Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

After Pile On the Miles, I can definitely see how a challenge is the right way to get all of us going over the holidays… and keep off the unwanted pounds while also increasing our fitness!! So in that vein I am reaching out to see who is interested in …..

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

This challenge will run from Dec 8 – Jan 4 thus getting us through the majority of the holiday parties, sweets, treats and festivals. Please leave a note below by this Friday if you would like to join… I’m still working on prizes so that info will have to come later!

HBBC Rules
1 Point per mile (run or walk or snowshoe)
1 Point per 15 minutes of weight lifting or pilates
1 Point per 15 minutes of another form of cardio (i.e. kick boxing, elliptical)
1 Point per 30 minutes of stretching or yoga or abs

Keep track of your points through whatever means you’d like…be honest.

Report your total points by Jan 5 to my email

Each week I’ll have everyone at least post how they are doing to keep us all motivated… assuming that is you are up for the challenge???
Gratitude Journal: Debating how I want to continue this…so for today I’ll start over with December.
Dec 1: I am grateful for all the yummy holiday recipes I have found this week.

HBBC Prize Update and Biggest Loser
More of a Hate, Hate Relationship


  1. Eat2Run2Live says

    I am a reader but would love to do this challenge! I wanted to do the POTM challenge, but after suffering an overuse, running-related injury this past summer, I cannot run over 15 to 20 miles a week. This is great, b/c you can include other forms of fitness!!! Hooray, i'm so excited! Keep us posted and count me in.

  2. Amisha says

    Yes!! I'm in. I love the idea of this challenge. I can still work out, but not have to run every single time. Thanks for thinking of it. I'm a reader, please sign me up.

  3. says

    Hey… I had a few people try to post a comment, but couldnt. They would like to join the challenge to:ZOmbie MomThe GazelleskpattersonTea TimeAnthony pN.D.

  4. says

    This is perfect. I didn't actually lose weight in last year's challenge, but I didn't gain any either, and that is half the battle. I did gain some this year, and I'm hovering below one of those "don't cross me" numbers on the scale.Thanks for posting in the old challenge forum!

  5. says

    What a great idea. I thoroughly enjoyed POTM. I am not sure I can keep track of this, but I will try my best. Oh and I didn’t read Skinny Bitch, but I’ve heard about and my sister read it. I recently cut out splenda and am using much less sweet stuff in general. Maybe one day, I’ll just stop altogether.

  6. says

    I couldn't post comments yesterday either. I don't know how we do this, but sign me up!I got to your site yesterday from POM and read all about your crazy wedding. That is nuts! I haven't been married nor am I engaged but I have nightmares about botched weddings all of the time. Hope by now it is an endearing memory and I hope that woman is out of business!

  7. says

    Hey,I am newer to the blogging world and heard about this challenge through another blog. I love running and am definitely interested. What a great idea! How exactly does this work since its my first challenge- Do we just add them up each week?

  8. says

    Hi Amanda, I just found your blog and this challenge from Chandra's blog. I would love to join!! Hopefully this will keep me motivated through the holidays!Looking forward to reading your blog – I'm glad to see another midwest blogger out there! I currently live in St Louis and am moving to Omaha in a couple weeks. My in-laws live in the KC area :)

  9. says

    Totally need to do this especially since I would rather just eat and drink in December! Thanks for organizing. (Found you through P.O.M. too).

  10. Elsa says

    I am new to reading your blog, but if it is not too late I would love to participate. Great motivation for the month!

  11. says

    I'm thinking I may be a tad late.. but if its not TOO late I'd love to join!! I think keeping active is the best way to stay in check over the holidays. When I workout I eat better.. it's as simple as that!

  12. says

    Hey there. You may not know me, but my name is Matt and my wife is Bobbi (nhershoes) and she told me about your challenge and wants me to participate. Of course, I probably won't beat her, but at least we can finally see really how much exercise that I really do get. Thanks!

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