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I try to keep this blog on the positive side of life because that’s where I like to live…but I can no longer not say anything about the injustice being done by Anastasia Stevenson and her company Savannah Wedding Designs.

Since my fiasco of a wedding last March, I have received emails from 6 other brides who were also ripped off for lack of a better term. They found me due to my blog post, which is why I am writing now to help prevent any additional brides from using her services!!

2 weddings cancelled with no refund
1 wedding where she simply didn’t show up the day of
1 wedding where the person has never received photographs (3 years ago)
1 wedding where she was yelling at the bride as she walked down the aisle
1 wedding where she relocated the wedding from beach…to swamp

Better business bureau has 8 unresolved cases against her.

Wed Safe, a wedding insurance program, posted this note: “Please note: Effective June 12, 2009 insurance coverage cannot be purchased for any events involving Anastasia Stevenson or any organization with which this event planner is affiliated.”

2 people have tried for months on end to serve her with papers but have found addresses to be incorrect from Georgia to LA.

A local Savannah TV station has finally gotten wind of the story and is working on something called “Wedding Planner or Wedding Scammer”.

Anastasia Stevenson was denied a business license this year.

I am sharing all of this with the sincere hope that any future brides will find this BEFORE hiring her… she has ruined a very special day for too many people. Luckily I married the perfect man for me, so even her horrific performance cannot take that away from me.

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    It is horrible when certain people prey on others who are trying to celebrate such an important occasion.I had a bad experience with my florist, but nothing compared to what you listed.

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    I'm glad you're still getting the word out about this. I'm still in the process of suing our wedding photographers. It looks like we may have a resolution by the end of the month, but I'm still not sure if I will ever get the photos. There will be a full recap of the hell they have put me through on my blog once all the dust settles.

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    How could anyone live with themselves if they ruined someones wedding much less multiple people.I'm glad you have the outlook that the important thing is you are married to a wonderful guy and that is all that matters at the end of the day!

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    I remember reading about your wedding – I am so sorry, that is beyond words. I REALLY hope anyone considering using her does their research and finds this post!! Have you guys ever thought about re-doing your vows somewhere else?

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    Wow, I'm sorry that you and so many other people have had to deal with that woman. Good for you, writing up a post about the fiasco and warning others.

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    Ugh – my heart broke a little reading this post – that sucks so terribly that someone would be such a dirtbag to people when they are planning one of the most important days of their lives. Glad you posted it to helps others from getting screwed, sorry you to suffer through the experience though :(

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    What a terrible thing to do to people…ruining their weddings. As if a wedding isn't hard enough to plan (I'm in the midst of planning mine)you encounter someone trying to scam you! I'll be sure to be careful when dealing with vendors after reading this. Thanks for the information!Oh and I received my Sonny & Joe's hummus and my E Cloths! Thanks so much I am loving the hummus and can't wait to use the E Cloths in my next apartment (saving them for it haha)

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