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I am a BIG (not horizontally big mind you) FAN of the make your own mixes that have been popping up lately… HELLO YOUSHAKES! So when I came across MyWayCereal I nerealy flipped my lid…here in the midwest we don’t have any of those fun cereal stores so I do all kinds of mixing on my own, but I definitely don’t buy goji berries and all the other FANTASTIC ingredients they offer!

There has been A LOT of MixMyGranola going around and I won’t lie it is fun stuff…but deep down the honest truth is that I am A CEREAL LOVER. I could eat it for three meals a day and do my green smoothies for 2 snacks a day…this could actually work.
MyWayCereal uses only organic ingredients and I just loooove the options you can put together. Talk about creating your own personalized and healthy cereal, no more crazy sugar highs or items where you can’t pronouce the words. I know I talk about ingredients a lot, but seriously I know for a fact I have felt better since starting to pay attention to what goes in my mouth!
What does MyWayCereal look like when developed by yours truly??
mutligrain harvest cereal
goji berries
chia seeds

The only downside I found was literally the bottom of my canister where the chia seeds took up residence. The “fun add-ins” like the choco-cherries are used sparingly which makes them like a toy in the cracker jack box and keeps your mix as healthy as possible.

“We, the co-creators, Sami and Ali, are long time friends who embraced a healthy lifestyle and decided to eat right, exercise right, and live a life of vitality and passion. As explained online, we have not created this business model, we have decided to launch it in the US after witnessing its overwhelming success in Europe. We have however, adapted it to the US market and enhanced the experience, ie. adding a real time “Nutritional Facts” calculator and going all organic. We use organic ingredients exclusively in our cereal mixes in order to direct our efforts towards a niche well defined market. Our customers are mainly health, environmentally, and socially conscious; who understand and appreciate “organic” living.”

They also work with HandsOnMiami and as you know I am big proponent of companies that give back…it just says something very important about the people running the show! Why do they work with them:

“We have chosen “Hands On Miami” after careful review of many other well deserving charities, for their community focus approach. Their work is not “cause specific” but deals with all aspect of community needs, whether it is to feed the homeless, care for the elderly, or help build housing.”

Visit and tell me what you’d put together
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  1. says

    really, yours lasted 1 week? oops :) haha, i haven't heard of that company, i'll have to go check them out! mine came from goji and me, but our mixes seem very similar!

  2. says

    Wow- your mix is so nutritious. Look at all that iron! I think I might have to steal your combination, except maybe minus the chia seeds, if they just get stuck at the bottom. Yum!

  3. says

    oh this giveaway is awesome!! I love dry cereal – especially in the upcoming spring months when it's too warm for oats! I would definitely start with the honey corn flakes, add bananas, raisins, and almonds.. a simple, yet delicious mix =) Your cereal sounds awesome!have a great day, girl <3 xo

  4. says

    So many choices! I'd make mine with Multigrain HarvestChococherriesAlmondsCoconutI'm going to link back to you in my next post this afternoon!

  5. says

    I heart cereal too…I'm a HUGE fan of Kashi Crunch…here's MY—MYWAY cereal:Multigrain Harvest VanillaMangos (I LOVE MANGOS) & BananasChia seeds (b/c they sound intriguing…haven't a clue what they are)

  6. says

    freaking AMAZING!!!!!!My Mix(1) 1 x Base : multigrain harvest 1 x Fruit : dates, diced 1 x Fruit : figs, diced 1 x Fruit : goji berries 1 x Indulge : ginger, crystallized21 OZ (595g)PRICE $ 9.15

  7. says

    what a great idea! i would do vanilla crunch granola, blueberry, coconut and chocogoji's…i LOVE how the nutrition label updates as you add things. so clever.thanks!

  8. Anonymous says

    Yum. Multi-Grain Harvest, blueberries, vanilla, pumpkin seeds…maybe some ginger too? The possibliities are endless!~Steph (

  9. says

    That's really cool just like the YOUBARS! No pb in these ones though, what is with that?my mix is called: HeMullyIt has hempoppy granola (bc I liked the name), mulberries, walnuts and goji berries. I'll link it to my next post!

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    YUM! I think I would make mine:Base : vanilla crunch granolaFruit : goji berries & datesSeeds : flax & chia seesIndulge : choco-macadamiasYUM! I am more of a granola fan, and this is awesome.

  11. says

    LMAO, well if you did the cereal 3 times a day that's 27g's fiber… add in the fiber in green smoothies and that would likely push you past the constipation line (35g's) in a day depending on the level of green you're throwin in those shakes. Tread lightly oh dietary goddess :-).

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    There are so many choices!Right now I am thinking multigrain flakes, diced pineapple and mango, and then some crystallized ginger for zip.

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    Yummy! That sounds so awesome. I used to mix my own cereal at home with dried fruits and flakes and stuff. Here's what I would do: 1 x Base : honey corn flakes 1 x Fruit : blueberries 1 x Fruit : strawberries 1 x Indulge : choco-macadamias

  14. says

    Ooh, another good one! I'm definitely more of a granola person but i could become a cereal person with all these fun mix-ins :)- multigrain harvest base- mullberies- dried bananas- almonds- choco-cherriesYUM!!!

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    What a delicious giveaway! My mix has in it: hempoppy granola, cherries, crystallized ginger, and pine nuts! Yum….. Here's hoping that I win! -e

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    Oh my! This could be as addictive as unsalted peanut or almond butter and Nutella…Here is my masterpiece:Multi Grain HarvestCranberriesMangoFlaxHazelnutsCocoa nips

  17. Jenny says

    Yum! I love these "make your own" things! I would make mine with the multigrain harvest, blueberries, cranberries, walnuts, and sunflower seeds!

  18. says

    Wow, this is making me want to abandon oatmeal and get back on the cereal wagon!I think I'd get multigrain base with dried bananas, blueberries, and apples, and pumpkin and sesame seeds.

  19. says

    ughhh I LOVE cereal! What an awesome contest! I would pick the multigrain and put bananas and goji berries and mango in :) I'll link back defin my next post!!

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    I love these make-your-own cereal companies popping around now!!! I'd probably make a vanilla granola with lots of fruits and almonds. :]

  21. Sally says

    I'd like the vanilla base, pineapple, almonds, peanuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, and pistachiosemail: bernesemountaindoglover (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

  22. Roxanne says

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!Vanilla crunch granola, zante currant, diced mango, crystallized ginger, gummy bears, choco-mulberries, plus chia seeds, macadamia nuts, and pistachios (even though the site's not letting me add nuts or seeds).

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    Yummmy! How fun is creating your own cereal? I would have to go with:-Honey corn flakes-Strawberries-Pineapple-and Cranberries =)You can check out my blog today, I added the link back to ya! Thanks

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    This is fantastic! I already do this at home with a mix of healthy cereals and add-ins, but it's SUCH a pain to then calculate the nutritional content. My pick would be the multigrain harvest with figs, apples, apricots, flax, chia seeds and choco-cherries. Yum!

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    I love cereal! I'd make a mix of the multigrain harvest base with dried strawberries, dried bananas, dried blueberries, raisins, and flax. Yum!

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