Do you tofu?

OK I AM POSTING THIS EARLY because you guys are all so darn nice, acting my 6 miles was something special…seriously I miss my 14 miler days. Also don’t forget to checkout LIL Runners Bake Sale for charity!!

Tofu and I have this weird relationship where I walk by…then go back and pick it up…put it down…and repeat cycle! I just really couldn’t imagine that I would know what to do with it. However as I have ventured in to cooking, I’m realizing I can do much more than I thought. So when Nasoya came out with these new Silken Creations…it was game time.

In an effort of full disclosure, I have to admit we got off to a rocky start, as they sent me some expired tofu…not once but twice. BUT then I tried the

Ok first up is the vanilla…probably my fav which is no suprise I love vanilla ice cream! You may have noticed this in a lot of my Green Monster twist recipes. It worked like a charm since I never have any milk on hand.
But I also used it to make chocolate chip cookies! They have a ton of recipes on their site, but I started with a version that made a very soft cookie…David ate 3 of them and had no clue they contained tofu…SCORE!
Also seen in my green monsters was the chocolate silken creation…perfect for a dessert smoothie. However, I also decided to spoon some up with a Gluten Free Life Chocolate chip muffin (what is that another giveaway item??) and seriously that may be one of the best desserts I’ve made at home in a long time!! Is this why my weight is creeping up?Now they also have this picture of BEAUTIFUL pie on their site, so I thought ok let’s give it a go. I made the pie as you saw for our BBQ Saturday and it was pretty good…but their’s looks SO MUCH BETTER! So I didn’t do something right, but hey you live and learn.STRAWBERRY
Ohhh strawberries, they make me happy. Once again…yes I’ve used it in Green Monsters and friends it is soo good. But I had to be more creative than that so it was time for POPSICLES! I haven’t made these in eons, so I busted out the frozen blueberries/strawberries and blended everything together then filled the holder….YEAH!! It was just like I made those Whole Fruit pops, but for way less money and less sugar and well YEAH!!
I know a number of you are cutting out soy for the Whole Life Challenge and I think that’s a worthy cause…if you were way overdoing it. I on the other hand believe everything in moderation. I mean if I am eating cookies, surely soy is no worse for me than that.

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    I have seen those new types of tofu and they are no where to be found in my local store. I love to use silken tofu to make breakfast smoothies. I just blend the silken tofu with a little chocolate soy milk, a tsp of instant coffee, 1/2 frozen banana, & 1 tablespoon cocoa powder. Yummy sweet breakfast treat. Hope you enjoy!

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    I am still getting used to tofu. I have found a few recipes that I have thought were good, but I like it best in my green monsters, it makes it so much smoother.

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    I have to confess, I have only eaten tofu once and have never made something with it myself. I just don't know what to do with it, so thanks for the ideas!

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    I love tofu – and although I'm not a veggie, I often choose it over meat when given the chance. I buy it frequently, and then can't think of anything to make with it, and end up doing stir-fry, so I'm excited to learn some new recipes!I'm totally going to link back to this contest, but I hope no one follows the link and steals my tofu! :)As for the recipe I want to try – ALL OF THEM! I am so excited to find new things to do with tofu that aren't stir-fries! YUM!

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    I have to copy of another comment, and say tofu lasagna, because I'm posting a recipe I made last weekend. It takes tofu to another level.I have never tried silken yet.

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    1. What do you think of tofu? Favorite recipe? Do you use it at home?well i am one of those who has yet to use tofu in a recipe. i didn't realize you used it instead of milk! i hate running out of milk and having this around would make my life so much easier for smoothies!!! so that is what i would use it for DEFINITELY!!!!

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    3. Visit the Nasoya Site and tell me something you learned or a recipe you want to try:I learned: "Soy protein is the only plant protein that contains all 8 essential amino acids and is considered a complete protein"

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    Did you replace egg with tofu – or what is tofu in the place of? That gluten free cookie looks awesome. I just saw this thing for making banana soft serve by freezing a banana and food processing it. Have you seen that? looks amazing, going to try it asap!

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    Wow! Cookies with tofu! I love it, I will have to check out the recipe!! I don't use it often, because I don't really know how…I will now, thanks for posting all these great ideas!! Mary

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    I LOVE TOFU! I often choose it over meat, and I usually buy the firm tofu because I use in replacement of meat. My favorite receipe is a tofu bake I make that uses a bottled sauce and you broil it with veggies. Yummy! Can't wait to try the silken tofu!

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    After looking over some of the receipes at the Nasoya site, I learned that many of the cookie receipes seem to eliminate the eggs and use the tofu instead! What a great idea! I bet this can be adapated to most any cookie receipe! Thanks!

  12. Anonymous says

    I read about your wedding experience and would like to chat about it. Can you please send me an email when you get a chance so we can talk? Thank you very much! My name is Kelly and my email is

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    What do I think of tofu? To be honest, I am not too sure. I think I might of only had it once or twice. I am scared to buy it because I don't know what exactly to do with it. I love the idea of using it in smoothies. I also like the idea of sneaking it into cookies. My husband always says how it can't stand it, although I doubt he has ever had it.

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    So far behind I will never catch up but had to comment. Tofu scares me too!! And I'm curious about this soy give up?? Huh??? I mean yes, as is typical of America, oh something might make you lose weight or is good for you, let's overdo it by a thousand I know people have overdone soy, but like you said, everything in moderation and if you eat the soy in the amount that most people that have always used soy (oh say the Japanese) it is good for you!

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    I've given tofu a try. I'm not if I like it. I either under cook it, over cook it, or don't season it enough. I've heard that the silken tofu is great used in puddings. I would love them for the GMs =] YUM!

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    I've been wanting to try these! I do use tofu every once in awhile. TJ's has a great Teriyaki flavor that's quick for sauteing. Or I like to put silken in smoothies and I also make a creamy pesto pasta sauce with tofu that is really good. With anything too much can be a bad thing of course, but with soy it's mostly the supplement forms of isoflavones that can be harmful. Definitely want to try making a dessert with it, like the mousse yum! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, hope you guys like it :)-kristen

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    What do you think of tofu? i love tofu you can make it sweet or savory. its awesomeFavorite recipe? i have not done to many different things yet with tofu but so far i love making roasted tofu and eating it in wraps,salads or just plain. i like simple foods bestDo you use it at home? yes i use it all the time since i am vegitarian

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    Oh my gosh! I've never seen the silken flavored tofu!!As a vegetarian, I use tofu in everything. I top my pizza with it, I crumble it in veggie stir fries and I use cubed tofu (baked in the oven with cayenne and olive oil) on salads. I always use extra firm since it cooks well. It is such a great source of protein and it is super easy to prepare. When I was young, my mom would make stuffed pasta shells with marina sauce, crumbled tofu and cheese. YUM!

  19. Laura E says

    Ok, so I've never actually tried tofu yet but I really want to and plan on it soon! These however I would try in a heartbeat. Thanks so much for the opportunity.I would love to try the Vanilla Pomegranate Smoothie.

  20. Laura E says

    Oops! I was supposed to make a separate post for the recipe!So again, the Vanilla Pomegranate Smoothie sounds divine and I would love to make it.

  21. says

    Oh FABULOUS!! I have been dying to try these! Hmmm – I love tofu when I can get it out at restaurants, but sadly, I just cannot master making the block kind at home! These silken tofu blends sound perfect for a person like me!

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    My family loves tofu dishes. We prepare at home and order take outs. Thai and Chinese food has so many delicious food using tofu, yum, time to get some tofu!

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    I am still trying to get used to the idea that tofu is good. I have only tried it a few times, but think I would enjoy it more with some good recipes.

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    I like tofu, as it is often my only source of protein, and no, I don't think it's plain or bad.I mostly like it in steak form, a little pan fried. I'm sure a nice tofu-based dessert would be nice, though I have yet to make one.

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    I have only tried tofu once, in a college dining hall. I don't think that counts! I would like to try it again.oheeyore at hotmail dot com

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    ooh, i'm a fan of the 'fu! i don't really eat it sweet, although there is this Chinese tofu pudding that really grosses me out. of course, i'd love to try other sweet things with tofu!my favorite way to use tofu is in soup! my mom makes an awesome dish with tofu and seaweed and i love it! it's great with miso soup too!

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    I use tofu at home sporadically. I like to add it in to our menu to mix things up, and to see my husband's face. :) I love making teriyaki stifrys with tofu. Sometimes I just get sick of meat!!

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    I just looked at the Nasoya website. I just about died at how many recipes they have! I can't wait to try some out!! SO many things that I would never think to use tofu in, like lemon bars! yum…

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