Challenge 7: Days 1-10

While I would prefer to stop lifting weights every other day because I'm sore...I'm pretty happy with this challenge and the changes its forcing me to make. Right, I know I've been complaining about the hunger all this weight lifting causes...but I was very happy to read a reputable source report that: "When you begin lifting you may see your weight increase a few lbs as you build muscle". Sounds good, I'll take it.

Importantly she also noted that MUSCLE DOES NOT WEIGH MORE than fat. Stop saying it people! 1lb=1lb. Now 1lb of muscle is more dense, taking up less space than 1lb of fat..but they weigh the same!!

Full details on this 30 day challenge>>

Day 1: Saturday (Long run, Melissa's to make sushi)
Mind: Reverting to previous usage of darn and dang. Very good.
Body: 20 minutes weights...though I reallllly didn't want to since my stomach hurt so bad!!
Soul: 10 minutes meditation..it will get easier

Day 2: Sunday (Easy run, cuddling all day with David)
Mind: I said "I'm in Miami Bitch" but it was an accident! I was just quoting that dumb song.
Body: Ab workout from SELF magazine
Soul: 10 minutes meditation

Day 3: Monday (AM work from home, drive 4 hours to Olrando, meet RedHead for run)
Mind: I typed ass on twitter...no good.
Body: Weight lifting in gym..so dizzy I didn't want to, but had to get it in before leaving for Orlando!
Soul: 10 minutes meditation

Day 4: Tuesday (Conference in Orlando)
Mind: Couple slips today
Body: Ab work in hotel room and had to do weights late night, instead of Wednesday AM
Soul: 10 minutes meditation...really hard today...wanted to sleep or move

Day 5: Wednesday (Conference in Orlando)
Mind: Pretty good, I've stopped the f bombers which really bothered me
Body: Nothing since I did weights Tuesday
Soul: 10 minutes after AM run

Day 6: Thursday (4 hour drive back from Orlando, afternoon meetings, Nike run group)
Mind: So fresh and clean
Body: Did some abs, but not intense my body just feels sore
Soul: 7 minutes...couldn't get settled today

Day 7: Friday (Work from home)
Mind: No cursing here!
Body: 20 minutes of machine weights
Soul: 10 minutes by the water

Day 8: Saturday (Tried to relax leg, errands, laying at the pool)
Mind: No curses!!
Body: Bender ball ab workout
Soul: 10 minutes by the water...so calming!

Day 9: Sunday (Sobe 5k with David and Samara)
Mind: Felt like cursing at my leg, but all good!
Body: Light weights with very high reps
Soul: 10 minutes on the beach...sigh...love my life

Day 10: Monday (Work from home)
Mind: I'm on it..no cursing
Body: Turbo Jam abs
Soul: 10 minutes pre-working

Any great ab or weight lifting workouts I need to be sure to incorporate??
Gratitude Journal
Feb 22
I am grateful for learning to meditate
I am grateful for aloe vera
I am grateful for crazy skiers
I am grateful for days that make you feel like cuddilng
I am grateful for 80's hair bands


  1. wow way to go amanda! you've been really busy and super active all around. you're rocking out some mayyjah strength training and ab work, way to go.

  2. P90X Ab Ripper is a wicked Abs Workout!

  3. Haha...so true with the muscle weighs more than fat. I am guilty of saying that but now that I think about it- it makes sense! Sounds like a good week

  4. I love cuddling days too :-)

  5. Thanks for pointing out the 'muscle weighs more than fat' thing... I hate that comment!!!

    Way to go keeping up with the strengthening!

  6. I got a Jillian video from Amazon for $6 called No More Trouble Zones. It's a great all over body workout. But the arms and abs are especially torturous. And maybe you should try meditating in the bath tub. I could stay in there for hours!

  7. Oh Dang! You gave up cursing?! When I had kids I severely toned it down. But the GD just slips out.

    I'm hoping the reason why I'm up 2lbs over the past few wks is b/c of muscle. :) More likely the Mardi Gras. Oh well. Back on the horse.

  8. I love this challenge and you are doing so well! I definitely need to focus on incorporating meditation into my every day.

  9. I couldn't stick with lifting for more than 2 weeks, so you're doing great! keep it up!

  10. I hate that "muscle weighs more than fat" comment too! I love lifting weights! I feel so much stronger. Good job with sticking with it :)

  11. Way to bust those misconceptions!

    Great job on the no cussing!!

  12. Definitely let me know if you're coming to DC! Bloggie running dates are a new fave! I'm also pumped for Seattle, it's going to be an amazing weekend.

    And...lululemon wunder under crops. I am obsessed!

  13. Interesting about the muscle/fat comments. Makes total sense!

  14. Great progress on the challenge!

  15. Looks like a very well though out regiman. I hope this works for you.

  16. so...the 5lbs i gained since i left home in january aren't muscle? damn, i was banking on that! hehe!

  17. LOL at muscles weigh more than fat. It reminds me of a trick question my 4rd grade teacher gave us back then. She asked, which weighs more: 100 lbs of cotton or 100 lbs of steel?

  18. Err... that should be 3rd.


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