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7 miles on February 7th
It’s free…do I really need to say anything else. A RACE…a little competition…something to get you moving… FOR FREEEEEE.

You can run it, walk it, skip it, crawl it, however you’d like to do it so that you move for a continuous stretch of seven miles…except for biking or driving or moving yourself by means other than your feet…this one is about being on your feet.

Sign Up
Go for seven miles sometime during the first week of Feb.
Find a Place; Do the Race
Report your time by Feb 8.

Just another friendly way to get you motivated to finish out the winter and move in to your spring races feeling strong. I hope to have some prizes lined up…we shall see…we shall see.

For added fun do the race with other folks in your area!! KimPossible has already gotten a few ladies who are not bloggers to agree to join us for 7 on the 7th and then reward ourselves with delictable chocolate at this local place call Christopher Elbows…I’ve never been and boy am I excited!
In the comments leave the following:

Estimated Finish Time

*I figure knowing what others may be running will inspire some of you to push a little harder, you can’t help yourselves, you’re all crazy little competitors.
Gratitude Journal
Jan 1: I am grateful for the chance to meet new people.
Jan 2: I am grateful that I have a job to go to…even when I don’t want to.
Jan 3: I am grateful I have runners to whine to that will understand my frustration.
Jan 4: I am grateful for lazy Sunday mornings to read the paper and enjoy some hot tea.
Jan 5: I am grateful for sunshine.
Jan 6: I am grateful for leftovers to make quick lunches.
Jan 7: I am grateful for a flexible work environment.
Jan 8: I am grateful for learning about Girls On the Run.

Loggin It
Holiday Bootie Buster Prize Recap


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    Katerina – dailyunadventures.comFemale.Gosh.. I have never run 7 miles before!!!! My PDR is 6.2 but I can do it. So.. I am going with 80 minutes????

  2. says

    Well, I know I won't come close to winning with these other projected times, especially since 7 miles will be a milestone for me, but let's go with it anyway!TnT Momma {you know the real name}Female90 minutes (but hopefully faster!)

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    Still love the gratitude journal.On the 7th, I'm doing my first 50K (31 miles). Time unknown. Have fun with the 7 on 7 race! And I can't wait for 9 on September 9th, 2009!!!

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    Sounds fun!Abby; female; not sure where I'll be on the speed front five weeks post-rehab, so I'll shoot for 60 minutes.Are there any rules regarding running outside vs. treadmilling it?

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    I'm in!ElinaFemaleI'll say a little under 70 minutes for 7 miles.I once sent my sister Christopher Elbows chocolates as a thank you, and she liked them! Enjoy!! :)

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    Sign me up, please. If I had a Photograph of You (Melissa)FemaleEstimated Finish Time: less than 80 minutesI can go faster if I don' t have to push a stroller and dodge slow walkers :)

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    Me, too! I'll have to work back up to 7 miles. (Made a start today with 3.25 miles.) So I'm going to give myself a time of 95 minutes to try to beat.

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    Cool! I was looking for a February race.Adventure Seekerhttp://nikemomof2.blogspot.com/FemaleEst time: 62 minThanks!I have some headbands I could donate as prizes.

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    A bit late to sign up I suppose, but I'll ad my name to the list. I'll be snowshoeing (does that count?) Name: Nikki from Slow is the New FastFemaleEst time: ?? I have no idea how long it takes to snowshoe!

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