Challenge 2: Day 21

Returning to the house where you were 35lbs heavier… and all the treats are still requires you to not slip back in to that lifestyle. My parents very much respect that I filled their fridge with fruits and veggies, but it doesn’t mean I am not sorely tempted to eat the cookies, twizzlers, ice cream, oreos, M&M’s etc…and now we begin to see why I used to say I had a sweet tooth.

Stress is a fickle friend…helping you to get things done and then preventing you from getting things done. I have not really followed through on my meditation this last week because I felt so time crunched…which is the WHOLE POINT to slow down.

DAY 15- Sunday (long run, running errands, open house!)
Mind: Returned some purchases, returned library books, changed all magazine addresses, cleaned for open house
Body: I felt really hungry all day and I think in retrospect I needed more protein. Overall I did very well listening to my body, I just couldn’t quite figure out what it wanted. Had a morningstart patty at 8:30PM to finally try and get my stomach happy.
Soul: 10 minutes yoga

DAY 16- Monday (in office with internal meetings, group run)
Mind: Changed all banking and finanical addresses, completed new W-2, talked to movers
Body: I was craving chocolate today, due to some stress I think and ended up eating a cookie…good news is that one cookie was enough and I was done thinking about sweets.
Soul: 10 minutes yoga

DAY 17- Tuesday (in office with no meetings, night packing)
Mind: Talked with real estate agent more, last load of laundry, looked up Miami libraries (looks like I can take the metro mover a few stops then walk 2 blocks, PERFECT!!)
Body: I think I did well…sort of confused. I had been craving a cookie from WF. When I got there they didn’t have it, so suddenly I was all over this ciabatta bread. It seemed wiser to go with my current craving so I did…but I was confused by this bodily change!
Soul: 10 min stretching…not meditation but felt good

DAY 18- Wednesday (in office client meetings, pack)
Mind: Packed 10 day suit case, took all pictures down, packed up some food to keep, mixed up smoothies for week, signed up for Internet
Body: My stomach has been hurting…but I keep eating
Soul: 20 minutes stretching…not meditation

DAY 19- Thursday(morning physical, working at home while movers pack)
Mind: Movers here
Body: Over ate in the evening…must be stress because I wasn’t really that hungry
Soul: 20 minutes stretching…failing on calm meditation

DAY 20- Friday (In office, movers packing house, head to parents)
Mind: Cleaned up house, talked with movers, all kinds of paperwork,
Body: Again the evening seems to be when I am taking to over eating. My major problem is my stomach hurts and the thought of really filling veggies is turning me off
Soul: 10 minutes stretching

DAY 21- Saturday (long run, painted house, worked on house, running errands)
Mind: Painted, loaded up things to go to parents, cleaned out the fridge, cleaned entire house…seriously that house is spotless
Body: I really listened to my body. We even went for Mexican and I a chicken burrito, but since it didn’t taste that great I just stopped eating…that was amazing.
Soul: Really my long run was my meditation. My leg hurt so bad when I started that I almost quit at 3 miles. Then I started to count my blessings and OH MY GOSH this was the most cathardic and stress relieving run in a very long time. I stopped at 13 miles because my mom was already busy painting on my house and I felt horrible I wasn’t helping.

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Gratitude Journal
Oct 5
I am grateful for only 3 days in the office this week
I am grateful that I believe in my team
I am grateful for people who pay attention to details
I am grateful for a mom that’s a work horse
I am grateful for quality time with my dad

Blogging Rewards
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    You sound like you are really in touch with yourself this week despite being overwhelmed with work and moving. Keep up the good work! Moving sucks in the first place, moving out of state has to suck even more! Great job girly! :)

  2. says

    isn't it so hard to be at home and deal with the parents eating habits?? I get so frustrated when I am at home! good luck w/ everything this week.

  3. says

    It is the same way at my parents' house! They have the healthy food, but they keep the candy, granola bars (the kind that is really like candy), ice cream, sugar cereals….you get me! They claim it's for the grandkids. But I've been known to dip into the stash a time or two (or three). :-)

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    I really like your comment about how stress can help/hinder you. That is so true in my life as well! A little adrenaline goes a long way…unfortunately when you get too much too often it starts affecting your health.Great job on making more healthy decisions than not during a stressful time!CourtneyAdventures in Tri-ing

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    Oh man, my parent's house was the same way. There were more Little Debbie cakes up in there then in the store! And I HATE Little Debbie cakes! Good job on your run. It's very refreshing to read about someone who is counting their blessings…I need to do that more.

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    Moving sounds so exciting until I think of all the details. But, you are getting it done! Glad you were able to take the time for yourself and get a long run in! :)

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    Going to different places and eating there is always difficult. I've always struggled the most eating at my fiance's parent's house. They don't cook the healthiest foods, and there are always so many options that I want to try them all, and soo many desserts. It kind of stresses me out just thinking about it. I bet having fruits and veggies there with you will help! Just remember how awesome you are!

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    running in the humidity in south florida is bad but you will find ways to survive. Running early in the morning on the miles of beach with a cool ocean breeze. Finding water spots to cool off when needed. Bringing a wet washcloth or sponge to keep you cooled off. Lots of big parks are inland away from the beaches with big trees for shade. Always have a safe place on every run though. Great runs though on the beaches in the morning, enjoy!

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