Matilda’s Kitchen – Win a Chance to Enhance your Smoothies!

Many of you have recently jumped on the Green Smoothie bandwagon with me…well guess what I found a great new item to enhance your smoothies!!! Matilda’s Kitchen makes some fantastic blend that will add both flavor and nutrition… take the Flax and Company Coconut for example: INGREDIENTS: ground flax seeds, ground sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, unsweetened unsulphured coconut, ground almonds, ground pumpkin seeds.
Again, I was inspired by this company not only for producing a great healthy product, but because of her attitude towards life and giving. After reading her story, I wanted to give you a little more insight on why this is yet another fantastic company…the people behind the current make such a difference. So here is a short interview with Matilda!

What did you learn from juicing and how would you recommend someone start?
Juicing gives your body high density nutrients so therefore builds up your immune system. I mainly juice carrots, celery, cucumber and kale but actually most veggies juice are wonderful. When I was in an acute stage of illness I used to drink about 4-6 glasses of fresh juice a day.

If you are just starting to juice you could start with the following recipe:
6 carrots
1 stick celery
1/2 cucumber (peeled)
2-3 leaves of kale (high in calcium)
-You could also add an apple if you like but I prefer not to add fruit to my vegetable juice.

Is your son still involved in the business?
Our son Beau is now 22 and has moved back to Australia. He works for an organization called Youth With A Mission. He has been working in third world countries, helping doctors in small villages, works in schools, helps build housing. — SERIOUSLY aren’t you inspired by this woman’s family!!

And do you have any plans to expand your line?
I will be bring out a Flax, Hemp & Chia flavor and I am considering bringing a line of Flax & Co Protein Bars.

If you could give people 1 piece of advice for a healthy happy life what would it be?
For me a happy healthy life means a balance between your physical, emotional and spiritual life. When any of these areas get out of balance we suffer the consequences.I will be using these yummy concoctions in my smoothies this week and letting you know what I think of each one…dude I’m ready to go make one right now!! If you’d like to win your own bag from Matilda’s Kitchen it’s your lucky day!! To enter:

1. Visit Matilda’s Kitchen and tell me one interesting thing that you learned about her or the products….or hey she’s got recipes people!
2. Deadline is March 16th 6PM

If you are smoothie obsessed…checkout this giveaway which will further enhance your Matilida’s kitchen flavors!!

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    Ooh, this sounds great – count me in for the contest!What I learned: Matilda (AKA Heather) has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My mom developed this, too, 20 years ago, as an autoimmune response to Lyme Disease, and has been able to manage it through serious dietary restrictions, including these sorts of products. So, I should win the prize so I can share it with her :) Okay, just kidding, but I am going to send her the link, because I also learned from the website that they sell this stuff at a fantastic health food store in downtown Philly.

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    I think that I have seen these around. Looks great!What I Learned: These don't need to be thrown in smoothies and can be used for pie crusts, truffles, and sauces. Very interesting!

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    I'll have to mix what I've been learning from YOU with what I've learned from Matilda's Kitchen (my own little "brown-nose smoothie"):Reading your blog has brought the whole idea of flax seed into my mind. I even bought some today (ground) to add to smoothies. Now I see from "Matilda" that there are even more yummy uses for flax seed. I'm liking the waffle and muffin recipes.I also like that I am not allergic to any of the ingredients in her Flax and Company packages!

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    Oh wow, this sounds great! I may have to venture out this weekend in NYC and find it myself! :) I found that due to her health issues she is dedicated to developing products for people who want real food, food that can help promote and maintain good health

  5. says

    Well I clicked on "buy" and it said the store didn't exist. I would be interested in buying some of her product but they don't have any stores in Virginia.I'm up for the freebie….

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    Ooh, pick me, pick me!!I learned her real name is Heather and there are tons of uses for these products other than just in smoothies!!Great find…I'm checking out the store locator now!

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    I thought it was interesting to know that when she got sick she was already eating healthy and working in a health food store. She decided she had to eat more nutrient dense foods. It makes me think about how intentional we should be when we eat.

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    I love this company!! I think the coolest part is that she started Flax & Company as a project for her and her son to do while home-schooling. And an initial investment of only $100 each!? That is so cool.

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    Count me in! And thanks for all of these great contests. The Chocolate Date Truffles look AMAZING! What an inspiring woman – beating cancer and creating an ethically sound company that promotes gluten free vegan products that look really tasty. It is so nice to see a business that focuses on total wellness.

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    Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway! Her products look AWESOME. I'm especially intrigued with the date nut chocolate truffles… three of my favorite things!

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    I have this and love it! I have tried all 3 flavors and can't get enough of them. Please don't enter me though and let someone else have the chance to try the products! They are that great!

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    I learned that Matilda is not her real name and that she used to own a health food store in Australia… and that they have a chocolate mix, which I now want :DThanks for the compliment on my blog and for the heads-up on the giveaway! I've been swaped so I'm totally behing on blog reading. Don't want to miss any good stuff :)

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    OO I would love this!!I learned that her immune system was weak and by drinking vegetable juice, water, barley grass, and other products, she felt much better!!

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    I have never seen this company before and glad to see its not too high in sodium! Could you use it in other ways….sprinkle in pancake batter, on oatemeal, PBJs? I think I could get creative! lol Thanks for the contest!

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    Great contest!Besides learning all about Heather and her battles to get healthy again I also learned that there are several grocery stores and markets within a few blcoks of my office which sell Flax & Company products.

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    ok, that second giveaway with the spinach made me want to puke, that looked gross!! matilda's stuff looks awesome. I want to try those naughty muffins(recipe). What I learned/think is cool is that she developed this stuff when she could hardly get out of bed. I think it is so cool when people have these inventions during these crazy life events.

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    She developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after intense rounds of antibiotics for her jaw tumor. She became antibiotic resistant and that destroyed her own natural immune system. Eating is a delicate balance. You must be in perfect harmony with your body. She has proven that eating natural can practically be a cure all for most ailments. Nature intended us to be at one with the earth. I like the fact that it is Vegan. Flaxseed is the super food. I have been using it for years. You ever try Uncle Sam Cereal? great stuff.

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    These mixes look awesome! I went to the website and sadly learned that all the stores are located in the east! I was just at the store today looking for pumpkin seeds and I noticed that all 3 of her mixes contain them. I would love to try these in some bread recipes!

  19. Laura E says

    Hi, I learned that Matilda's real name is Heather but they came up with the name Matilda's Kitchen because they are originally from Australia and were inspired by the famous Australian folk song, Waltzing Matilda!Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  20. Anonymous says

    Hi There!I learned that her real name isn't Matilda. Thought that was funny. These products look great. Hope I win!!~Steph (

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