Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge Begins

Time to get your arse self in gear the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge is ready to roll! I have sent out an email to all those who provided an email address with access to the Google Doc spreadsheet. For those needing a quick tutorial…click the link and plug in your numbers each week… you’re done!

An email was sent TODAY with a link to the spreadsheet. I had some invalid email addresses and a number of you who have not sent me your email. So if you did NOT receive the email yesterday make sure to leave me your email address below or email me…and put your email in the body it’s much easier.

A number of people thought having buddies or teams might help to give them extra motivation. It makes sure that when you start to whine that you are so busy with wrapping and family in town that you can’t possibly take time for exercise, they will give you a virtual slap or encouragement to say “Hey, I made my family take a walk when they came to visit and everyone said how refreshing it was.” or “If you don’t make a few minutes for your own health you know you’ll get even more stressed, so go now!”

I’ve created groups rather than just twosomes in case not everyone wants to participate:

2Fat2Run13.1, Erica, KRunsDogs, PennyLope
5 iles 2 Empty, FancyNancy, Laura, Rachel Wasserman
Abby, Gazelle, Lilmeg, Rookie On the Run
Alisa Frugal Foodie, Genesis, LindFamily, RunKeraRun
Allison, Gina, Linda, Scott and Manda,
Amanda, HappyFeet26.2, Liz, Shannon Trickey
Amy W, Heather Park, HoneyNutLo, Shirley
Aneta, Hebba, Maddy, Sandy, ShellyRM
Anna, HeidiTris, Marlene, Sam, Staci Dombroski
Anna Banana, IrishCream, Mary, RunningLaur
badgergirl, J, MCM Mamma, Steele, TSNAC
Meg, Jamie In Arkansas, McKay, MLL
Betty J, JaniceRunFar, Meg, RioRuns
Bobbi, Jennifer, Beth S., RunKathyRun, Stuart
Candice- IHaveRun, Jeri, Mel Tall Mom, Tami
CarolinaJay65, Jess, Melissa, TeacherWoman,
Cassie, Julie, Mom On the Run, TeaTime
Chandra, Karathon, Ms. V., TeriLyn
Croughwell, Karen, N.D., Terri
DeelyBH, Kasey, Naomi, KP, RunnerGirl
Denise, Katie A., Nicci, The Linz
Elina, Kelly, Nobel4 Lit, TNT Momma, Velma
Elise, Kim, OC2Seattle, Toni, Mel2ndChance
Kristie Lynn, OzRunner, Shazza, Streak, The Jesse

Updated Teams: Carly, Minda, Keri, Sunflowers N Daisies
Kristyanna, Marie, Dori, Just Me, Ali
Pinky, OutsideTheKitchen, Michelle, Marci
Bonnie, Janetha, Suzy, Arnie, Glam

Challenge will run from Nov 23 to Jan 8…this helps to cover you for the major holidays!

HBBC Points
1 Point per mile (run/walk/snowshoe)
1 Point per 3 miles biked
1 Point per 30 minutes of weight lifting, Pilates, yoga, stretching or abs
1 Point per 15 minutes of another form of cardio (i.e. kick boxing, aerobics, swimming, elliptical)
1 Per day where you reach a minimum of 7 servings of fruits and veggies

Back to Miami for my long run this week…it was exciting and fresh after all the traveling. I busted out of the gates running much faster than in previous weeks…uh the result being I only ran 14 instead of 18 miles. BUT they were a lovely and wonderful 14 miles. We are now 2 weeks from the race…HOLY STINKERS how did this happen?

POTM has made me wayyy to ambitious with all my running and walking lately. I mean it’s great but my poor little legs are exhausted because I keep finding more reasons to take walks so I can get in the miles. Seriously I am a challenge freako.

Pictures tomorrow from my fun times working in Vegas (seriously it was fun) and other randomness! Hope everyone is living it up this weekend, we only get one go round!
Gratitude Journal
Nov 22
I am grateful for Ramsey
I am grateful for Nealsig copy
I am grateful for Anna (banana)
I am grateful for Meagan
I am grateful for Keely


  1. I'm excited! Thanks for putting all of this together!

  2. sounds like a great 14 miler! Too late to participate.. i'm pretty sure i opted in when you first posted about it... i just sent you an email too :) Looking forward to the pics!

  3. Quick question for the challenge: I take a 1 hour bootcamp style class 3 times a week. How would I do points for this? It's a circuit type workout - sprints, stairs, pushups, etc...

  4. Hi Amanda, My e-mail must have been one that got sent back. My e-mail is tsnac@hotmail.com. Name is Nicole F. I'm super excited, thanks for doing this for all of us :)

  5. Oh shoot disregaurd the last comment, I just saw the e-mail in my in box ;)

  6. I didn't get an email :)



    I am PC Detoxing (sort of ) but will catch up witht he rules on Monday

  7. I didn't get an email! Can you resend to alisa - at - godairyfree.org. Thanks!

  8. I am sooooo excited Off now to check out my buddies and get all motivated!

  9. Add me to the e-mail list kelly.winn@gmail.com
    I won't be able to participate yet since I have the flu, but hopefully that will get me motivated once I feel better!

  10. If it is not too late, I would love to participate


    If I missed it, I will catch up with the next one.

    Great job organizing and good luck to everyone.

  11. my friend tami and I would love to take on the bigger teams. Can we sign up at the last minute? My email is mindakms@gmail.com (Minda) and hers is tami@carpentiere.net(Tami) thanks!

  12. Got the e-mail! Thanks for putting this together. What fun.

    Sounds like you had a great 14 mile run!

  13. Beth s.3:10 PM

    I'm in a group and I didn't get an email... I tried to find your email address but I can't find it. I'm not so sure I want to post mine on the 'net.

  14. I am excited - it is great to have some extra motivation to stay on track over the holidays.

    OK I have a question . . . I will be on a ski trip to Steamboat for a week over Christmas - I would appreciate getting to count some of that exercise towards the challenge.


  15. I hope it's not too late to join the challenge! I was hoping to participate.



  16. Your awesome but forgot me I'll email you :) 14 miles sounds great! I ran 10 here in KC and realized that there are few running options on the MO side. EEK We got into some hairy situations. I am hoping to do well on the Challenge I need it. I have been bad about eating 3 meals a day lately and just grazing so this should help!

  17. forgot to leave email, sorry!


  18. hi there :)

    i didnt get an email

    jkarkoski003 at yahoo dot com

  19. Sounds like a great long run!
    I didn't get an email so my address is

  20. Please include me, marie@watty.com. Thanks!

  21. hey i didnt get the email...send it to loramswarts@gmail.com


  22. I hope it isn't too late to join the challenge.

  23. hey,
    can you email me the spreadsheet? my email is confessionsofarunner@gmail.com

    thank you.
    really excited to start the challenge tomorrow!

  24. Can I please count the 32 miles I ran/walked today? :)

  25. Could I still get in on the Challenge? I just found your blog.

  26. Can't wait to hear more! Thanks for all of your hard work on this!

  27. Thanks for organizing this! Looking forward to it. It's getting colder, darker, busier, etc. I need all the help I can get.

  28. Think I forgot to leave my email the first time too ..


    Thanks for putting this together!

  29. Here's my email address:


    I'm super excited about this!! My bootie won't know what hit it!

    Thanks for setting this up!

  30. Nice job on the run!

    Thanks for putting together the challenge. I'm excited to kick off the challenge tomorrow morning with an insanely early swim session :)

    Good luck to all the other Bootie Busters!

  31. i just found out my uncle and cousin are running the 1/2 in las vegas! you guys are going to do great! and how did i not hear about the holiday bootie buster challenge...can i still join?

  32. I'm so excited for the kick off of the challenge. I totally forgot to give you my email address. Could you send me the link to the google doc spreadsheet. It's jmilcetich(at)gmail(dot)com

  33. I think I forgot to leave you my email: hebbaward@yahoo.com.
    Go bootybusters!

  34. Hey! I didn't get an email either


    Thanks for organizing this!!

  35. Yay, I'm excited to get going! I didn't get an email, so here it is again... elina@healthyandsane.com
    Thanks!!!! :D

  36. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  37. Awesome, great job. I think I forgot to give you my e-mail. robertnewstreet@hotmail.com

    Thanks for putting this all together. Looking forward to the challenge.

  38. thanks so much for putting this all together, Amanda!!

  39. I'm on the list, but didn't get the email :)


    Thanks! So excited to get going...

  40. me me me!!! i want to play :) juliegolean@gmail.com!

  41. I am so excited for this! My little one is sick at home but her uncle is coming over today so I can log some miles!

    Can I switch to do the google way? My email is mrscapen14@yahoo.com. I love the buddies!!! How can we contact them?

    Thanks so much again for having this!!!

  42. SOOO Excited to get started! Thanks Amanda!

    I'm also wondering how to tabulate points for "mixed" classes (cardio/strength) - just estimate a breakdown?

  43. Amanda,
    My computer at home is down, but please try this email:


    Hopefully, I'll get it soon!

    And, thanks for putting this all together!

  44. Thanks for putting this together! Can't wait!!!

  45. Oh I want to do it!

    Is there still time to join?


  46. Could you re-send me the e-mail? I never received it.


    Thanks so much! :D

  47. I got the email, thanks!

    Terrible time to start for me with recovering but I'll get out there and at least walk a bit today.

  48. I did not get the email. You can send it to stacinjeff@gmail.com


  49. Could you send me the e-mail? I did not receive one...

  50. I don't believe I got the email...gina.france@gmail.com


  51. You have a lot of last minute additions to your challenge. I was hoping, if not too much trouble if I can add myself as well. dancincuty at aol dot com. It it's too late, no problem. I just couldn't decide if I was up to trying this again this year. Last year was a bust for me but I am hoping for better this time.
    Thanks for putting this together!

  52. I didn't get the email. :( jllight at ole.augie.edu


  53. I need an email.



  54. ah! I didn't get an email? I thought I signed up???

  55. i.. have been MIA.. and have no idea what this challenge is all about but i think it sounds like a good idea! maybe i need to go find the original post.. yes..

  56. One quick question... an hour of Spin class... would that fall under miles biked or other cardio... since I have no idea how many miles I do in there, and it's certainly not easy like your avg bike ride....

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Me deleting...

    I'm late on this...can I still get in? I'd love to participate. If so, suzypris @ gmail (dot) com

  59. Hi - I didn't get an email. (jsghiahughes@gmail.com)


  60. i didn't get an email and am way behind on my blogging...i am tracking my points though..



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