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So I started today on the right track for SBSD…Turbo Jam abs, seriously I am in love with this ab workout. Then I went to work. Got frustrated. Had two pieces of cake and a fun size pack of M&M’s. Excellent. After that I decided I should clearly have more than enough energy for a good run… and I DID!!!

6 miles straight through no walking. I definitely have some cardio to get back, geez that was way harder than I remember but I did it and hopefully I burned off that cake and am back on my way to good abs.

Thanks for all the encouragement about the marathon. I think you’re all a little nutz, but that’s why I like you….and of course why I want to give you GOODIES!

I have been on a kick lately of telling you about great foods…that doesn’t seem fair now does it.. you should be eating these great foods too!! So go here to enter my giveaway >>

Green Smoothie, Better Whey, Hair
PT Exercises, Honest Foods and Freaking out


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    got you linked on my blog….question: how do you get all that free stuff to give away? no seriously, just keep doing what you're doing, great blog….btw, wish i could do the olathe run but it's soccer season again until mid-may, my saturdays are booked with coaching my son….

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    I like your blog!…Tell me about the food you eat..your daily diet, your little tricks to abstain from the Sugar and it's many forms..or whatever your weakness (food wise) may be…

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    Here's my second comment with a question… where do you find your motivation when things just continue to pile on? Oh and where did you find all your goodies?!?

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    I hope I wiN!–especially the nutrition book..I need to get my food intake in better balance…Any great weekly or monthly dinner recipes?…I have your blog linked on mine…

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    Dang you do like to give things away. I love it!I would love to hear more about Turbo Jam? Is that online? DVD?My question for you is: Do you have an absolute favorite ab exercise?

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    I think my favorite thing about your blog is seeing your awesome workouts. I also liked some of the challenges you did, like the Booty Busting challenge.

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    That's a pretty great grab bag! Question: You may have answered this in the past, but it may have updated / changed, or may inspire you for the half this weekend. Do you have a running mantra? What do you tell yourself to know that you can do it?

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    This is so exciting! I wish every blogger would do a favorite things giveaway!I just started my blog

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    I would love to know your best tips for doing exactly what you're doing ..making a comeback. We've all been there before and it's so tough! Right now i'm at 9 miles and can't break through!

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    I'm new to your blog and I'm really ejoying reading it.Question: Trying to eat healthy and figuring out where to begin is a bit overwhelming. What were your first steps to eating healthier?P.S. I posted a link on my blog.

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    Wow, thanks for sharing with us! Not sure if you can send some of that stuff up north or not…but…I'd love to know more about what you do to bust cravings throughout the day!Also posting a link on my blog!

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    My vote #2 is: I would looove to see more pics of YOU and get to find out more about your life – especially how you first started to motivate yourself to run and what factors continue to motivate you!?!?

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    Second CommentQuestion: If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would you move? (or would you stay exactly where you are):-)

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    i have been away for awhile, but i am loving the blog changes! very nice.nice job on the 6 miler, glad things are feeling better again!

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    Way to go on the six miles!Count me in for the contest. A question: what's your ultimate running goal? Boston? Completing an ultra? Being able to do it into your 80s?

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    First off, great job with the 6 miles!! Next, wow, that is what I call a give away!! Sign me up!!And lastly, what I'd like to know…oh! Two things. 1) how's kitty doing? 2) have you traveled for a rock n roll race and if so, which one would you recommend?

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    1. Comment: YESSS! I LOVE GOODIE-BAGS!2. Question: What do you do for work?????? And what are your future work/career plans/goals?3. I posted a link to your blog on my blog!!! (it doubles as a Twitter post, too– see top of my blog).

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    What's been your most favorite race and why? Doesn't have to be where you pr'd, but could be the atmosphere or location or any reason really!

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    Ooooh I'd love to win that book most of all! I'm just about to graduate as a dietitian and I want to specialize in sports nutrition and need to soak up everything I can!I posted a link on my blog, and here's a question for you:Which running workout is your favorite? (Long run, intervals, tempo, easy run…) Which is your least favorite?

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    Great gift bag giveaway. You always manage to put together great giveaways and challenges.Good news on the 6 miles! Isn't it crazy how the cardio can wane so quickly?

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    Do you go on the same running route or do you change it up? if so, how do you plan out the route?I am curious, I seem to go on the same routes and I am getting tired of them. I live by a alot of traffic, sucks!

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    Here's my question comment: Have you always been a runner? Or did you come from a more sedentary upbringing and make the choice later in life to become active? Throw in a battle with anorexia to the latter, and you have my fitness story (up until this point, anyway!).

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    2.) question: having traveled so much, do you wish you lived in a more fitness-oriented town, or do you like being in the "minority" around here?

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    what is your running story, how did you start and what pulled you in? what is your favorite race you have ran? i guess thats a lot of ?s :)

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    That giveaway is fantastic!… here's my question … how do you find time to post, get giveaways, comment everywhere and workout?

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    Hi! I am new to your blog and it is great! Thanks for holding a give-a-way! That is just awesome!I am always looking for new items to try and use as fuel! Question: Was it chocolate or ice cream cake that you had? Ice cream cake rocks!I will definitely post your link on my blog!

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    great job on the run! way to get back out there. i was just wondering when you are going to post the pics of the new 'do as a BLONDE.

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    We are getting wild on the giveaways huh! :)One of my questions for you would be how were you rasied food wise? did you eat a lot at home or out? Just random and wondering.

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    and here's my question for you: i always have problems with sweat getting in my face as i run…any suggestions? i've heard making V's w/ vasoline works, and of course wearing hats but i don't like them!

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    Wow, I'd love to sample these goodies. Who doesn't want chocolate? I've had Amy's soups before, I especially like the alphabet soup, but I've never tried an Amy's Entree yet.

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    And here's my question… Since I'm new to your website, how to you manage to hold all these great giveaways? Are they samples from the companies? Are you sponsored by any of these companies? Or are you just a fantasticlly generous person who loves to do nice things for others? Thanks!

  32. Manon says

    Love your blog! I swear, Chandra is going to get me addicted to so many blogs my google reader is going to blow up! And good luck @ the half on Saturday….looks like the weather will be MUCH better!

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    question: Out of everything you have purchased in the last year, which has been most beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

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    I am new to this bloggin world, and came across yours a few days ago! I love your ambition, and you are just too cute!Thanks for the giveaway! All this stuff looks fabulous, and I have wanted to try many items in this gift bag for quite some time now. I love running, and traveling, my husband and I move to Mexico in January to work there are missionaries actually. Also I have a question for you:What is your number one strategy for dealing with any obsessions with your weight?

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    My question?? Can I help you plan your vow renewal next year? I read your wedding story last week, and I feel terrible. I want you to be able to replace your original memories with some less parking garagish ones. Also…did you sue that stupid wedding coordinator???!!!Lastly…I'm going to link you back on my next post!

  36. Laura in Pgh says

    Your goodie bag looks amazing! I've been wanting many of those items .Love your pre-workout snack!

  37. Laura in Pgh says

    Second comment: What/who's training plan are you using for your marathon? And what steps do you take to keep yourself healthy while running 50 miles/week?

  38. Ashley H says

    Second Comment: How long did it take you to train for your first half-marathon and did you use a training plan?

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    Looking at the places you travelled to, and the places you want to go, Honduras sort of seems like the odd location in the group. Any particular reason you want to go there?

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    What has been your favorite race to participate in, from a "great scenery, great crowd, the miles fly by" perspective? Researching (and contemplating entering) fun races has become a slight obsession of mine :)

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    congrats on the 6-mile run with no walking =) I know that feeling of getting frustrated and then eating 2 slices of cake – in fact that was me this weekend!

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    I just linked back to this giveaway in my last post, and I have a question for you about what you eat – could you post your food "staples" or a typical day's worth of food? I know that everyone is different but it would be interesting.

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    What I would like to know…. hmm and sorry if you have answered any of these already!-Why did you start running? And at what age?-When is running the hardest for you?-What are some of your side hobbies besides cooking and running?-What was one of your most memorable runs? Through a scenic part? During a race? etc

  44. Anonymous says

    Tracy:I think the most challenging part of balancing a healthy lifestyle is trying to eat socially with people who don't really have a healthy life style. that and trying to tell/find people that have a passion for exercise or running like you do. howd you get so far in your running is what i'd like to know.I"D LIKE TO BE ENTERED TOO!

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