PT Exercises, Honest Foods and Freaking out

HOLA… you’ve made it to HUMP DAY! So a number of you have asked exactly how do you strengthen your hips…and what does that mean? Well overall it means a lot of working on balance, hips, thighs, butt…you know that whole region happens to be connected? Crazy right?

Here are pics of the exercsies I am doing EVERY DAY! It takes like 15-30 minutes depending on how dedicated I am being. I have to say that they must be working because I am able to do more without pain.

First you do just the pictured lunge, then you do it while reaching your arms towards the knee that is moving, then you doing is reaching your arms towards the non-moving knee. After that gets better you add weights…OYE.

After each of these I also do what’s called a reach back…it’s hard to describe. But largely it involves reaching your leg backwards across your body and tapping an object you have placed there.

Seriously if it says Omega 3 on the packaging it gets my attention…but then I have to look at everything else to make sure the whole product is really worth eating. Honest Food bars fit that bill for me.. roughly 210 calories and filled with ALL Natural ingredients…man I can pronouce all of it that just makes me happy. It means my body will know what to do with that food when it arrives!

Yesterday I checked out the CranLemon zest as I mentioned and this maybe one of my new go to’s before my AM workout. It’s big enough to be filling and with all the right ingredients to give me energy.

Ok so on to the freakout….people how in the flibergibet am I going to run a marathon by May 31? I was feeling good but tired when I finished up 5 miles the other day and I know my PT says that I should be 100% in a few more weeks, but I am so far behind a training schedule.

I’m hoping that the Olathe 1/2 marathon this weekend will help to restore my confidence but right now I’m completely freaked out. I don’t even know if I can walk 26 miles…this is very frustrating since I was cruising along and doing so well…agh. Oh well, you know this too shall pass and this journey is why I took up running. I get to learn again each day how far I can push.

ALL RIGHT THAT WAS MY PITY PARTY!! To celebrate…seriously I will get my Goodie Bag giveaway posted, but today is CRAZY busy so you’ll have to wait a bit longer. I swear it’s worth it though…just think of all the goodies I’ve reviewed lately.

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Gratitude Journal
Apr 1
I am grateful no one is going to play any April Fools day jokes on me
I am grateful for meetings that make a day fly by
I am grateful for interesting things to work on
I am grateful for a fun new hair color
I am grateful to find packages waiting when I get home

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    you still have time, especially since you put aside your A goal… you can do it!! there will be tons of people there and lots of energy… just go into it with the right attitude and to have fun! plus you still have 8 more weeks, you will see that finish line!

  2. says

    I agree with the others about muscle memory– you were in good shape before and regaining that level of fitness will be easier for you. Esp. with all those lunges– eek! Those look HARD.

  3. says

    i def want to try honest foods bars. i think the "journey" is the best way to consider the situation. you do what you can now, tomorrow, and the next day,… and farther in the future i'm sure there are countless days of running for you :) i bet you can walk 26 miles if you had to! :)

  4. says

    You can finish the marathon, it's two months away. Take a cue from your blog title and just Run to the Finish…don't worry about time or goals, just finish. You are so diligent with your PT, I'm not so good. I need to be!

  5. says

    Hang in there. I had to abandon my plan.. Just remember, there are always more races. I know, not as fun or rewarding..Thanks for the exercise idea.. I may have to give that a go

  6. says

    you're so much better with your PT exercises than I am! I need to improve.I think that as long as you don't worry about a time goal, you can finish your 5/31 marathon (and with fantastic abs, also!)Just be careful to not overtrain! You don't want to reinjure.

  7. says

    I think the doubt is part of training. It helps guilt you into making the most of your training, build up anticipation leading up the the event, and make you feel awesome when you realize that OF COURSE YOU CAN DO IT :)

  8. says

    Ahh, I totally hear your frustrations. what has your longest run been in preparation for this marathon? Not that I know much about marathon training… You have 2 months! You can do this!

  9. says

    So you can stretch your hip… thanks for the education =)Don't freak out about the marathon, you'll definitely be able to finish the distance but maybe not at the speed you wanted at first.

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