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No prizes for being the fastest other than personal pride…no one be afraid to enter! But if it’s going to take you like 24 hours, well you may consider doing something more constructive with your time.

Ok let me start with…seriously my whole damn leg hurts. My hip, my quad, the back of my knee, my knee…WTF. I know I’ve been walking, but last time around that made things better, holy hell right now it hurts when I’m sitting. Guess it’s a good thing I made that doc appointment, hence I can complain because I am doing something about it!

Done with that. Moving on…come with me. Seriously I won’t mention it again until after the doc.

Loggin It…so HBBC did teach me something important and that was when I log all the various things I’m doing it really keeps me on track. In the past I logged my runs, but never logged the miles walked, the stretching, the weights, the abs…and when it occurred the cross training. That really doesn’t seem right or fair to all my body parts in retrospect.

I am offically logging it all now, which may take a tad more time, but not really. And I can already tell it makes a difference, I mean I want that little side bar to show three days of weights not 1 since I said I would do 3 and I want my wonky little circles that indicate I worked my abs…which I did this morning via the Skinny Bitch Body DVD…OH WAS THAT A HINT about the next challenge. Yes.

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KimPossible is the GRAND PRIZE winner of the Olathe Marathon free entry and thus she will get to enjoy my company.

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    Sorry about the legs! Hope the doc can help you!Once I started using Buckeyeoutdoors I started logging everything…walks, stretching, etc…I love being able to look back at my log.

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    I felt the same way! I actually tweaked your point system slightly and started a second blog, my "training log", which I linked to. I guess I coould drop the points, but I actully find it useful as a motivator, otherwise, what has been a great 30 min stretch over the past 4 weeks would likely slowly turn into 10 minutes…On another note, from someone who has struggled with knees at times: good luck:( They sure ca be frustrating. Hope the doc can help you out!

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    Ouch. I've been having owies, too, but so far they seem to be fairly minor. I went for an easy 3.25 mile jog today, the first on bare pavement since it started snowing last month. (With the temperature up to 50 degrees yesterday, the snow melted in a hurry!) I signed up for 7 on the 7th, too.

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    I like to keep track of everything but only track my miles and abs (as part of NY resolution) right now! HBBC was great for that and I've actually been missing it, too. I might steal your little side bar thingy and do that myself. So sorry about the leg pain. I hope the doc appt goes well. :-(

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    When I was having knee issues I went to PT and the doc reviewed some knee strengthening exercises that really helped me out. I continue to do them and it has made a tremendous difference.Calf Raises – stand on a step with your heel hanging off. Using one foot, push off and do raises. 2 sets of 15 for each legBalance Ball Squats – Using a balance ball, place it at the small of your back, with the other side pressed against a wall. Slowly do a squat, being careful not to over-extend. Hold in squat position for 5 seconds. 2 sets of 15You may have a different knee issue but hopefully these will help.

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    Tracking things really helps me stay on track to – checking off boxes or whatever else to know that I've done what I planned makes me get off my butt and get to the gym. Since HBBC I've been slacking. I need to restart my own tracking and counting. I shouldn't need a challenge to motivate me, although the abs challenge sounds great! :)Hope your leg/knee feels better. That's just so horrible!

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