Opinions Wanted Friday: PMS Running

All right gentlemen, this post probably is not for you…then again I believe men get PMS too…it’s the only explantion for some of the mood swings I see.

Anyhow, this is related to running and PMS. I don’t pay all that much attention to my cycle, things are so light it comes and goes and just is…BUT my body clearly lets me know when that time is approaching through completely horrible, sluggish, can’t move my body runs…followed by one or two days of running that is off the charts it’s so wonderful and easy.

Ladies am I alone? Does anyone else see swings in their energy and running? Does this change after kids, change with age?
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    I read in a triathlon magazine that a woman is at her aerobic peak on or around her period. And I believe it as some of my best race performances have come when I've been on or near my period. I may feel like crap going in with cramps, headache, etc., but once I get going I forget about it and the results are surprising!!

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    I find that usually I run the same throughout my cycle but my weight does fluctuate so I find that sometimes my runs are slower depending. i don't really keep track either so maybe I should to see what happens.

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    My PMS hasn't changed too much after having kids. What I notice most are hormonal headaches (these were pretty bad during pregnancy too), general irritation with anything breathing and some stomach upset. It is entirely possible that some of my more lethargic runs are also PMS related, but I haven't tracked that. I'll think about it.

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    I've been pretty lucky in that I don't suffer from major PMS symptoms. I tend to feel a little bloated and crampy, but Advil and lots of water usually does the trick.

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    I'm pretty on board with you symptom-wise. Sluggish and gross a few days before. And let's not even talk about the pain sometimes involved in wearing sports bras.

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    I am currently 8 months pregnant, so I will let you know how running is after pregnancy. Before I was pregnant, my cycle totally dictated how a run would go. I am curious to see if breast feeding has any effect on my running. Pregnancy has definitely slowed me down and I fear I will never get my speed back (not that I was ever a fast runner).

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    Usually I just get bad cramps and crave junk food and am usually more likely to cry. But running will rescue me from that…even though I tend not to want go. Push through

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    Right before I have some great runs and feel great. Sometimes during I my legs feel so tired and heavy. Guys just don't know how lucky they have it.

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    After being pregnant and finishing breastfeeding, I now have PMS symptoms for the first time in my life! Having come from a wholly off-balance, infertile past, I sort of feel comforted by it, despite the wretched moodiness ;). Haven't noticed whether I'm faster/slower yet, suppose I should pay more attention.

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    As I am sure you are gathering from the previous comments, I think that there IS a direct coralation between your cycle and your running. My running has been bad this week – sluggish and hard. And my stomach has been a mess – like having to stop and go during a run which doesn't happen but during the week before my period. When I finally get my period, which is next week, all will be restored again. Sooo weird! I don't get much of an actual period, but I do know that when it comes and when it leaves – thanks to the pill :)

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    so I don't get a period (I have the mirena IUD…and yes, I just shared that with the world) and I don't really PMS so I have no idea what effect PMS has or doesn't have on my running. But I always think I should pay attention to changes in my body to see when my cycle would be. It happens, I just don't know when it's going on. Which isn't that bad of a thing…

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    yes, there is a correlation between sluggish runs and PMS. Blame it on progesterone, a hormone released mainly by your ovaries and that is very high just before your period. Progesterone is very important for reproduction but one of its side effects is water retention and drops in energy. Once you have your period, progesterone levels quickly go down and since estrogen levels are also low in the first 10 days after your period, you are likely to have some of your best runs then. So, if you are signing up for a race, try to plan is for the week after your period. The last two weeks of your menstrual cycle are when you can get the PMS symptoms, and the PMS symptoms are worst in the 3 to 5 days preceding your menstruation. PMS symptoms will diminish with age, likely in your 40ies when your body slowly stops producing hormones and eventually become infertile (menopause)… yes, guys do have it very lucky, I agree with that comment above :)

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    oh, i always have a change with my body/energy when i'm pms'ing. before my time my body is sluggish but i get my butt out the door because afterwards i feel freak'n awesome the rest of the day. the same thing comes when it's that time…not just before. joys of being a woman.

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    I do feel lazy as PMS comes on and then great. I don't have cramps anymore, now that I'm 44 but I do have an over all tired feeling for a day or two.

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    I feel extremely lazy~ just can't get my butt moving. Except to maybe get some more food because I'm CONSTANTLY hungry!! Isn't PMS great? 😉

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    I usually have one really cruddy day per month where everything is a huge effort. I don't know if it's the hormones or water weight, but regardless, it happens. A lot of things change when you get older, but no need for you to worry about it for another 20 yrs or so.

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    Does anyone else see swings in their energy and running? Does this change after kids, change with age?Yes, yes, and yes.Our bodies are always in hormonal flux, thus so is our energy.Right before your moontime, you are lower in energy; it's nature's way to say, hey, chill out :)AFter kids, nature sleep deprives you so yes, chronically tired = motherhood :)

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    I totally notice a difference. Now that breastfeeding is becoming less I can really tell my energy level dips right before that time (ugh!). And when that time is race day I have to adjust my goals. Sometimes I suprise myself and still perform well and others I just don't have it to give!

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    I definitely notice changes in my energy levels throughout the month! I have a highly irregular cycle (thanks to a previous ED) and I never really know what to expect. I just try to listen to my body and fuel as well as I can, and hope for the best.

  20. Anonymous says

    I'm 17 years old, it's my time in about 6 days. My PMS consists of horrid headaches, mild skin breakouts, requiring excessive sleep and just basically loathing everything (my poor family). I just went for a run and felt like total crap. I was energized to get going but once i started i had to stop and walk way too soon. Kinda sucks, but i'm looking forward to the athletic peak that we apparently have after our periods, there's nothing like a great run where you just keep going:)

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