More of a Hate, Hate Relationship

Love/Hate Relationship…that’s how most people describe things they dislike, but for all my positive mojo lately I’d say I have just a Hate/Hate relationship with winter. Another 20 degree windchill greeted me this morning and I just thought this isn’t going to happen.

So I hopped on the treadmill…where this was my view .. the first sticking snow of the year…I had to get out there I simply could not imagine a whole winter of the treadmill.On went the new UnderArmour dryfit hat (only $8 on sale!!), the neck gator and the handy dandy iPod with chapters 4 and 5 of Eat, Pray, Love…which had some very inspiring messages today about opening your heart and how we all deserve joy.
Luckily I started out with the wind at my back or I may have turned right around..but there is something very cool about running with the snow falling (when it isn’t yet piling up around your feet). I was also glad to find I relaxed in to a slower pace since I was watching my footing on the leaves.
The only negative was some twinging in my knee on the’s been doing pretty good, but I’ve probably been pushing it too hard as well. I’m still doing daily leg exercises though and only wearing the knee brace about twice a week. Anyhow here I am returning from 8 miles, slightly snowy, but very happy.. I probably could have done more but truly I loved this run and am I glad it ended on such a good note.Now it’s time for a yummy french bread, ham and mozzarella sandwich with some of my remaining spinach salad, while enjoying the Sunday paper… wow I sound like I’m an old woman, but that’s ok cause I’m happy.
Gratitude Journal
Nov 1: I am grateful for a healthy body that allows me to run.
Nov 2: Thankful to have the funds that allow me to get a massage when I choose without feeling bad about it.
Nov 3: I am grateful to be married to a man that doesn’t take life so seriously.
Nov 4: I am grateful to learn something new every day in my job.
Nov 5: I am grateful to have so many food choices and never a lack for nutritious options.
Nov 6: I am grateful to have a boss who is interested in my advancement
Nov 7: I am grateful to have friends interested in a variety of things.
Nov 8: I am grateful I have time on the weekends to read a book.
Nov 9: I am grateful my husband will give my random cooking a chance
Nov 10: I am grateful to not yet be responsible for any life beyond my own.
Nov 11: I am grateful no one is home to hear me sing in the shower…but I’m really good.
Nov 12: I am grateful for adjustable thermostats, it’s warm when I get home and cool when I’m ready to sleep.
Nov 13: I am grateful for kind and friendly clients, they make the job so much more enjoyable.
Nov 14: I am grateful for books like The Secret that make me feel like the world is mine to have.
Nov 15: I am grateful for parents that allow me to be who I am, no restrictions, no if’s and’s or but’s.
Nov 16: I am grateful for cookie dough.
Nov 17: I am grateful for bloggers who take the time to drop a note, it makes me feel like I’m not alone in this crazy dance for a better life.
Nov 18: I am grateful to be over my stomach flu! Aren’t you grateful I didn’t blog about it?
Nov 19: I am grateful for my father, who was born on this day and taught me how a woman should be treated.
Nov 20: I am thankful for a treadmill that allows me to run when I want regardless of the weather.
Nov 21: I am grateful I can share with others my favorite things…maybe I’ll be like Oprah some day and give away cars!
Nov 22: I am thankful for running meditation and hallucinations.
Nov 23: I am grateful to be able to afford a trip to the salon this week..things are getting scary.
Nov 24: I am grateful for my cats who have unshakable love.
Nov 25: I am grateful for shortened work weeks.
Nov 26: I am grateful that D is proud to tell people I’m a runner.
Nov 27: I am grateful to have a loving family with which to make holiday memories and practice my patience.
Nov 28: I am grateful for good books which allow me to dream big.
Nov 29: I am grateful for any random excuse to get together with friends..even if our team did lose.
Nov 30: I am grateful for a passion that will help me overcome even my worst nemesis..winter.

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge


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    Hi Amanda. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and offering luck for the crappy situtation. I'm totally with you on the hate-hate relationship with winter. We're under a winter storm advisory right now, so the drive to school tomorrow should be interesting.

  2. says

    I would have to say i would be a hate/hate with that weather as well. Keep toughing it out, you are doing something most would just call it a Blockbuster day.

  3. says

    I'm with you on the cold and the dread of the indoors thing…it's tough though. On the Yaktrax…I'll let you know how they are once I try them (as far as messing with gait etc) as I bought them kind of end of last season and never tried them. But I can say I will get them tried this year cause no way I'm doing 20 milers prepping for Boston indoors!

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    Every year at this time, I think about how nice it would be to live in Arizona, or Florida, or anywhere warm……I'm totally with you on hating running in the cold…hang in there.

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    Looove the neck gator picks. I was just whining that I need one because we got our FIRST SNOW of the season. Brrrr. I'll go run in it tomorrow, and then we can cry about winter, mkay?

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    Yay for getting out in the cold weather! Really, truly I believe it is more mental over anything else. Good gear can help to overcome a lot of cold weather yuckiness. Last night a few of us got together for a conference call on winter running that should be up on the Runners Lounge blog next week, so check it out if you need some motivation!As for running in 45° weather here, don't worry, it will be severely cooling off starting tomorrow! Ugh!

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    I wish it would snow, just once, in Portland – so I could have a post like this! Even though you're doing the hate / hate thing – it sounds great!

  8. says

    I have a hate-hate relationship with the winter! BUT Boston has been wonderfully mild this year, so I ran outside quite a bit in October and November and didn't freeze my butt off!

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