Day 16 - Good Times

Man things are really looking up today..except for the ice I slid on and that's just getting old.

This morning I got up and decided it would be a good day, starting with a good run.. I was tired from running last night so I couldn't talk myself in to doing intervals... instead I sort of stepped my way in to it.
.2 miles at 6.1-6.8
1 min at 6.1-6.8
Then slow jog around 6.2 to warm up and cool down

The remainder of the day went FABULOUSLY

I won shoes from the OnlineShoes.com contest -- I have to go pick some out, wohhooo
I received Chobani Yogurt to review
I heard from Pro Wash who wants me to review their stuff
I finished reviewing 130 page document with a wonderful client
Olathe Marathon put up a new fantastic website which should now encourage more of you to come run with me and enjoy all the goodies Kansas City has to offer
I'm getting ready to play guitar hero with my hubby and sing my heart out

HBBC- I am going to wait one more day for points and then I'll draw a winner. I have decided for the half way point and for second place at the end it will be a random drawing because I know everyone is trying. I'll post a final list of the prizes next week....oh the SUSPENSE
Dec 1: I am grateful for all the yummy holiday recipes I have found.
Dec 2: I am grateful for days where I can work from home in my PJ's.
Dec 3: I am grateful for upbeat holiday songs.
Dec 4: I am grateful to have a chance to see new cities, even if I am working.
Dec 5: I am grateful to love my home so much that I am always excited to get back.
Dec 6: I am grateful I can choose my own path in life.
Dec 7: I am grateful for the inspiration I'm getting from all the HBBC'ers.
Dec 8: I am grateful for being able to make others laugh.
Dec 9: I am grateful for random acts of kindness.
Dec 10: I am grateful for having learned about the Law of Attraction.
Dec 11: I am grateful I time to watch cheesy Christmas movies.
Dec 12: I am grateful for all the goodies I've been getting in the mail to review.
Dec 13: I am very grateful that my Christmas shopping list was so short this year!
Dec 14: I am so grateful my hubs is finally eating fruits and veggies, here's to a healthy heart.
Dec 15: I am so grateful that most bars are now NON-SMOKING!
Dec 16: I am so grateful for drivers who wave when you let them cut in.
Dec 17: I am grateful for a solid 8 hours of sleep.
Dec 18: I am grateful twinkling Christmas lights!
Dec 19: I am grateful for co-workers who went to the Angel Tree with me.
Dec 20: I am grateful we got out alive.
Dec 21: I am grateful for silly moments with family.
Dec 22: I am grateful for kind words.
Dec 23: I am grateful for fun products to review!


  1. Congrats on winning shoes! Awesome!

  2. Congrats on winning shoes. Woot!

    Oh, I'm glad you're going with some randomness for HBBC prize slots - we're definately trying. :-)

  3. Congrats on your noo shoos!

    Look at you, reviewing all these products! Famous you!

  4. congrats on all the fun stuff keeping my fingets crossed! MERRY CHRISTMAS MY DEAR!

  5. Congrats on winning the shoes on Onlineshoes.tv! Yay!

    Oh are we supposed to send you the points for the HBBC so far? I am so behind...

    Btw, I'm also working on a Pro Wash review!

  6. congrats on winning the shoes! if prowash is laundry soap, please please please review, my clothes are so smelly even after i wash lately

  7. Oh I really like chobani yogurt - high in protein and I really enjoyed it this summer! Way to go on the shoes!

  8. Man, I've been killing myself to rack up the points! Broke 100 today!! Maybe I'll get lucky and my name will be picked!

  9. Three cheers for things to be grateful for! Have fun picking out your new shoes, reviewing the yogurt (mmmm), and merry Christmas!

  10. Congrats on the shoes! Happy Holidays!

  11. yay for winning the shoes!!!!

    ok my HBBC points thus far are 52 as of now! i'm trying to ramp it up!

  12. Oooh - new shoes! Sweet!!

    That's just mean to make us wait. But I won't gripe for having to wait, 'cause I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win! LOL!

    Enjoy Guitar Hero. Rock on!


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