Running Group 1: Footworks

First up, thanks to everyone who voted yesterday for me to earn a spot as the Sam-E Good Mood blogger. I need you to vote daily though to help me make the top 20 and be considered a finalist. Please go vote…often…tell friends…use multiple browsers or computers. :I can’t exactly explain why, but I just feel like I could be amazing for this position and am going to really put myself out there to try and get it.

It took me three years in KC, to venture out in to running groups and approximately one week in Miami!  I know that finding a good group will be the best way for me to meet people that are like minded…how can I know such a thing??? Because some of the greatest people I know and love are runners (not all mind you).

The biggest thing though is that really I don’t NEED other people to run. I simply love it and do it. What I do need are OTHER people in my life and so I am hoping that running and being active here will lead to those great people.  How did you find the group that worked for you??

I looked a long time before deciding I would try out this group first. I showed up to find nearly 80 people! Yeah…I felt a little lost in the sea of people.  My first attempt at talking to 2 of the 5 girls appearing to be my age was completely failure…not friendly at all.  The next I thought about then realized she was speaking extremely fast Italian to some guy… finally I did find Carissa. She was a sweetheart that just moved here from PA.  

footworksTeam Footworks group is technically a large training club, so it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. A lot of these folks are training with the group to achieve their goal of a first marathon.  But it’s a start. I also wasn’t expecting that when I joined the 6:1 group meaning they run 6 minutes, walk 1 minute (all groups did the walking thing) that our pace would be an 8min mile for the 6 minutes running!!  Holy crap, this was an amazing speed work night for me for sure.

I hung with the group, but the result is that my IT band hurts…really bad today and the group was on Monday.  I’m going to keep stretching and icing and take it easy again on jumping in to speed work.

My plan is to try this group again next week, but realistically…I think I’ll also still be on the hunt for another group. I have to take the train to this group and it would be so nice to just find people right here…I know they exist, I’ve seen them!!  I am thinking about trying to start a Brickell running group, but need to figure out exactly where to start!
Gratitude Journal
Oct 21
I am grateful I can still run an 8 minute mile
I am grateful I was able to do yoga and look at the ocean yesterdaysig copy
I am grateful my dad called to say hi
I am grateful my new desk arrived
I am grateful for a beautiful city view


  1. I'm not in a group...just have a REALLY great running partner...

  2. I'll keep voting for you!
    I'm in two groups: one for social and one for track/speed workouts. They both address my interests and they are both TOTALLY different. At one, we talk, laugh, take it easy, have fun and just get out there. At the other, I only talk to one girl! She is so nice but the others are out for blood and I just go to keep up the speed work and strength training. I do love just being with runners though, any where, anytime!

  3. I want to join a group I just don't know which one. Hope the IT band feels better!

  4. wow, 80 people in a running group! never heard of such a large group.

    there's a running group in the town next to ours but its all old people...i know they'll out run me but i would still like someone more relatable.

  5. I found some of my running buddies on a women's yahoo running group someone had created for our city. The ladies post runs around town and we communicate on email about pace, distance, race goals, etc to find other female runners we are compatible with.

    Sorry you ran into some not so friendly runners in this group, that stinks! I'm sure you'll find a good fit for you and if you don't, you'll make a group of your own :)!

  6. Thanks for checking my site!! Add me to your roll if you continue to like it - I'd love to get more viewers :)

    And, yes, I totally voted for you!! Good luck!

  7. Have you tried Meetup.com? There's a South Beach club sponsored by Nike: http://www.meetup.com/Nike-South-Beach-Run-Club/

    Meetup would be good if you wanted to start your own local club too. Feel free to ping me for details if needed!

  8. Good for you for getting out there and trying a new group! That can be scary but you did awesome!
    Hope the IT band feels better. I'll keep voting for you, too! What do you get out of it? A sponsored blog?

  9. wow 80 peopple is a huge running group thats so awesome you can all motivate eachother!

    I have such high hopes that you will find a group that works for you!

    congrats on that award I voted for you!

  10. Joining a group - what a great idea! Good job putting youself out there. I hope you find one that 'clicks'. I can see how 80 people+ would be overwhelming.

    6:1 - interesting. And holy smokin fast! See, I would prefer to run continuously at a slower pace, but i suppose it never hurts to try new things... right?!

  11. I am excited to be a part of my first running group through Fleet Feet starting in January!!

    I Voted for you! that sounds like a swwet gig...boy could I use the MONEY!!

    Hugs and good luck!

  12. jealous of the running group. wish I had something like that in my little town. happy hunting...:)

  13. How fun!
    I'm like you were. I'm still a little shy (and there is only one older group in our area) with finding a running group. Too bad, because I love the idea of it.

  14. That's really interesting that they all did the run/walk ratio. I did that for the ultra training but don't enjoy it for marathon training.

    You'll find that group that works for you. Don't stop looking!! Check local running stores for suggestions.

  15. I would love to join a running group...I just feel like I have NO time right now- bleh! Glad you found a friend in the group ;)

  16. i posted a link in my journal to have peeps vote for you, girl!

  17. I don't have any experience with running groups yet, but I'm sure it'll take time to find the right fit. Have fun while finding the right match for you! Sending speedy IT band recovery vibes your way.

  18. I love your grateful moments - so important to stop and recognize the positives because there is toooo much negative in this world and too easy to get hung up on it for sure! Take care, and thanks for checking out my blog...add it to your roll if you like it please :) (and I voted !)

  19. I love your grateful moments - so important to stop and recognize the positives because there is toooo much negative in this world and too easy to get hung up on it for sure! Take care, and thanks for checking out my blog...add it to your roll if you like it please :) (and I voted !)

  20. I haven't joined a running group - although I have looked into 1 or 2 in my area.
    Like you, I really enjoy running, and don't mind doing it by myself.
    It would be nice to have a group to train with, because I am considering a full marathon and on those 20 + mile runs it would be nice to have someone else there.
    We'll see I guess!
    I hope your IT band feels better soon!

  21. WOW! so cool to have so many options. and a great speed work for sure!!!! good find :)

  22. Unfortunately Miami doesn't have the nicest people. I'm originally from GA and movng here was a huge culture shock for me.
    I run with the Team In Training Group that runs along some of the same route that the Footworks group does. I've been in Miami 2 years and for me being in a group has been a way for me to meet like-minded people. My group has some pretty friendly people and the experience has made Miami alot more bearable.
    I've very much enjoyed reading about your Miami adventures.

  23. I actually found my running group through the local running store. Maybe you can give that a shot?


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