Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

Last year the inaugural Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge roped in almost 100 participants for a rip roaring competition that helped us all to enjoy the holiday season without packing on any lbs!! For those not worried about the weight, it was still a great motivator to maintain fitness and make sure you are putting some time for yourself on the crazy holiday calendar.

The challenge is back this year and I will be out gathering prizes for our winners (think Headsweats visor, ProBars, towels, gym bags, energy gel)…due to a little controversy over last years winner… who we all still think was probably blowing smoke… I am keeping the point system the same, but possibly switching up how the winners are selected. I want to reward the person with the most points, but we’re going to need some validation that you actually earned those points if it comes in to question.

Challenge will run from Nov 23 to Jan 8…this helps to cover you for the major holidays!

HBBC Rules
1 Point per mile (run/walk/snowshoe)
1 Point per 3 miles biked
1 Point per 30 minutes of weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, stretching or abs
1 Point per 15 minutes of another form of cardio (i.e. kick boxing, aerobics elliptical)
1 Per day where you reach a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and veggies

Because I am all about taking care of your entire mind, body, soul connection there will be additional posts/questions where you can earn points throughout the challenge.

Keep track of your points through whatever means you’d like…just be honest. I will put it to a vote as to how you would like to report points:
A. Enter them yourselves in to a Google Doc. Means you can see at any time how others are doing, so long as they are updating the sheet.
B. Send them to me weekly, so that you have to wonder all week long if you are beating the competition or not.

Which point option is more motivating to you? Leave your choice below when you say HEY I’M IN!

This was great motivation for everyone who participated last year and of course there is a new and improved Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge button for your website which will earn you an extra point if you post it and help gather some friends to the challenge.
HBBCSo that’s the game folks…whose up for the challenge??? Sign up by leaving your name below and a link to your blog if you’d like it to appear on the list of participants.

Giveaway time at AndHerLittleDogToo for some running gear
and over at LoveYogaandVeggies!
Gratitude Journal
Nov 10
I am grateful for fun challenges
I am grateful for lots of competitionsig copy
I am grateful for good weather so I can kick your butt
I am grateful for huge water bottles
I am grateful for planning ahead

30 day Birthday Challenge 4


  1. says

    Sign me up! I think having the google doc would be a cool thing – I havent really used the docs feature yet.question – the 1 pt per 15 minutes of another form of cardio, would that mean swimming too???

  2. says

    SIgn me up sister! I am not picky about how though! I need to get better about fruits/veggies. I voted against the marathon going to try to get time peeled off my half. I really have my heart set on Chicago being my first.

  3. says

    Even though I can't do much besides bike and minimal strength training still, sign me up! :)I think the google docs thing is cool, I'd just have to remember to update it. haha

  4. says

    i'm in! i think this is great! i'm facing a little (ok, a lot) of burnout after all my racing this fall, and this is great motivation to get me back on the road and in the gym!

  5. Beth S. says

    I'm in! I've been doing a lot of running but absolutely NO weight lifting what so ever.I like the google docs option. I think you should define, or post a link to, what is actually is a serving of fruits or vegetables. I always get confused about that.

  6. says

    Count me in. I would prefer the second option. I like to be kept guessing and keep everyone else guessing too! Too bad the challenge ends the day before the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend…

  7. says

    I'm in! I don't have a preference between the two methods, I'd probably end up making my own spreadsheet anyway! Too bad it doesn't go long enough to include my halves, but it may get me to do an work! I'll be hosting another virtual race in Dec too, if the participants want to join in.

  8. says

    Count me in! I'm sooo excited to participate this year. I already added the image & a link to this post on my blog in the sidebar.I'm totally fine with whichever method of recording… I'm thinking if we all add them ourselves to a Google Doc, it's less work for you.

  9. says

    Sign me up!!!The google doc does seem like the easiest on you.And, honesty is best policy…can't see how you would get around that part of the challenge. But thank you for doing this! I love these! And I will mention it in my next blog!!

  10. Jamie in Arkansas says

    Sounds like fun! I like the google doc idea. I'm motivated by seeing what others do – like on the POTM challenge! Count me in!Jamie in Arkansas(

  11. says

    Sign me up as well, although I know absolutely NOTHING about google docs – does that make me a dinosaur?? I love the opportunity to participate in a challenge that takes me through the holidays. Love, love, love it! Also, how do I post a link to my blog. I just write, so I'm not too adept at the tech stuff. Love your blog Amanda – read it daily! And I'd love to have readers share healthy holiday recipes. I'm posting my awesome whole wheat oat bran pancakes on my blog tomorrow.Terri

  12. says

    I'm totally in!!! I agree, there has to be a better way to validate the winner but that's the problem with virtual competitions. I'm good with either option but if you did google, it might help people have a means to document each day as they go along and then not have to redo it weekly to give you results. thanks for organizing!

  13. says

    I'm in.I think the most motivating is the stuff that's not running. I'm training for the LA Marathon, so that's a given, but gotta shake up my core and bootie, so this is great. Will you let us know how/when/what/where?And, I think it should start NOW!! LOL

  14. says

    I'm totally in. :) jerbear8.blogspot.comI would prefer to do a google doc. I like to check in on the competition. 😉 might make it easier to spot any false info too, who knows!

  15. says

    I'm on for sure. Loved it last year and can't wait to get to it again this year! I vote Google Doc.And I'll most about it tomorrow whoo hoo earning points!

  16. says

    Definitely want to do it- I vote Google Doc- that way you don't have to deal with it and we can record it ourselves :) my blog is

  17. says

    Well I have been following your blog and a couple of others for a couple of months and have not commented . . . so this is my first blog comment. yahoo!!!I see that just about all of your comments come from friends that have their own blogs – I have been thinking about it – but just not sure I have the time – or could find much to consistently blog about. ????count me in – I would love to get in on the HBBC –

  18. says

    I'm all for it as well. I am going to say whatever way is easier for you. I started Ash's 20 in 20 challenge last Spring and it was too much work for her so she dropped it, I would hate to see that happen again. I was also wondering if you had thought about adding a point a day for just eating one of less small treats a day. I know that is is the addition of small treats that add up to my holiday poundage. Thanks for a great challenge :)

  19. says

    I was on the fence when I read this yesterday because I'm looking forward to taking a little bit of a break from training right about when the HBBC starts (the day after Philly), but really, after so much fun last year, how can I resist?Sign me up…

  20. says

    Sounds like a great challenge! I love running with my dogs. I love my veggies and fruit. And I also enjoy lifting weights and yoga. I am going to try and get the rest of the family in on this as well.

  21. says

    What a great idea & how fun! I'm in. I've never used google docs but that sounds like a good option. By the way, I followed Tall Mom's button to get here (does she get a point for that?). Here's to some great Bootie Busting!

  22. says

    This was fun last year; so I'm signing up again this year–hope the weather is nicer, so I can get more running in! I've never used Google doc either, but I agree with the ones who think that we should go with what is easier for you.

  23. says

    This is awesome. I've been preparing myself to not put on ANY weight this season and this will totally help keep me on track! I have no idea what google docs is but according to most it sounds easier for you, so do whatever's easier!

  24. says

    This is great motivation. I want to join the fun. I like the idea of Google Docs if you can tell us how to access it and use it. I think it would be motivational to see what other people are accomplishing. Just what I need right now to keep my momentum going.

  25. says

    Wow- I was only a day or 2 behind in catching up on my blog reading and there's a new challenge! Yes- sign me up please! Either option that would be easiest for you would work. Thanks for organizing this!

  26. says

    Oooh, fun! I heard about this through Marlene! Fabulous idea! I want to play!! :)I think maybe option B would be a little more fun–I like that element of suspense!!

  27. says

    I'm insane and I KNOW I won't win, but I need the motivation of a real challenge – and you definitely challenge me AB! So, signup me and then say a prayer I don't hurt myself! :)http://reasonlight.blogspot.comEither point system works for me.

  28. says

    I really enjoyed the challenge last year… I got so creative at fitting in extra stuff to get points but haven't really done much of it since (like on demand yoga on cable, etc.). Is it too late to sign up?Oh, I like option A 😀

  29. says

    HI! My name is Samantha or Sami or Hey you! LOL me up! i am so in! this sounds like just what i needed to get through the Holidays! I think either works but A might be nice so we can all see how were doing and then you dont have to keep track of a hundred or so participants! How do I get the button on my blog?

  30. says

    Awesome challenge! I'd love to participate. It looks like it started yesterday…but I didn't do any exercising (I did eat all my fruits and veggies).

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