Running Without Socks

Socks…they are a very personal choice. You’ve seen the hightop socks that are scrunched down, the cute little old men who wear black socks with everything, the socks with toes that I wore in high school and the socks with colorful characters that my dear mum still wears.

Personally, I prefer my low running socks..they peak out just enough to proudly display I’m wearing socks, but they don’t really add to the outfit. But here’s the important part… I MUST WEAR SOCKS.

Ick, I got to the gym last night to find I was sockless and it really threw me for a loop. I know people who run without socks, I am not one of those people. Ick, ew and really no thanks. But somedays you have to just take what life gives you, so I laced up hit the treadmill and then ran home to rip off those shoes and wash away the icky feeling.

The upside…I ran like hell to get that feeling over with as quickly as possible…hmm ideas for the race are percolating…no.

So what about you? Big socks, little socks, red socks, blue socks, no socks?

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    Short running socks are a must. They're normally in some really silly color or print. No one else sees them but me, but when I put them on they make me laugh a little:)

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    I definitely like my socks low cut – I like to have the tan line as low down as possible given that the white feet, tanned leg combo is virtually guaranteed for me. Injinji socks are my favorite for running..!!

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    was reading around your posts- you are doing excellent in your training! you are getting so fast! keep up the great work, it looks like only a couple more weeks until the 1/2!!

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    This is so funny! Throughout my first full tri season (2007) I have wondered why some people wear socks and some don't. I would imagine part of the reason for not in triathlon is to save a few precious seconds in transition. I personally wear white short socks. Plain. White. Socks. While I've not read extensively on the subject, I am not convinced that there would be enough of an advantage to going sockless. Plus I would be afraid I would get blisters.

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    Totally feel the same way about no socks. I am a short running socks gal. I like color too! Just enough to peak over :) I found I really like the asics runner socks for long distances.

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    I have to wear the really low cut socks to run in. The one's that you can barely see. I do this so that I don't have the silly tan line and because I feel more like a serious runner when I wear these socks.

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    I usually wear these really comfy socks called Balagas. I love them and wear them on all my runs and races. But… I received these really obnoxious bright blue and yellow socks from the Erie Monsoonathon in my goodie bag and I'm thinking about wearing 'em in Richmond. "Hey look at that guy in the really ugly socks." I kinda like that.

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    If I'm going six miles or less, I wear low socks. Some are cotton, some aren't. It's really a choice of what's clean. More than six miles, I like the Nike socks that wick the sweat away. I tried the Adidas wicking socks and they made puddles in my shoes, squishy feet and possibly the worst run ever,

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    in real life, i hate socks. will avoid wearing them at all costs. in running life – they are a must. i usually wear 'sock guy' socks. i have some with little martinis on them, evil kittie, and hot pink hottie. and as always, one gets lost somewhere in the wash … i need more.

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    Definitely need socks. I'm with you on the eeewwww factor. For running I don't like the super low-cut ones, I feel like they always slip down and then don't cover my foot. I like the ones that have about an inch showing above the shoes. Then I know they'll stay put. For everydayware, I don't mind crazy socks! They're fun.

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    I also must wear socks. I like the really low cut ones…get low, get low, get low. :)I am still mentally scarred from my last sockless workout – I had recently had a pedicure and was shocked an appalled to find that one sockless workout ruined it completely. Blast!

  12. Anonymous says

    I've been running without socks for years. I feel more in tune to my running stride. The feet will continue to sweat reguardless if you wear socks or not. Never had issues with blisters. What's with the eeewww factor?

  13. Anonymous says

    I wear low socks on really long runs, but most of the time I dont wear any socks at all. I live in florida, so when I wear socks for a 5K or less and I'm really running hard, by the end of the race my feet are just incredibly hot. And yes, my shoes smell awful.

  14. CSonTheGO says

    I know the feeling. I've gone to the gym without my socks a few times. After running 5K to 7K on the treadmill, the shoes and feet feel ieky. I got somewhat yelled at after I removed my shoes and got on a bike one of those days. The gym policy is to have on closed toe shoes while on the equipment. Anyway, I just wanted my feet to breathe. A gal on the next bike to mine asked me how I could not wear socks. She told me she wears Feetures no-show socks. I explained everything. Also the iky sweaty factor of returning my running shoes back on my feet was not pleasant.

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