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The other morning you may have noticed my Green Smoothie received a little amp up fromYouShake Berry Bliss …I’ve never been a protein powder fan so I thought.. I don’t know about this. Well I was wrong, the stuff had 14 grams of protein for 110 calories plus some great taste…and I could read all the ingredients! I seriously can not wait to get some more or make my own mix with spirulina!

I have now also tested out a YouBar…and my friends let me tell you it was a yummy…and again I can procounce the ingredients! I have really come to love putting only the best fuel in my body and this is excellent.You have the ability to customize your own bar which means you can make it as low cal or high cal as you desire based on your needs. The YouBar that I taste tested earlier was about 140 calories and felt like a decadent treat (like a brownie really!), but many others are close to 200 calories and thus better for a post or pre-run fuel up….unless you are out of PB like me and then it’s just good anytime! You can see from the picture that they are not terribly big…but they are very dense unlike a granola bar.

YOUBARS were created by a runner…containing peanut butter…HELLO DO I EVEN NEED TO TELL YOU MORE!! In case I do, here are some answers from Anthony (owner and RUNNER!)How did you come up with the ingredients for the build a bar? As a PB fan I looooove that it’s the base!
My mom and I came up with our original ingredients from the nutrition bar recipes my mom has been making for years. Then over the years our customers and requested different ingredients so we just add them to our ingredient list. We are always looking for new ingredients to add to our website.

When did you add shakes to your product line?
We added You Shake to our You Bar product line in September 2008 and it became an instant hit! We are the first protein shake that uses organic freeze dried fruit to flavor and sweeten our shakes which make them taste great and really healthy.

Are you still running marathons?
I am still running marathons. I am actually going to run the LA Marathon in May this year. I am also going to do the LA Triathlon for the first time in October.

Interested in trying these out: 10% off with coupon code “RunToTheFinish”…I love coupon codes with my name, hehe.

what Bar or Shake you would create??

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    Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog, your eats look great! I love your side panel too, nice to see everything you have goin on right now! My creation would be: * Sunflower Seed Butter * Whey (Milk) Protein * Chia Seeds * Organic Black Mission Figs * Organic Dried Apricots * Organic Brown Rice Syrup * Carob Powder * Organic Oat Bran Because I don't normally eat these things, I pretty much went with the most unique bar ever! ha haI like this idea of making my own bars for sure!!!

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    i want to try these!!!what a clever concept.i think id try the youbar basewith soy protein chia seeds goji berries agave nectar and granola and chocolate chips. NOM!

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    My bar would look like this…Base: * Organic Dates (Fat-free) * Organic Soynut Butter * YouBar Base **RecommendedProtein Powders: * Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds: * Organic Flaxseeds * PecansFruits/Berries: * Organic Dried Apple * Organic Shredded CoconutSweeteners: * Organic Agave NectarSeasonings: * Organic Cacao NibsGrains:InFUsions: * Greens Infusion (Spirulina)

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    There's so many choices – I think this would be really hard to choose just one mix-up! I'd definitely go for something with the whey in it – I'm looking for more ways to add protein into my diet for stronger muscles while eating less meat. This would be perfect!

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    Well, I made about a million, but here was the last shake: Protein Powders: * Soy Protein Flavors: * Chocolate (Cocoa)Fruit: * Organic BananasSweeteners:Infusions: * All One Vitamin Infusion * Fiber Infusion * Greens Infusion (Spirulina)

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    Oh wow, this sounds awesome! I would make a shake:* Rice Protein Powder* Chocolate (Cocoa)* Organic Strawberries* Organic Brown Sugar Cane Juice* All One Vitamin Infusion* Greens Infusion (Spirulina)I'll post about the give away on my blog in my next post (I'll let you know when it's up.) Hope your massage was great. :)

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    I am a shake lover…Whey protein, vanilla powder, bananas and strawberries (2 to 1 on the berry to banana ratio), light organic brown sugar, stevia and creatin. I'd add it to a little orange pineapple juice when it came with a bit more vanilla yogurt and voila…a great tropical smoothy.

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    Oh wow, sounds so yummy!I'd go for:- Almond butter- Whey protein- Hemp Seeds and Soy Nuts- Goji Berries and Dried Apricots- Honey- Organic Cacao Nibs- Galaxy Granola

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    My shake would be:2 scoops chocolate fudge ice cream 2 tbs malt powder1 cup low fat milkWhipped cream to tasteOh… It's supposed HEALTHY… um, I'll get back to you on that.Meanwhile, I'll look at the other yummy recipes.

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    I think this sounds like a fun and yummy combo!Base: * Organic Peanut ButterProtein Powders: * Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds: * Organic Sunflower Seeds Fruits/Berries: * Organic Raisins * Sweetened Dried CranberriesSweeteners: * Organic Clover Honey Seasonings:Grains: * Organic Galaxy Granola InFUsions: * All-One Vitamin Infusion

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    My creation:YouBar base and peanut butterWhey proteinAlmonds and org cashewsraisinsclover honeyCinnamon, cocoa and coffee crystalsYUM!

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    Oh my gosh this all looks amazing though i'd definitely like to make some shakes that were lower in sugar than their popular shakes. But, I LOVE the Breakfast shake and would love slurping it down each morning after my workout!!

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    My creation would be a bar with as much peanuts and chocolate as they could stuff in that thing. Adding in whey protein and probably some flax seed too.Great idea though

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    I love all these websites with customized products. So many things to chose from!!I'd go with the recommended base, whey protein, chia seeds and organic walnuts, goji berries and dried apricots with a little galaxy granola. Now can I win some of this stuff so I can actually try it?! 😉

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    I totally want to make these. When Denise was trying them out I went and played already with making a flavor. I think its so cool that you can name it too!! peanut butterwhey proteinagave nectarchoc chipcocoaoat branMy bar would be named PBLova

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    whoa what an awesome concept!!! My PERFECT bar would be * YouBar Base **Recommended * Whey (Milk) Protein * Almonds * Organic Dried Apple * Organic Raisins * Prunes * Organic Clover Honey * Cinnamon * Coffee Crystals * Natural Unsweetened Cocoa * Organic Galaxy Granola * All-One Vitamin Infusion Can't wait to hear the results! Thank you for offering such an awesome product =) <3 xo

  17. Maria says

    I love Larabars, and these don't seem too far off base…I'd love to try:Base: * Organic Dates (Fat-free) * Organic Peanut ButterProtein Powders: * Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds: * Organic WalnutsFruits/Berries: * Sweetened Dried CranberriesSweeteners: * Organic Agave NectarSeasonings: * Natural Unsweetened CocoaGrains:InFUsions: * Greens Infusion (Spirulina)This is a really great concept!

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    AMAZING!here is my shake:Protein Powders:Whey (Milk) Protein Recommended**Flavors:Organic Vanilla PowderFruit:Organic BananasSweeteners:Organic Brown Sugar Cane JuiceInfusions:Greens Infusion (Spirulina)Nutritional Yeastsweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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    here is my bar:Base: * YouBar Base **RecommendedProtein Powders: * Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds: * Almonds * Chia Seeds * Hempseeds * Organic Flaxseeds * Organic Sesame SeedsFruits/Berries:Sweeteners: * Organic Clover Honey Seasonings: * Natural Unsweetened CocoaGrains: * Organic Galaxy Granola * Organic Oat Bran great giveaway!

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    I have been wanting to try these for over a year and would love to win some!I would make this bar:Base: Organic Dates Protein Powders: Whey ProteinNuts/Seeds:AlmondsFruits/Berries: Shredded CoconutSeasonings: Chocolate ChipsGrains: Nutty Rice Cereal

  21. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the great giveaway!My bar would contain: peanut butter, cinnamon, cocoa, and lots more!~Steph (

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    My Bar would be: * Organic Dates (Fat-free) * Whey (Milk) Protein * Almonds * Organic Flaxseeds * Organic Dried Apple * Sweetened Dried Cranberries * Organic Agave Nectar * Natural Unsweetened Cocoa * Nutty Rice Cereal * Fiber Infusion

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    Yum! So much fun to pick and choose your OWN bar!! * Organic Dates (Fat-free) * Soy Protein * Almonds * Chia Seeds * Goji Berries * Organic Dried Apple * Sweetened Blueberries * Organic Brown Rice Syrup * Cinnamon * Organic Cacao Nibs * Organic Ginger * Organic Galaxy Granola * Organic Oat Bran

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    My shake would be called "Aham-bam banana" And it has the following in it:Whey (Milk) Protein Recommended**Organic Vanilla PowderOrganic BananasSplenda (Though I am torn since I would like to try Stevia)All One Weight Loss InfusionFiber InfusionGreens Infusion (Spirulina)This was really fun and I think it would taste pretty darn good too.

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    What a great giveaway! I love the idea of making my own bars!! Here's what mine would include!YouBar BaseWhey ProteinCashews and PeanutsDried ApplesBrown Rice SyrupCinnamonChocolate ChipsUnsweetened Cocoa

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    Mmmmm Thanks for the great giveaway and the heads up on these bars. How cool. I would probably like my bar pretty plain though. Base:* Organic Soynut Butter* YouBar Base **RecommendedProtein Powders:* Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds:* Organic Flaxseeds* PecansFruits/Berries:* Organic Shredded Coconut+ the chocolate flavor. 😉

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    This is such an awesome giveaway! My bars would have cashew butter, dates, extra whey protein, almonds, figs, coconut, honey, ginger, oat bran, and stevia

  28. Laura E says

    Wow, great giveaway! I've always wanted to try these, thanks for the opportunity! This would be my bar:Base:Cashew ButterOrganic Dates (Fat-free)Protein Powders:Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds:AlmondsFruits/Berries:Organic Shredded CoconutI don't have a blog but I emailed you!

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    So many choices!K, here's what I would like to try:You Bar Base, Whey protein, chia and flax, Goji and Blueberries, Honey, Granola, Cinammon and Cacao nibs

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    My bar would look like this:Base:Cashew ButterYouBar Base **RecommendedProtein Powders:Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds:AlmondsOrganic Flaxseeds Fruits/Berries:Goji BerriesOrganic Sweetened Cherries (w/Sunflower Oil)Sweeteners:Organic Brown Rice Syrup Organic Clover Honey Seasonings:Chocolate ChipsCoffee CrystalsGrains:Organic Galaxy Granola InFUsions:Fiber Infusion

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    wow, so many options! here's what i've got: * YouBar Base * Soy Protein * Almonds * Organic Flaxseeds * Organic Walnuts * Goji Berries * Prunes * Organic Agave Nectar * Chocolate Chips * Cinnamon * Nutty Rice Cereal

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    These look tasty!Here's my Youbar:Base:Almond ButterOrganic Dates (Fat-free)Protein Powders:Rice ProteinNuts/Seeds:AlmondsOrganic WalnutsFruits/Berries:Organic RaisinsSweeteners:Organic Agave NectarSeasonings:Cinnamon

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    Count me in for the contest! I've gone to this website a few times over the past couple months and created all sorts of different concoctions just to see how the nutrition changes with each one :)

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    Base:Organic Peanut ButterProtein Powders:Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds:AlmondsOrganic Pumpkin SeedsFruits/Berries:Organic Dried Apricots (w/Organic Rice Flour)Organic Sweetened Cherries (w/Sunflower Oil)Sweeteners:Organic Clover HoneySeasonings:Grains:Organic Galaxy GranolaOrganic Oat BranThis is cool, wish you could create in a local location, even htough online rocks!ashlomb at yahoo dot com

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    Just came across your blog, and I love reading it!The "Gillian" Bar would include:I'd go for:- Organic peanut butter- Whey protein- Hemp Seeds and Chia Seeds- Goji Berries and Sweetened Dried Cranberries- Honey- Organic Cacao Nibs- Galaxy GranolaYUM! (

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    Oh my gosh, I was having so much fun making up combinations! haha. Mine would have: * YouBar Base **Recommended * Whey (Milk) Protein * Chia Seeds * Organic Flaxseeds * Goji Berries * Organic Clover Honey * Cinnamon * Organic Cacao Nibs * Organic Ginger * Organic Oat Bran * Fiber InfusionCool!

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    How fun!Here's mine cut and pasted. * Organic Peanut Butter * Whey (Milk) Protein * Organic Flaxseeds * Organic Sunflower Seeds * Organic Raisins * Organic Sweetened Cherries (w/Sunflower Oil) * Organic Clover Honey * Natural Unsweetened Cocoa * Organic Cacao Nibs * Organic Oat Bran * Fiber Infusion

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    Base: Organic Dates (Fat-free)Protein Powders: Whey (Milk) ProteinNuts/Seeds: Almonds, Organic Flaxseeds Fruits/Berries: Organic Sweetened Cherries (w/Sunflower Oil)Sweeteners: Organic Brown Rice Syrup Grains: Organic Oat Bran

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    I am so excited! Make your own bar? Wow, it is on!My (first) concoction would be: * Almond Butter * Organic Dates (Fat-free) * Whey (Milk) Protein * Almonds * Organic Cashews * Organic Shredded Coconut * Sweetened Blueberries * Organic Agave Nectar * Cinnamon * Organic Cacao Nibs * Organic Oat Bran

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    Base: * Almond Butter * Organic Dates (Fat-free)Protein Powders:Nuts/Seeds: * Almonds * PeanutsFruits/Berries: * Organic Shredded CoconutSweeteners: * Organic Agave Nectar * Organic Clover Honey Seasonings: * Chocolate Chips * Natural Unsweetened CocoaGrains: * Organic Galaxy Granola addeviant006 at gmail dot com

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    My bar would be:Base: * Almond Butter * YouBar Base **RecommendedProtein Powders: * Rice ProteinNuts/Seeds: * Almonds * PeanutsFruits/Berries: * Sweetened Dried CranberriesSweeteners: * Organic Clover Honey Seasonings: * Chocolate Chips * Cinnamon * Natural Unsweetened CocoaGrains: * Organic Oat Bran InFUsions: * Fiber Infusion

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    you bar base, extra whey protein, agave nectar, almonds, coconut, chia seeds, goji berries, cinnamon, spriulinai've totally wanted to try these!!

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    So many bar options…I would make a bar with these yummy ingredients:* Almond Butter* Organic Dates (Fat-free)* Whey (Milk) Protein* Organic Dried Apple* Organic Raisins* Organic Clover Honey * Cinnamon* Organic Oat Bran * Fiber InfusionThanks!

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    ohhhh man, so many options! i'd use ginger, cacao, cinnamon, dates, sunflower butter, pumpkin seeds, coconut. umm, actually, how about everything!i'll link back to you later today!

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    Oh, I want to try these soooo badly! My bar would have:YouBaseWhey PPChia seeds (want to try these!)Hempseeds (also want to try these!)Goji berriesOrganic raisinsAgave nectar (not too much)Cacao nibsMaca powder (sounds interesting!)Oat branGreens infusionWow, that would be a phenomenal bar!! I want to win! :) And I dyou linked back to you at:

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    thanks for such an amazing giveaway! I have been dying to try these bars! I just headed over to their website… and customized my own youbar =)Base: Organic Dates & YouBar BaseProtein Powders: Rice ProteinNuts/Seeds:AlmondsFruits/Berries: Organic Raisins & Organic Shredded CoconutSeasonings: Chocolate Chips & CinnamonGrains: Nutty Rice Cereal & Organic Galaxy GranolaInFUsions: SteviaI'm also posting a link to this giveaway in my next

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    I would love to win this because I can't eat most bars due to my peanut allergy. I think I'd go for a sunflower butter, whey protein, flaxseed, fig, and brown rice syrup sweetened bar. Sounds delicious!Sarah

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    Weird combo of flavors, but I just picked all the ones I love on it's own. ^^Base:Organic Dates (Fat-free)Protein Powders:Rice ProteinNuts/Seeds:Chia SeedsOrganic Flaxseeds Fruits/Berries:Goji BerriesOrganic Shredded CoconutSweeteners:Organic Agave NectarSeasonings:Organic GingerGrains:Organic Oat Bran InFUsions:All-One Vitamin Infusion

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    I think I'm going to create this whether I win or not haha*PB*Whey protein*Choc Chips*unsweetened Cocoa*Organic Brown Rice Syrup*CoconutAlso I am going to Link Back!

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    Protein Powders: * Soy Protein Flavors: * Chocolate (Cocoa)Fruit: * Organic StrawberriesSweeteners: * Splenda Infusions: * All One Weight Loss InfusionIs what I would create!mommyhoodisthankless{AT}

  51. says

    I would do something like this: YouBar base with peanut butterAlmonds and org cashewscranberries and coconutclover honeyCinnamonmdhohn(at)msn(dot)com

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