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You might be an addict if… you feel like crying when the jar is empty?
You might be an addict if … anyone has ever had to pry the jar away from you to save you from exploding?
You might be an addict if … you find ways to incorporate it in to everything you eat!

It has come to my attention that there is a serious crisis happening among runners…a peanut butter addiction you may call it. We crave it, lust after it, dream about it and find ways to put it just about anything we eat….in a smoothie, on oats, on bread, straight from the jar.

It all starts out so innocently…mom makes a PB&J for a quick lunch, the college student buying the big cheap jars. Then I started to discover natural and organic PB…oh the flavor. THEN came the day that Naturally Nutty sent me some Almond Butter and not just any Almond Butter but Vanilla and then Butter Toffee Peanut Butter.

I have been out for approximately a month now and I’m in withdrawl..serious hard core getting the shakes really need a fix kind of withdrawl. Now if I weren’t so cheap I’d just pay the shipping and get it on it’s way…Well you can buy 12 jars and get free shipping…but people 12 jars in the house of an addict is like well it’s like 12 jars in the house of an addict. :)

I know Lil Runner has been sufferring…err enjoying this afflicition…so be brave and step forward…are you an addict…how can you help the rest of us… I have a few ideas…

What is your best PB recipe?
What is your favorite brand, flavor…homemade?
Where is it cheapest?

Don’t worry friends we’ll get through this together!

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    Mmm, I am totally a PB addict. I am too poor for the high-brow kinds, so I generally just buy organic crunchy PB at the local box store. I like it straight from the jar, but I just made a pretty good PB-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie…

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    total addict! i really have trouble going a day without it :) i don't really crave all the variety though – – i luuuuv my whole foods store brand smooth and crunchy (ingredients for both: just peanuts 'n' salt!).fortunately i don't mind my addiction so much — as long as i get my daily dose, i'm cool for the rest of the day. YUMMMMMMM.

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    hi, my name is shannon, and i'm a pb addict :) my fav pb is prob 365 brand, almond butter tj's brand. LOVED the chunks in barney butter, and i haven't tried any naturally nutty…

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    I am an ADDICT!!!! I eat at spoonful every morning and most likely every night as well! I really enjoy the organic creamy kinda from Trader Joe's..However, if I am at Target I but the Skippy Natural kind….soooooo goood! I don't have nay fav recipes since I basically like it on anything and everything 😀

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    I seriously told myself I'm not allowed to buy it anymore. I finished a jar in like 3 days the other day. It talks to me while it's in the house,…"eat me." I was eating Crazy Richards but it doesn't have salt and I need a little salt. TJ's has some really good prices on their natural PB.

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    peanut butter makes ANYTHING taste better — peanut butter and cream cheese and sour cream — put them on anything and it just kicks up the meal a notch (just don't eat them together)

  7. says

    me too. My original love was reduced fat Jif crunchy which is impossible to find in Phoenix. Apparently there's a super target in Glendale with some… Now I'm on a 365 organic crunchy almond butter kick. Pretty cheap and great taste!

  8. says

    I am addicted to PB. I eat it at some point everyday. I don't discriminate, I like all forms from organic to you normal skippy.

  9. says

    My name is Elisabeth, and I'm addicted to peanut butter. Almond butter too. Non-peanut butter lovers really can't understand my madness.I can generally be found eating it straight out of the jar, and I generally only buy natural organic butters. Since I started eating the natural peanut butter, I can't stomach the processed version…it's so…so…processed.I try not to make these unless I'm feeling really strong because I will literally eat the entire batch, but I love making peanut butter balls.-1 jar peanut butter-2 cups of your favorite high fiber cereal, twirled in the blender a few times.-1/2 cup granola, crushed almonds, etc…I get creative sometimes…-Add water as needed to keep the "dough" moist enough to manipulateSmash it all together, and make it into little balls. You can then roll them in the crushed cereal, or leave them as is. Just store them in the fridge, and they actually get better as they set and the flavors mesh.I also have added a scoop of chocolate protein powder into the mix, and that is great if you need a little peanut butter/chocolate fix.Beware…

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    Addict here! I love Barney Butter, Maranatha no stir almond, and pretty much every peanut butter I've come in contact with. I like to scoop a bunch on a spoon, top it with semi-sweet chocolate chips and chomp away. Why is that stuff so freakin good?

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    I love the good old fashioned with chemicals and hydrogenated everything straight from the jar on my finger … delicious.I only buy the natural type now, just peanuts. Which has stopped the over indulging and eating it out of the jar.It's delicious on a hot toasted cinnamon raisin bagel.

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    If you love peanit butter, you need a Braum's panut butter and chocolate fudge sundae. Braum's is located in area directly south of the KC area, so if you head that way, make time to stop off and grab one….

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    When I was growing up, my mom bought "Laura Scudders"(spelling?) natural peanut butter…and I remember for a snack I would dip a spoon into the jar and eat the PB off the spoon. (I don't remember eating PB sandwiches, but I sometimes make them now…usually combining the PB with one of those healthy low-fat "butter" spreads.) Now my family and I enjoy "Adams" PB (which used to be a local company in WA state, but it got bought by the Smuckers company several years ago).Favorite recipe: PB cookies: 1 cup PB (any kind will work), 1 cup sugar, 1 egg. Mix together, drop by spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet, and do the fork press thing on top if desired. Bake at 350 for 7-9 minutes or until set and lightly browned. YUM! I haven't made these for a long time, because when I do, I can't stop eating them!!!

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    Fortunately, I only like peanut butter with bread/tortilla (or is that unfortunate?), so it's not like I can feasibly eat it out of the jar (anymore). I really haven't had much of this stuff since the big recall, not because of fear but because the jar at my house is stale, and it got expensive to get at stores and unavailable in my company's cafeteria.

  15. says

    Sounds like you're…you're enabling us!I also am addicted to sunflower seed butter. Mmm. But nothing beats pb. PB cups. Chocolate-oatmeal-pb no-bake cookies. Bananas smeared with gobs of peanut butter…mmm…

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    Hilarious…Whole Foods brand peanut butter is actually pretty cheap (less than Trader Joe's, even). We have to keep a couple different jars in the house because I'm a bit of a purist – no salt or sugar, while Brent likes the salted variety and every so often asks me to pick up a jar of Skippy.

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    Love the Peanut Ball Recipe from Jogger.I love all kinds of "butters too" Almond, Cashew … and of course Peanut Butter. I am not addicted as I used to be, I can control it now. I was pretty bad a few years back, a jar in a few days.

  18. says

    I too am an addict.We usually buy the all natural from Costco, we're not brand snobs.My two favorite things:1) mix it with ice cream2) on fresh bread (my hubs bakes fresh bread once a week)

  19. says

    I eat PB on a whole wheat english muffin for b-fast every single day! My kids tease me about it all the time, "Oh what if we run out!" which, I inform them, will never happen because I am always sure to be with at least 1 spare jar! Love the Smart Balance brand.The guilty pleasure is the 'All Natural Peanut Butter & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams'…yummm! Fantastic on cinnamon raisin bread!

  20. says

    I love PB too! The only thing that cured my addiction was moving in with someone who was allergic, so since then I've tried almond, soynut, sunflowerseed and my most favorite cashew nut butter!

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    Oh gosh, looking at these pictures is making it so much worse. To see that jar of butter toffee (which by the end of the 6 flavors that I bought became my favorite), – I can't look at that. My stomach is longing for it.So that is my favorite, and my favorite recipe is for pb fudge – but you have to use the skippy crap for that, so I'd rather just eat NN out of the jar instead. Great post!! You're hilarious.

  22. says

    Oh god, sign me up. I'm still on the college-kid version buying Jif in the biggest jar I can find. One day I will grow up and try the real stuff

  23. says

    You may be an addict if… you just ate some 10 minutes ago? Well of course. Sadly I still haven't tried naturally nutty yet, I am too cheap too.

  24. says

    haha…i am totally a PB addict! I am obsessed with PB & Co, the Mighty Maple of CInnamon Raisin Swirl flavors – for me its cheapest at Giant, but still expensive!

  25. says

    I have to have a snack of peanut butter and apples almost every day!! Love it! My favorite brand is peanut butter and company, smooth operator. That company also makes a cinnamon raisin flavor which is amazing. You reminded me of a great recipe I have for a peanut butter dessert. I'll have to find it and post it soon on my blog. Guess that means I'll have to make it, too, so I can get some pics…it will make the husband happy!

  26. says

    I am an addict. I partially blame you :) That D*&% butter toffee peanut butter. You HAD to tell us about it… I ordered one jat to start. I almost cried when it was gone. My last order – well, why not just order a dozen, right? OH MY GOODNESS it is SOOOO good!

  27. says

    i LOVE peanut butter and have loved it my whole life (thanks mom). I come from a family of addicts. Not that all natural,organic stuff – I mean the hard core – KRAFT or SKIPPY. Love it. :)

  28. says

    PB is the best creation – EVER! One of my favorite things to do is freeze a banana, spread a layer of PB over the banana then freeze again. Dip in dark chocolate and freeze again and you have a very tasty dessert that isn't terrible for you. mmmm…..Now, I must find PB.Have you tried Peanut Butter & Co? They have a variety of amazing flavors like white chocoalte and cinnamon PB.

  29. says

    I am a total addict. I have a jar in my desk drawer at work & another at home. I don't have a favorite – I'll eat any peanut butter, or almond butter, or cashew butter. I think it might be time for my morning snack now – banana & PB, of course.

  30. says

    Oh yeah, I'm a nut butter addict. Honestly I blame the blog world (way to go, blaming others for your addictions). I used to kinda link pb but now I can't get enough of nut butters. Yes, the hubs prayed the Barney Butter jar out of my hands just 2 days ago. I had more for breakfast yesterday and another spoonful at night. Ugh. It doesn't help that all of us bloggers love it so it's everywhere! Oh well – it's delicious at least. Could be worse ;)My crack of choice is currently Barney Butter, although I'm about to polish of my second jar and I'm not sure if I can buy any again for a little while. I may have to go through the other 5 jars of pb I have in the house first. Hopefully I'll stay away from eating it straight from the jar.TJ's and WF have very cheap natural pbs (under $2/jar). That's a good price if you ask me. It's no Barney Butter though… :(

  31. says

    Definitely a peanut butter nut. As a child in South Africa I used to mix it – the brand of choice then was Black Cat – with old-fashioned Lyle's Golden Syrup, nothing better on freshly baked bread from Bolt's Bakery. Nowadays I am experimenting with all kinds of natural peanut butter – in a jar. Not from that big tub think in Whole Foods. Why? Because I saw an unsupervised little girl dropping something in there a while ago… The same little girl took a bite from a wholewheat fig bar, made a nasty face and put it back with the other unsold fig bars.

  32. says

    I can't start a long run without a heaping serving of PB! That stuff is a miracle: it gave me enough energy to run 16 miles yesterday without any other food. Incredible.

  33. says

    Yah… sign me up. I've been a life-long junkie. I should never be permitted near an Indian sweets shop, though I prefer natural peanut butter ground fresh. My favorite peanut butter ritual is absolutely disgusting, I glub it on top of my vanilla frozen yogurt. Sadly my former "roomie" (ex) and I started living on peanut butter and yogurt, I suspect he hasn't kicked it. Back in the old days of undergrad, i.e. the time before gourmet went main stream, I lived on those giant tubs of halavah and spinach salad.

  34. says

    Today I finished a tub of Publics all natural crunchy peanut butter. It was amazing, I eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am an addict. Now heading out for a long run

  35. Rae Rae says

    ok so i am sitting here eating a jar of Kroger brand CREAMY pb omg it is like heaven,I try to limit it but its bad im to where i eat a jar a day! lol i love pb but i am indeed an addict of peanut butter.

  36. Anonymous says

    please i love peanut butter sooo much i am eating now i make this great dessert with bananas,peanut butter, and oatmeal and mix it all together then spread it into a casserole dish and freeze it and cut into bars delicious

  37. Anonymous says

    OK I really have a problem…I can not stop eating it, thinking about it, wish I could have it always and yes, I freak out when I am close to getting low…I need help.

  38. says

    This page is awesome! I would absolutely *LOVE* to hear from Peanut Butter "addicts" in Southern California. I'm working on a new food docu-series on a major cable network and we're interested in hearing from who have unusual food obsessions. If anyone wants to hear more, please get in touch with Jessica at ASAP!

  39. says

    I'd love to chat with PB lovers who live in the greater Los Angeles area! I'm casting a new food docu-series and we're looking to chat with people who have an "obsession" with Peanut Butter. If anyone is interested in hearing more, please get in touch with Jessica at KiernanCasting(at)gmail(dot)com ASAP!

  40. Mark says

    TLC is looking for the people with Certain Food Addictions and Unusual Eating Issues. This program is an engaging and ultimately transformational Docu-Series looking to help Americans in need of a diet intervention. Each week, the series will follow a different person with an extremely restricted diet, often to the point of avoiding entire food groups. A team of qualified experts will use a number of techniques to help the person overcome their nutritional and psychological problems and develop a healthier diet. – Are you considered an extremely picky or fussy eater? – Do you have a limited diet of a few specific food items that you will not stray from? – Are you addicted to one food and one food only? – Do your friends or family members think your “picky eating” is getting out of control? – Are you terrified of eating certain foods and the thought brings you out in a sweat? If you or someone you know needs help with their food issue, then we want to hear from you. We’d like to hear from people who want help to overcome their problem. This is not a show for people who “just don’t like brussel sprouts” or choose not to eat meat for ethical reasons. This is a series for adults who genuinely would like help to deal with the psychological root causes of why they cannot eat or try new foods. If you are an adult with extreme eating habits and would like to know more about our show please respond to with the following: -First and Last Name -Age -City, State -Phone Number and email -Photo and/or link to your Facebook or Myspace -A brief paragraph about what makes your eating habits extreme and why you want help. The more you tell us, the better. If you know someone with an extreme eating habit and you would like them to get help, you may also nominate them.

  41. Anonymous says

    i am a runner.. and an addict. I recently started making PB myself. Once you start and figure out how to do it, you will NEVER go back to store bought..I take Trader Joe's peanuts (sometimes plain, sometimes honey roasted) and put in food processor with some peanut or canola oil and salt. Let it spin for about four minutes. The nuts will liquefy. When done you need to cool it to get it to set. Usually a few hours in the fridge will do the trick. Then, enjoy. It will be the best you have ever had.

  42. says

    I have been an addict since age 2. My mom always said I had pb in my veins instead of blood. Now my kids hide jars from me and my husband hates kissing my pb breath. O how I love its yummy creamyness.

  43. Anonymous says

    Great to find this site..since I thought I was the only peanut butter addict in the world. I crave peanut butter all it on bananas, toast or straight out of the jar!

  44. I love PB! says

    I too am a runner and I am OBSESSED with PB. So I fell in love with those machines where you Just grind up peanuts and it comes out all warm and yummy and I was adding flaxseeds to give it some crunchiness and then I discovered a machine at whole foods that grinds up peanuts and chocolate chips at the same time, hence fresh ground chocolate peanut butter, hence an orgasm in my mouth best thing I have ever tasted, especially if you put it in the fridge for a while and let it harden. Anyways, best PB ever

  45. PBJoe says

    I am truly addicted. 8 months out of gastric sleeve surgery, 105lbs later, this is still my weakness. It surely doesn't help with a wife nicknamed "coupon queen"….she manages to bring home sometimes 6 jars at a time because "heck of a deal". Skippy, Jif, Kroger, Aldi, Save a lot's house brand, Peter Pan, on and on. A real treat is HONEY PB….OMGGGG!
    Just woke up for a midnite drink of koolaid, just to finish the last jar. I need HELP!!
    My dietitionist turned me on to some powder, very healthy alternative. Google TRU Nut. Mix with water, like 1/3 of calories and fat. Not toooo bad………..

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