Holiday Bootie Buster Prize Recap

Wow what fantastic companies have stepped up to the plate and really made this a holiday season to get your rump in gear! Seriously these really are some fantastic people that I have worked with so if these aren ‘t companies that you currently support, you might take a moment and check them out. I’m all for companies that are about using natural products, being kind to the little guy and well sometimes I just like the little guy.

First Place — To the person with the most points *Eat2Run2Live*
YakTrax Pro
Surf Shelf (if you have an exercise machine on which to use it)
Bumble Bars

Second Place — Drawn at random *Rachel at Fitness for Mommies*
Free Registration to race of choice: Olathe Marathon or Envirosports Race
1 yr subscription to Women’s Running Magazine
Barney Butter PB jar
Spirit of the Marathon DVD

Third Place — Drawn at random *Ashley at SweetandNatural*
YakTrax Walker
Naturally Nutty jar of choice
Bumble Bars

*** Prizes declined or not of use to winner will be passed down to next winner or another winner drawn at random. (i.e. if you don’t have an exercise machine to use the SurfShelf or can’t travel to one of the races)

Winners email me your mailing address.

Gifts for all participants:
1. Discounts for Olathe Marathon and 1/2 Marathon registration
2. Discount for RNR Arizona Marathon and 1/2 Marathon
3. Free shipping and 10% discount for Surf Shelf purchases — Contact SurfShelf via phone and talk to Randy
4. 10%discount for RoadID
5. Free Shipping from Barney Butter
6. Mary Lou’s Weigh: $10 discount (run50)

** Email me for any desired discount codes

Other prizes along the way:
1/2 way price of the Speed 2 belt to: N.D. at Lil Runner
Bumble Bars to: The Happy Runner, POM and Tami
Mary Lou’s Weigh: Sarah

Coming Up:
Virtual Race Sign Up on Friday…for 7 on the 7th (Feb)
30 Challenge – Gathering details from companies, but will post probably Monday.

*Drawn at random by placing all names on paper and drawning from hat.

7 on th 7th Sign Up


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    :-( but congrats to all the winners. Thanks for all your hard work with this. Although I gained a few pounds over the holiday, it would have been much, much worse without HBBC!

  2. says

    Awesome! Congrats winners. I think we are all winners for getting our booties busted!Thanks again for putting this together. You're awesome!

  3. says

    Amanda, I must be a little special… I can't find your email address and I want the discount for barney butter free shipping!! Thanks!!

  4. says

    Thanks Amanda for such a great challenge! I know it is hard work to do it all and take care of ourselves. So congrats to you girl! Congratulations to all the winners & participants for all the hard work you put into the challenge and yourself.

  5. says

    thank you so much for doing this, i learned a few things about myself (that i really can do ab/core work every day) and that a little extra doesn't hurt anyone.

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    Thank you again for putting this together! It was awesome and perfect timing. The bumble bars are pretty good. I like the lemon. I am packing them for my 2 week trip for a healthy quick option.

  7. says

    Thank you for hosting this event! Must have been alot of work but I REALLY appreciated the challenge and this unique idea you pulled together…so a big THANKS!

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    Thanks for putting this contest together…It had to be a lot of work for you. It was a great way to kick it up a notch through the holidays. Congrats to all the winners.

  9. says

    Congratulations to everyone, we are all winners I think. Darn darn I want to take advantage of that Barney Butter special but I am in Canada! So sad.

  10. says

    Ooh, congrats to all the winners, and thanks for hosting the challenge.(I never reported my points because I had a really hard time keeping track with traveling home for the holidays. Oh well! There weren't THAT many…)

  11. says

    WOW! Cool. I did the Big Sur Trail Marathon w/envirosports a few years back and I'm excited to win an entry into a race! Thanks for all your hard work.

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