Opinions Wanted Friday: Vegas Baby

First thank you for all of the great birthday wishes! Seriously you know how to make a girl feel all warm like a chocolate cookie inside…mmm cookies.

I am getting a massage Sunday and got my hair done Wednesday night as a gift to myself..but yesterday was one of the best birthdays ever…I heard from some great friends who I honestly think about a lot but don’t talk to much…I RAN WITH HUBBY!!! He sent me gorgeous flowers and was dying to take me to dinner..so I got some amazing seafood and my all time fav…mashed potatoes. Pictures to come later!

If you haven’t entered my birthday goodie bag giveaway…well I think you should but everyone who has entered may wish I’d stop mentioning it.

I am officially registered for the Vegas RNR Marathon (Happy birthday Kim) and now it’s time for this virgin Vegas girl to book some tickets

Resources? Best ways to find deals? Package deals? Do I need to kill someone, know someone, sleep with someone….sorry I’ve seen too many movies.

I went to get my new drivers license yesterday…seriously when was the last time someone asked you your height and weight in public…it felt weird but unlike 6 years ago I was able to give my actual weight and not think twice about it!
Gratitude Journal
Aug 14
I am grateful for healthy long hair
I am grateful for a gay hair dresser who is HILARIOUS
I am grateful for people who speak their minds
I am grateful for new songs on the radio

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BIRTHDAY!!!! (Giveaway)


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    Vegas Baby!!!!"What happens in Vegas……"I'm glad you had a great birthday sista! Never been to Vegas so I'll be learning from you about finding the cheapest way to get there.

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    For plane tickets, search the actual airline sites rather than doing a generic search through yahoo or whatever. Southwest usually has really good deals, like $99 each way. Also…if you're up late at night, midnight on Wednesday night seems to be when tickets are at their lowest. HAVE FUN!!!!!Oh, I linked up to your blog for the contest….and I'm anxiously anticipating your post on parasites!! 😉 Fair Weather Runner and I both blogged about them yesterday….LOL…and YUCK. 😉

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    Glad to hear that you had a great birthday!!! I have only been to Vegas once, so I don't have any good advice. WE stayed at the Aladdin and it was beautiful.

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    I have found the best deals on plane tickets by looking about a month to 21 days before flying. I fly southwest a lot and it is really cheap sometimes but I dont know if they fly from where you are.

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    Okay, I just booked a reasonable priced flight to Vegas on Hotwire. However, I didn't do the whole package thing, but a friend of mine found a good flight/hotel package on Expedia a while back. It just depends on where you want to stay. We are staying at the IMperial Palace. We know it's not the nicest place, but for a short weekend trip, we know we won't be there much other than to sleep.

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    Some states don't require your weight on your license. I forget who though. Makes sense, how much does an avg. person's weight change from the during the time it takes to renew a license?

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    Sounds like a great Birthday! You deserve it.Ooooh, Vegas! I have never been so I have NO idea, but good luck!Stop mentioning your giveaway, would ya? You're reducing my chances! :)

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    Southwest is the only airline that flies to Vegas direct from KC, but their fares aren't always the cheapest. However, if you're checking in baggage, almost all of the other airlines charge for bags so make sure you factor that into the cost of the tickets.Being an airline employee, I highly recommend booking through the airline websites directly. The fares are the same as or less than expedia. The only deals on expedia happen if want to do book some pain-in-the-ass itinerary like United to Denver, US Air to Phoenix, and then Continental to Houston, and then American to Vegas. I've seen some pretty ridiculous routings that saved the person $30, but wasted their entire day in airports.

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    i reeeeeeeeeeeally want to do a rnr half or full marathon!!!! music!!!! i just have to figure out which 0ne and when :) vegas is REALLY not my style, i hate staying up really late… or spending a lot of money. lol… vegas is def out. i hope you get some good advice!!!

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    I LOVE Vegas and have been there countless times. You can get great package deals through Southwest Vacations, Expedia, etc. Sometimes it's better to book hotel/air separate b/c if the hotel price goes down after you have booked it and you call the hotel directly they will give you the cheaper rate. This is a dumb question: but how do you "link up" to your blog for the contest?

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    I love Vegas, even got married there. Anyhow, a few of our tips: 1. If you want a show, see Circque du Soleil "O" at the Bellagio, it is DEFINITELY worth the money! 2. Cesar's Palace and Fashion Show Mall have good shopping, but for deals take a cab to the north Outlet Mall 3. Vegas.com, United.com and Allegiantair.com all have pretty good deals on flights and hotel packages. 4. Always ask if they can give you an upgrade when you check in, they often can, for free! 5. Free drinks in all the casinos if you sit and play, just tip them a bit and the drinks keep coming.Have fun! I'd love to do this HM one day myself!

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    My airline doesn't fly to Vegas from your area, so I can't help out with a "5 minute fare sale" just for you :) However, since I work in airline pricing, I can at least give you some good advice!The best site for finding plane tickets is http://www.itasoftware.com. You can go in as a guest and it will work just fine. The tricky part about ITA is that it won't let you book – it just pulls the fares from a database that the major airlines submit to, and then you have to go find them and book on your own. However, what other people are saying is correct: book with the carriers directly. Once you use ITA to find the flights you want, just go directly to the carrier's website and you should be able to pull it up. If you have trouble, e-mail me at absolutromantic at gmail and I'll try to help if it's some sort of obscure sale fare. Whatever you do, I would strongly advise against booking on Expedia or Travelocity – you lose a lot of your rights when it comes to any sort or problem with your flights (delays, missed connections, etc) and it really has little to no benefit to you anyway.There is absolutely no truth to the myth that booking at certain times of the day or week will allow you to book higher or lower fares. Revenue management is largely controlled by automated systems, along with some analyst input (like mine!), and the analyst is just as likely to lower a fare as to raise it, so really, time of day doesn't matter for booking.Once you figure out what days you want to travel, drop me an e-mail and I can check pricing structures and let you know fares that have sold in previous years and fares that are out there now (not the fare that's actually selling, but what potential price points are available) – it will give you a very good idea what is a good deal that you should jump on and what you should pass on and keep waiting. There isn't any magical time to book – booking far out can sometimes be even more expensive than booking within 60 days. However, you should almost definitely not wait until 21 days or fewer before your trip, as that's when advanced purchase rules start to kick in so the range of fares is limited (usually to higher fares).Hope all that helped! Now I'll leave it to someone else to advise you on hotels and such, as I have no expertise there…

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    Vegas half was my first half marathon!! We usually book our trips through travelocity. No need to get a car for your trip, the strip is only a short cab ride away. We stayed at Mandalay Bay b/c it's SO nice and it was at the start/finish of the race.

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    Sounds like a nice B-Day! And, whoo hoo! Vegas Marathon! I am so excited for you! (Sorry though, no good ideas on this one.)I just laughed though, about the DL incident – glad you're in a good place. Happy Friday! :)

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    Vegas baby! I ran the 1/2 a few years ago and stayed at the Monte Carlo. Not the nicest hotel on the strip but it was right for the $, w/in walking distance of the start/finish line, and not as busy as the other strip hotels. But there are good other good ones right there too we just happened to book late! Southwest has the best deals (usually) but definitely use actual airline sites as I've found great deals on AA. There are so many fun things to do and places to eat! Man, talking about it makes me want to go back now :)

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    Two things: 1) The time of the marathon is a very slow time in vegas…do not book anything unless its a great deal, because it will prob get better. Or book if there is a guarantee you get the lower rate (I think Orbitz does this now? If the price goes lower they refund you the difference?)2) We found that the hotel deals offered THROUGH the marathon were pretty good. But just remember, the hotels are very cheap at that time … and Vegas CANNOT sell out their hotels right now (even on really busy weekends). I have also found that in Vegas, the best hotel deals are through the hotel, not through a 3rd party site.Shop around … a lot!

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    Totally wish I could do that race. Hopefully next year, because I have not been to Vegas either. Although, I HAVE been on a casino boat in Illinois. Does that count? 😉

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    I think we have always flown southwest because it is the only direct flight out of kc.we like to stay at the MGM Signature. They are condos that they rent out as hotels until they sell them. They have private entrances so it is not as loud at night with doors opening and closing because you have to have a key card to get into the hotel, even the parking lot. The only thing is it is kind of a walk from the actual casino, but we don't mind walking so this isn't an issue for us, however we had some acquaintances that complained about this so I wanted to mention it. I have also stayed at Paris and Aladdin (which isn't called Aladdin anymore and I can't recall what they renamed it – maybe Planet Hollywood). Paris was super nice too. I think City Center is the newest complex that opened in February. They build so much that every time you go it will look different cause everything is so huge and always so much construction going on.We got our passes to the clubs on ebay – a tip I got from Ben at the office. The only problem you will have is that if you take your hubby you will still have to wait in line. but it's totally worth it cause the clubs are super crazy there.Go see a show and book early. I've seen Blue Man Group, Crazy Horse and Ka. I recommend one of the cirque de soleil shows. The shows are amazing.Go watch the fountains at Bellagio. They never get old and you could watch for awhile.Fly in at night, the strip is awesome with all the lights on.

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