closet. I've got so much planned. I can barely squeeze it all in. I'll get to it, eventually. :)

  43. My challenges are going well, being conscious of trying to drink more water at work has really helped!

    For the Kashi - what about keeping it in the freezer? It'd be strange to eat it cold, and you'd have to wait for it to thaw out / warm up to eat - ensuring that it's something you really wanted.

  44. My challenges are going fairly well. I've actually been doing great at not eating after the kids are in bed. I've also been following a weekly menu which helps immensely withy my time and sanity. The one I am struggling with is taking personal time for me... should be the easiest but for whatever reason it isn't.

  45. My changes are going OK. I've been drinking more water and haven't been hitting the snooze button quite as often. The strength/core change definitely needs a bit more work though.

    My tip for keeping your hands out of the Kashi box? Keep it in a really, really inconvenient place. Somewhere it'll be a hassle to get to and maybe then you won't think the tasty goodness will be worth it.

    And I stopped by a blogger (http://www.thejesseblogs.blogspot.com/) and left a comment!

  46. Who knew not eating after 8:00 would be this hard, but I'm working it! I stopped by limpingtothefinish to offer support on her goal of not eating after 9:00. Is cereal your breakfast or snack? If it's snack, pre-portion your servings. If it's breakfast, put the box in the fridge next to the milk. Not as easily accessible, plus the milk will remind you it's for breakfast.

  47. My changes... Well 2 out 3? I have no problem getting the running done; no problem with only 2 dews/day. The yoga. Anothe story. Not sure what the problem is. I love yoga! I love how I feel when I'm done. I'm trying to concentrate on that feeling. I'm hopeful next week will be the one I hit all three!!

  48. I am happy to report that my challenges are going really well; this was such great motivation for me. Thanks


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